UPDATE: 5 people wounded, 1 dead in Washington DC shooting

At least six people have been shot on these streets of Washington DC tonight, in the area of Columbia Heights:

FOX5DC – DC police are investigating a shooting in Columbia Heights Thursday night.

Police say they received a report for a shooting in the 1300 block of Columbia Road NW at around 10:06 p.m.

At least six people have been shot, according to police. No word on fatalities at this time, but police say homicide has been called.

Here’s a video from someone at the scene:

We don’t know much more than this at the moment, but hopefully there are no fatalities.

UPDATE: NBC Washington is saying that it was four people who were shot and two are in critical condition:

Four people were shot in Columbia Heights, police said. Two are in critical condition.

The shooting took place in the busy 1300 block of Columbia Road NW, police said.

All four victims are being transported to hospitals with various wounds, police said.

Homicide detectives were called to the scene.

UPDATE 2: It turns out six people were shot. Five were wounded and one is dead…

NEWS 18 – One person was killed and five others wounded on Thursday in a shooting on the streets of Washington, DC, not far from the White House, police said.

Police have not apprehended a suspect as of late Thursday and do not know the motive for the shooting, said Metropolitan Police commander Stuart Emerman. He said it is not an active shooting situation. “Detectives are interviewing witnesses and looking for camera footage,” Emerman said.

Of the five wounded victims of the shooting, two were considered critcal and other injuries ranged from serious to minor, but all were expected to survive their injuries, he said. All of the victims are adults, Emerman said.

The gunfire erupted in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, about two miles (three km) from the White House on Thursday night about 10 p.m., and happened outdoors in a courtyard of an apartment building, police said.

ABC affiliate WJLA-TV posted images on Twitter of ambulances carrying victims from the scene and said there had been a “massive” police response at the intersection of 14th Street and Columbia Road.

Note they say a suspect has not been arrested yet, but this isn’t an active shooter situation.

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37 thoughts on “UPDATE: 5 people wounded, 1 dead in Washington DC shooting

  1. I thought most of the “Gang” violence in DC came from the 4 Terrorists known as the “Squad” in Congress !

  2. Thursday night bingo crowd was let out and you see what happens when those old timers had too much to drink.

  3. We have now entered the realm of the Copy Cat. This is what all the media coverage has done. It’s been a siren call to all the loonies out there who want their 15 minutes of fame. And they want to take our guns? Hell, every sane person should be running out to buy a gun and get a carry license.

  4. Pretty much the only individuals who have guns in Washington DC, is law enforcement and the gang bangers. The law abiding citizens have a very difficult time trying to get a license to carry firearms for their protection.

    Just like every other city across America that has strong gun restrictions on there citizens. Chicago, New York, New Jersey and others.The drug use and crime rate is always higher, them in cities that don’t have many restrictions on there citizens.

    I’m willing to bet, that these individuals aren’t law abiding citizens.

    I hope and pray that everyone involved in this shooting has a speedy recovery.

    1. Columbia Heights is one of those “diverse” areas that all the wealthy progressives are moving to & sending their kids to the local schools…not.

  5. Omg I just got back a couple of days ago from spending a week in DC. I felt perfectly safe while I was there. Fool’s paradise!

    1. You must have been in the Yuppie areas. They put up a nice veneer, but D.C. is D.C. With the whole gentrification movement going on you have literally got Yuppie barns going up 50 paces from old school projects. It’s quite a show during the afternoon when the yups leave work and the projects begin to rouse.

      1. Well I was doing the tourist bit, of course. But the day I was closest to that intersection we were walking past international Embassies, visiting small but elegant museums and other historical sites.

        Look, I grew up in a big city, and I know how neighborhoods can turn on a dime, even from one street to another. I’m just saying I didn’t see it.

        1. I’m not pointing fingers. Just saying that having worked in the the swamp for the past decade, I can assume exactly where you were (pretty cool area) and know exactly how far you had to walk before you saw the “real D.C.”

          1. Haha, I didn’t travel 3000 miles to see the “real D.C.”

            I could drive up the 405 if I wanted to see that.

    2. Unless you were seriously misled or became lost, you probably went nowhere near(*) the slum area known as Columbia Heights.

      *I concede “near” is a relative term. In Texas, ‘near’ is frequently 30-40 miles, as in “New Braunfels is near San Antonio.” In an overcrowded mega-city (e.g. Bangkok), anything more than two stops away by train is “far away.”

        1. I think it’s amazing you can, for free, drill down crime stats, employment stats, average income, etc. Pretty good detail…if accurate.

          There are several websites I found that do the same thing, but this was the easiest to use and understand the data. I wish I knew how accurate it was.

    1. Well the Racial make up is about 60% Black,34 % Mexican and about 5% white.Crime statistics in Columbia Heights in all categories is much higher than the National Average.

      1. That just proves you’re a racist because you use verifiable crime statistics from the Bureau of Criminal Statistics to prove there is a radically higher crime rate in Columbia Heights and census data to prove the racial and economic make-up of this little Chicago.

        You need to “get woke” and pretend these universally accepted and undisputed statistics are not relevant to why the shooting occurred in this area.

        Next, you’ll probably claim this was likely gang and/or drug related because that’s the cause of most shootings in this area.


        1. Thanks TXGR,you started my day odd with lots of humor and all truthfulness.I was having so much fun reading it I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t end.Nice job.

  6. Wait, wait, wait here, guns are illegal in dc. You mean criminals have access to guns and don’t respect the law. / s

  7. How is this possible? DC has very strict gun possession laws! Like..
    It’s against the law to possess a gun!!

  8. In Chicago this year, there have been two incidents of 8 shot with a total of 4 fatalities and three incidents of 7 shot, with a total of 2 dead.


    Except locally, this doesn’t seem to be of any interest.

  9. Only two miles from the White House!? Gasp! /sarc Why is that even relevant information? It also happened within a couple miles of AOC’s capital office. Agenda driven reporting at its finest.

  10. Last night Tucker had on one of his regular Leftie guests that he likes to spar with, this time over gun control laws (I think they were talking about Chicago) and the Leftie Doofus kept saying how the laws were “necessary.” Tucker, after repeatedly pointing out that criminals don’t follow laws because they’re, well CRIMINALS, he finally threw his hands in the air and said “I’m not having this discussion with you anymore.”

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