UPDATED: Antifa ATTACKS journalists in Portland protest! VIDEO of HAMMER attack!

So now we have the guy who was attacked last time Antifa protested in Portland documenting Antifa attacking another journalist in today’s Portland protest.

Well that ain’t no good.

UPDATE – now here’s a video with an Antifa idiot clearly attacking with a hammer:

2nd UPDATE – so, if you look closely, it actually looks like someone from the “proud boys” bus uses the hammer as a weapon FIRST, then gets it taken away, and then the Antifa guy uses it against him. That’s why he threw it at them in the bus, it’s actually their weapon.

End update.

UPDATE: Here’s a scumbag Antifa idiot angry at a journalist, who is a marine, for wearing an American flag on his sleeve:

End of update.

And it’s still early. I imagine this will get a lot worse before it gets better. We’ll update with more as it becomes available. If anyone sees anything urgent, tweet me at @soopermexican…

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194 thoughts on “UPDATED: Antifa ATTACKS journalists in Portland protest! VIDEO of HAMMER attack!

  1. “… is confronted for wearing a shirt with an American flag on the sleeve.”

    Why are so many Antifa members trannies?

  2. Why shouldn’t I believe the dude wearing a dress knows what’s acceptable to wear with an American flag?
    Cultural Marxism is a danger to America. Freaks!

  3. The antifa shltfaces repeatedly harassed Ngo on Twitter, making false claims that they were attacked first by the hammer. The violent terrorists are also liars.

    1. This is funny because the full video shows the hammer came from inside the bus, and one of its passengers opened the door and wielded it aggressively only to have it taken from them by the protesters.

    2. So then I guess you think that Soopermexican is a liar too?

      2nd UPDATE – so, if you look closely, it actually looks like someone from the “proud boys” bus uses the hammer as a weapon FIRST, then gets it taken away, and then the Antifa guy uses it against him. That’s why he threw it at them in the bus, it’s actually their weapon.

      There are also still shots that show someone inside the bus wielding the hammer before the counter-protesters took it from him.

  4. You know, there’s just no sense in this. It’s just an excuse to vent rage and act like savages. It’s an embarrassment to this country. It’s like a huge cage match or something. I don’t get it.

  5. I will feel no pity when someone with a concealed carry permit defends themselves and puts down 1 or more of these animals. I know it won’t happen in Portland. I doubt if they have the right to conceal carry.

  6. I’m sure the FBI would not allow ISIS to take to the streets in America, so why do they allow Antifa?

    Just recently far-left Antifa terrorist Connor Betts slaughtered 37 people, killing ten of them in a Dayton Ohio massacre. Other Antifa terrorists firebombed a Federal Government building in Washington State occupied by hundreds of people leaving behind a manifesto beginning with “I am Antifa”. In yet another Antifa attack an ICE office in San Antonio was shot at several times early Tuesday morning, leaving several windows shattered and the people inside nearly assassinated.

  7. I think the appropriate response to these riots is to just leave them alone.

    Don’t show up to cover them in the news. Don’t show up to counter protest. Don’t show up with law enforcement. Don’t get in their way at all. I kind of want to see what they’d do in response. My guess is, they’d probably start with severe property damage.

    1. Cover them only with drones with cameras with telephoto lenses.

      Watch them impotently rage at a camera they can’t do a damn thing about.

    2. For now property damage would likely suffice. Ultimately some, maybe most, will probably not be satisfied until tearing each other to pieces in hell.

  8. Good thing they arrested Joey Gibson or things could really get out of hand. /s The sheeple better learn to fight or get themselves some manacles to wear.

  9. Why is it so hard to keep them separated? Your protest is over there and the other protest is 2 miles over there.

    1. Because they’re not there to protest. They’re there to get in each other’s faces and hope one escalates against the other so they can win the Victim Olympics.

        1. They don’t want to be 2 miles away. They want to be in each other’s faces. That’s the whole point of this.

          It’s no different than the would-be Harry Callahans who talk about going their with their guns. Yea, they’re going there with ill-intent. They’re hoping someone will just give them an excuse.

          Antifa is no different. They’re desperately waiting to be triggered into a violent response.

