BREAKING: Another memory card found with 2700 votes not counted in Georgia – [UPDATE: Lin Wood calls GA recount a SHAM]

Yesterday officials in Georgia found a memory card in Floyd County with over 2600 votes on it that was never uploaded and counted. It was reported that there were “1,643 new votes for Trump and 865 for Biden.” It was a net gain of almost 800 votes for Trump.

Well today it happened again for Fayette county: “New: a memory card was found during the audit in Fayette county with 2,755 votes. Decreased Biden statewide lead by 449. New margin total statewide in GA is a 12,929 lead for Biden”

So I guess that makes about 1200 votes in 2 days. Here’s hoping they find more.

As Richard Baris notes, just imagine what it would be like if these votes were actually subjected to signature verification procedures, especially since they are adding to Trump’s totals:

Jamie Dupree says Fayette county voted for Trump 53-46:

UPDATE: Lin Wood says the Georgia recount is a sham:

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