  10. Good thing Donald tweeted that Antifa should be classified as a domestic terrorist group. Again. That should take care of it.

  11. Tell me again who the racists are? I’m really confused. Is it the white people because they are white or is it the black man threatening to kill all of the whites?

  12. He comes up to me and says “Death is coming.” while I’m minding my own business, I’ll put two in the ten ring.

  13. At least this is not happening in CA, yet!
    Portland is homeless hell and this crap on top of it……no thanks!

  14. Really hope Andy Ngo is not there and is safe. Even walking the street in Portland when antifa is around will cause danger to his life. His cover is blown as they likely passed his picture around and he is a marked man. He would need a Mission impossible level mask to cover antifa on the ground.

  15. Portland knew this was coming, and to hear that lefty mayor talk, you’d think he was expecting a tea party. And there would be some SERIOUS knuckle rapping if anyone spilled tea.
    Injuries? Deaths? Plenty of blame falls on HIM.

    1. He thinks that they’re loyal shock troops for the coming revolution. Won’t he be surprised when they turn on him.

  16. Poor, poor Antifa. A mostly 20ish group of white suburbanites have a really, really angry middle aged black guy show up at their protest b*tching about whitey keeping him down.

    1. The only thing keeping that slob down is his lack of motivation around EARNING what he desires thru an honest day’s work. He took that “you’re a victim” mantra gibberish and literally ran with it. He looks plenty able-bodied to me. (When, do you suppose, he last filled out a job application?)

  17. Is sure the media will force every D candidate to go on the record denouncing Antifa.

    Is this Occupy Wall Street again? Same folks, different name? Financed by the left?

    1. My bad. I didn’t realize there was a Proud Boys rally also. Still the headline only mentions the right.

  18. More proof of what I’ve been saying, all along: the Democratic Party is an ugly, racist, hydra, and all heads hate each other. The Black head hates the White head, the Latino and Hispanic Heads hate the Black head, and the White head, the Asian heads have contempt for each other, and everyone else, etc. The can, temporarily, unite against something they all hate by consensus, but, like I said: temporarily. Each colored head hates the others of different colors, the older heads hate the younger heads, the younger hates the older, the beautiful hate the ugly, and the ugly hate and envy the beautiful, and seek to destroy it.

  19. Mount Hood has had an active year with the seismic activity, it could blow it’s top anytime. Nature has it’s way of solving problems.

    1. The minute there is, you will have high horsesasses on the right saying we must be above this. That is another problem those of us who want to stop this face.

  20. I’m sure the FBI would not allow ISIS to take to the streets in America, so why do they allow Antifa?

    Just recently far-left Antifa terrorist Connor Betts slaughtered 37 people, killing ten of them in a Dayton Ohio massacre. Other Antifa terrorists firebombed a Federal Government building in Washington State occupied by hundreds of people leaving behind a manifesto beginning with “I am Antifa”. In yet another Antifa attack an ICE office in San Antonio was shot at several times early Tuesday morning, leaving several windows shattered and the people inside nearly assassinated.

  21. These gutless wonders have overplayed their hand. They rarely show up by surprise anymore, but now typically announce ahead of time which functions they will disrupting. My prediction is that they will soon pick on the wrong group of people, who will have their own supporters who are armed and ready for them. People have a right to defend themselves and, given that this group has a history of assaulting innocent bystanders, it is reasonable to think that they might cause bodily harm in the future. My advice to anyone who thinks that ANTIFA will be disrupting a future event that they will be attending is to arm up and be ready. A cement “milkshake” to the head, or even a small stone to the temple, can kill someone. You have a right to defend yourself. Do it.

  22. Antifa and the other SJWs can’t attract their own crowds so they have to go tick off other people…The Portland Mayor and the police chief need to be arrested…

  23. What I would like to know is what is up with Erick Erickson, founder of the Resurgent? A number of times he has made slanderous statements against the Proud Boys on his radio show, calling them white supremacist even though there ranks are filled with non-whites, including one Samoan leader nicknamed, Tiny. He also claimed that they were at Charlottesville even-though they were officially ordered not to attend and anyone that did, in-colors, would be summarily kicked-out of the organization. I have never met a Proud Boy or Patriot Prayer member but, through my research, they seem to be right-wing groups, not alt-right, pushing back against Antifa’s stifling of the 1st Amendment, in some cases providing security for conservative speakers, security that police refuse to provide, ordered by their Democrat leftist leaders to stand-down. I also understand that the leader of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, is half-Japanese. A white supremacist, Mr. Erickson? Give me a break. Although Mr. Erickson does not realize it, we are in a new day, a day where the government is not suppressing our free speech, but Democrats, along with their media-minders, have employed a paramilitary group, Antifa, to do their dirty work. Both the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer are in Portland today, asserting and defending our 1st Amendment rights because an inapt local government will not.

    1. Joey Gibson was jailed yesterday, I believe. Was he released? Supposedly the DA did not follow the usual protocol of a grand jury hearing before indicting him … Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer does not incite; they use no weapons. They are peacekeepers if anything.

        1. That sounds about right, eklektos. I think the Proud Boys may be getting a bit of a bad rap too but I don’t know enough about them.

    2. Ever get the feeling that some of these people just regurgitate what they’re spoon fed? At least the Proud Boys are poking Apollyon in the eye with a stick. (Hat tip to Doug Wilson)

  24. I don’t know about anyone else, but I believe throwing a hammer is assault with a deadly weapon. Of course, it is Portland Oregon. I guess any actions taken by Antifa is acceptable.

    1. “… I believe throwing a hammer is assault with a deadly weapon.”

      In that region of the U.S., using a hammer on someone is considered “gettin’ kinky”.

  25. What exactly do these people want ? I suppose if either Bernie or LIzzie is the next POTUS, all this will stop on a dime ? Am I to believe that ?

  26. Every bit of this violence can be placed at the feet of our former overtly racist, economic incompetent , radical Muslim enabling homosexual president Barack” The Fluffer” Obama !!!
    Before Obama there was no Antifa
    Before Obama there was no ISIS
    Before Obama there was no Caliphate
    Before Obama there was no war on police
    These are the things that our former American hating president built during his eight year reign of terror.

  27. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the Trump justice department has used FISA to monitor the leadership of Antifa, which in turn could reveal what politicians are actively supporting them and what organizations are funding them.
    So when they are declared a terrorist organization the government will already have a list of people to watch to see if they violate the law by continuing to support them, and when they do arrest and charge them with sedition.
    President Trump has been ten steps ahead of the left since the day he came down the escalator.

  28. How long are we going to tolerate this violent lawlessness while police stand by letting it happen? Start packing, start stacking.

    1. I have a hunch that today’s violence has caught the attention of the president, who said yesterday that he was going to keep a close eye on today’s protests.
      I don’t think it will be long before Antifa is declared the terrorist organization it has always been.

        1. Yeah.And Trump should do something about Soros too. The second he lands his fat butt on U S soil…he should be arrested.

        2. It’s not a federal problem. What is it you expect him to do?

          People, we have got to stop looking to the President to solve all our problems. It was wrong when the left did it with Barack, it’s wrong with the right does it with Donald.

          He’s not the king of America (much as they both believe(d) otherwise).

  29. Before antifags there were black lives thugs. So the leftists have been rioting, bullying, assaulting, burning, destroying and beating up innocents for years in portland. Our mayors are pssies and pandering virtue signaling wimps.

  30. Even scoffers and atheists can see that the changes in the world are happening fast, and that something big is afoot.

    (Matthew 24:3) “¶ And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?”

    (Matthew 24:8-12) “All these are the beginning of sorrows. {9} Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. {10} And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. {11} And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. {12} And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

    1. It may not be the end of time, it may just be the end of us. We’ve certainly given God enough provocation.

      1. Pssh, what makes you think God hasn’t slopped this failed petri dish in the trash already – and that we’re not all in Hell?

        1. I heard a Rabbi once say that this is the 5th or 6th world G-d created. Out of our predecessors, a couple destroyed themselves, and the rest were destroyed by G-d as being too dangerous… i.e. a Flood without a Noah.

      2. No, not the end of time, of course. We have at least 1,000+ years until that happens. If we read Mt24, our times certainly resemble what was listed as the times of His return.

        1. I’ve been hearing this for 50 years. Hal Lindsey anyone? Jesse Duplantis? Jesus will return at a time of His choosing. When He has gathered the last of His sheep. Nobody knows when that is but God.

      1. When I speak with people about these things, and they scoff, I ask them if they read the news. 90% of the time, they admit that they don’t read the news, because they find it too depressing. Maybe you are in the other 10% that does look at the news, but doesn’t see all the pieces fitting together, and the acceleration of the process. Ever read Matthew chapter 24, or elsewhere? If you don’t look at any other items, consider the size and history of Israel, and compare that with anti-Semitism and the concentration of trouble surrounding Jerusalem. It has all been written about thousands of years ago.
        What percentage of the headlines do you read about the Jews, and the real estate, the size of NJ?

  31. Before this was the Wallstreet protestors(can’t remember what they were called). then BLM thugs, now these idiots. Why do I think they’re all the same people backed by all the same people? Declaring them terrorist isn’t enough. Got to get to the money. The organizers.

    1. These antifa thugs are part of the international / globalist anarchists running around in Europe for the past decade. Agree both the organizers and funding needs freezing.

    2. Check out the George Soros Foundations. There are over 140 and have over 15 billion dollars to overthrow our Government. Global Oligarchist are not happy that Trump overturned their apple cart.

  32. A guy with moobs wearing a dress attempts to shame a vet for the flag colors on his sleeve.
    These really are weird times.

    1. Antifa-Pantifa is a dangerous terrorist group. Half of the members are the members of organized criminal gangs like MS-13.

      1. Nigel I just do not see the appearance of MS-13 appearing at any kind of ANTIFA demonstration or protest rally,You just don’t see them at any public events,if you did you would see a huge enforcement ,including the Feds and ICE officials.Too many of them are illegals and want to avoid the police period.Regarding that Black person with the Tattoo on his neck/chest and back.What did you see in those tattoos to indicate MS-13? Not even tear drops around the eyes.Thanks Nigel

        1. I said like MS-13, I didn’t say the guy on the picture was an MS-13. But as I said several times, I have a friend who is police officer from Memphis, Tn. During some video conversations with him I saw his fellow officers had supects with same tatoos on their necks. I asked my friend what did they do, and he said they are members of the local gangs.

        1. See, the guy even on the first video to this article has tatoos of a gang member. And my friend who lives in Portland for almost his entire life told me such information.

  33. Does Portland Oregon use any of their budget for police services,or have they just reduced themselves to “School Crossing Guards” only.

  34. Tell me people are leaving Portland, Oregon? No way in hell would I visit that city.

    If I did, I’d carry, that’s for sure.

  35. Antifa = pathetic cowards incapable of doing 10 push-ups pretending they’re tough behind Walmart bandanas.


  36. They had 1000 cops out there where were they??????? Too many violent videos of antifa and nothing was stopped or done to them????????????????????? what the hell is wrong with Portland cops? WHY bother showing up…..get some backbone and fight against your idiot mayor or get another damn job

    1. It’s not the officers, I’m sure they’re just trying to survive one shift at a time. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that many in their ranks are probably looking to lateral to other agencies.

      It’s politics. The police Chief works/takes orders from the Mayor and city council.

  37. This is definitely not the America I grew up in. There were social clashes before, but they were RESOLVED. That this can be an ongoing business as usual in Portland is really sad. The mayor needs to be arrested. Immediately.

    1. I’m 40, this is not the America I grew up in either.

      Today my wife wanted to go to Walmart to do a little shopping. I told her I’m going also, because I’m worried some maniac might show up at that Walmart and start shooting.

      No way is my wife and little girl going to Walmart without me.

      You’re right, crazy country we live in. Stay frosty!

      1. Not the America I grew up in either but what is happening has been a long time coming.

        When Bill Ayres was let off the hook, we should have seen this coming. Clearly a domestic terrorist and he and his wife have been polluting academia ever since. We reap what we sow.

        1. Actually as I remember a lot of government officials in San Francisco and Berkley supported Huey Newton. So I guess it’s not new.

  38. Is using a hammer supposed to be “toning it down”? Man, a hammer can kill or cause SERIOUS injury. I couldn’t do what the proud boys do. At my age I can’t allow someone to beat me severely. I carry.

  39. Hey Portland… I’ll say it again the ones in black wearing a mask are the bad guys…. Come on now it’s not that hard to figure out!

  40. I wonder just how professional most of the police department is. To allow themselves to be treated like this by the city and the antifa cowards is just shameful.

        1. Where in west Texas? I grew up in west Texas but now live in west central Texas, but my parents and many friends still live where I grew up.

  41. What what are you waiting for Trump? You best classify them as a terrorist group pretty quick so the Feds can invade that $#!t hole city Portland.

  42. I support legislation to send anyone offended by the American Flag to any country of their choice 1-way on conditions they won’t come back.

  43. These ignorant radicalised destroyers of Western Civilization do these things because we let them. Laws are no longer enforced. And if they are, the punishments (thanks to bleeding heart SJW’s, politicized prosecutors and judges, who hate America as much as these traitors) are often weak and laughable. Negative actions detrimental to society no longer have any consequences toward the perpetrators. The results are a breakdown in law, order and civility. Chaos and anarchy ensues. The end result will be total destruction from within. Just as Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union predicted, as they spent years quietly planting and infiltrating every facet of our corporations and mass media with Communist Useful Idiots; while the greatest generation was too busy raising their families, working hard, and paying their taxes, to notice what was happening right under their noses.

  44. The mayor of Portland should be horse whipped for his dereliction of duty. The cops should disobey his policies and go a head and break this sh*t up. Where’s your common sense, people???

  45. Augh, who is that fugly woman who’s complaining? Oh…he’s a man wearing a dress? Sorry, my bad.

  46. Eventually Antifa is going to attack a conservative who’s armed, an Antifa member will get killed, and then you’ll hear nothing but stories about the poor idealist getting murdered by the “Alt-Right White Supremacist.” Remember Kent State: Before the National Guard had started shooting those kids burned down the local ROTC building. These people provoke the reaction that they want to get, and play it up for propaganda. I’m sure the script at CNN is already on standby.

  47. All the violence was commited by Antifa.
    Should make it easier for the government to classify them as a terrorist organization.

    1. Antifa are very similar to the old Ku Klux Klan. They mask their identity as they carry out violent attacks. They have political support from the Democrats.

  48. President Trump must immediately officially declare antiFA the domestic terrorist organization that they are, then instruct AG Barr to order the FBI, as pathetic and corrupt as they are, to create a task force to arrest every last antiFA neo-brownshirt street thug involved in their orchestrated coordinated violent attacks.

  49. Why am I reminded of the long-standing Troubles in Northern Ireland? Parades, violence, intractable social class hatred.

    Finally solved by the mothers of Northern Ireland coming together — but these antifa kids are feral.

    1. actually it was solved when the British military came in and returned fire at the catholic terrorist that were ordered by the Vatican to murder Christians in the street for not being part of there satanic cult

  50. Why does Portland allow people to invade their streets with masks. Unmask the little cockroaches, and they’ll run from the exposure.

  51. This Andy Ngo cat is no joke. Gets a brain hemorrhage from going into the lion’s den the first time & goes back for seconds?

    God bless this dude for doing what would scare most of us. The mask is coming off of Antifa because of hardcore dudes like Andy Ngo

  52. When it was saying how offended it was of his shirt he was wearing, he should have said, I’m offended of you wearing a dress being that you are of the male gender. Also you can grow all the b00bs you want and cut off the thing, but you are still the male gender.

  53. Here’s hoping shirtless douchebag becomes a drive by statistic and gets the “death” he says is coming.

    1. I doubt the Proud Boys made a mess. We know the professional protesters are pigs. Then they whine about the environment.

  54. I came across this when DHS declared George Soro’s funded group Antifa as a Terrorist Organization, dated 7/3/17. https://newspunch.com/dhs-antifa-terrorist-organization/ Now, we have President Trump tweeting yesterday, “Major consideration” given to declaring Antifa an “Organization of Terror.”??? So which is it? Where is the action of the President on this? Do we need another murder to make this happen?

    1. The Democratic rulers of Portland protect them, and will do so as long as they are in power. So as long as Portland residents keep electing them Portland will be a shitehole.

    1. Because he’s a weak pathetic tool who has no stomach for fighting for the ideals he supposedly holds. He’s a crony capitalist shill.

  55. When does Law Enforcement act?
    I guess Police don’t realize their reputation is already lower than quail shlt in a wagon wheel rut?

  56. Wow those Conservatives pretending to be Antifah are doing a really good job making the Left look bad. I know they’re really Conservatives because that’s what the Left leaning sites are starting to say.
    Must really suck that one of your groups is making you look so bad that you have to claim they’re operatives for the other side.

  57. IQ by race:
    • Ashkenazi Jews = 115
    • East Asians = 106
    • Whites = 102
    • Inuits and Eskimos = 91
    • South-East Asians = 87
    • American Indians = 87
    • Non-White Hispanics = 86
    • Koko (a western lowland gorilla) = 85
    • American Blacks = 85 (average 24% White admixture)
    • Middle East and North Africans = 84
    • African Blacks = 67 (only 2% of Whites score this low)
    • Australian Aborigines = 62
    • Kalahari Bushman = 54
    • Congo Pygmies = 54

    “HLG Studios was founded by Yuri Baranovsky, the same carpetbagger who directed Netflix’s race-mixing, anti-white propaganda pieces. Yuri Baranovsky is Jewish, an ethnic group that is vehemently opposed to Jews forming relationships outside their own ethnic group.”

    “When white women marry outside of their race they are more likely to be abused, to become single-mothers, live in poverty, and that whites dating outside of their race exposes us to a higher chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.” (Not to mention higher possibility of producing lower IQ offspring: “American Blacks = 85 (average 24% White admixture”. wouldn’t this increase the “Ashkenazi Jews = 115” advantage if they themselves don’t mix with lower IQ races? And don’t they control most of the media pushing interracial dating and marriage? Almost seems too obvious.
    “HLG Studios was founded by Yuri Baranovsky, the same carpetbagger who directed Netflix’s race-mixing, anti-white propaganda pieces. Yuri Baranovsky is Jewish, an ethnic group that is vehemently opposed to Jews forming relationships outside their own ethnic group.”

    “Just four Jewish owned mega-corporations control the vast majority of all advertising agencies. The Omnicom Group of New York, WPP of London, Publicis of Paris, and Interpublic of New York are the key corporations in the West.”

    “Globalist CEO John Wren currently heads Omnicom Group. Omnicom was founded by Allen Rosenshine, Keith Reinhard, and John Bernbach, all three are Jewish and promote the exclusivity of Jews ~ but work hard to destroy ethnic-European ethnicity.”
    “Because there are differences in degree, however, most Americans fail to realize that they are being manipulated. The control of the opinion-molding media is nearly monolithic. All of the controlled media – television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, motion pictures – speak with a single voice, each reinforcing the other. Despite the appearance of variety, there is no real dissent, no alternative source of facts or ideas accessible to the great mass of people which might allow them to form opinions at odds with those of the media masters. They are presented with a single view of the world – and the pressure to conform to that view is overwhelming. People adapt their opinions to it, vote in accord with it and shape their lives to fit it.”

    Is the Media Controlled by Jews? – WhiteOut Press

    Interesting that the America/white hating Obama’s are working with Netflix…
    “The most belligerent example of anti-white propaganda came from Netflix via a set of three commercials for the company. The series of the three Netflix commercials is titled The Couple, which features a white woman and a black man.

    The Netflix commercial “Open Relationship” depicts two couples, an interracial couple, and a white couple. The white man is depicted as small, weak, insecure, “non-progressive,” and closed-minded. His white girlfriend quickly decides to cast him aside to spend the evening with the interracial couple, as the black man quite literally steals the man’s girlfriend in front of him, humiliating him.”

    Revelation 3:9
    “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but do lie — …”


  58. The United States Constitution explicitly provides for ‘the right of the
    people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a
    redress of grievances’

    And who is supposed to protect this Right?

    I’ll answer my own question.
    The men and women who swear to Preserve and Protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    What are they waiting for????
    Do Your Duty!

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