BREAKING: Biden admin in talks to pay illegal families separated under Trump a whopping $450k per person

In a stunning news story, the Biden administration is said to be in talks to pay a whopping $450,000 per person to those families who were separated under Trump’s border separation policy.

Here’s more:

The Biden administration is in talks to offer immigrant families that were separated during the Trump administration around $450,000 a person in compensation, according to people familiar with the matter, as several agencies work to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of parents and children who say the government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma.

The U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering payments that could amount to close to $1 million a family, though the final numbers could shift, the people familiar with the matter said. Most of the families that crossed the border illegally from Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S. included one parent and one child, the people said. Many families would likely get smaller payouts, depending on their circumstances, the people said.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which represents families in one of the lawsuits, has identified about 5,500 children separated at the border over the course of the Trump administration, citing figures provided to it by the government. The number of families eligible under the potential settlement is expected to be smaller, the people said, as government officials aren’t sure how many will come forward. Around 940 claims have so far been filed by the families, the people said.

The total potential payout could be $1 billion or more.

This is truly unbelievable. The whole point of separating ‘families’ at the border was to protect the children by ensuring that the people claiming to be their parents were actually their parents. Because, as we’ve seen this year, many times they are not parents at all, but human traffickers.

Biden, who calls that child separation policy a ‘moral stain’, is now ready to dole out almost half a million of your tax dollars per person to settle the lawsuits. This is the same man who has turned the southern border into a nightmare of human trafficking, drug trafficking, and floods of illegals and terrible drugs crossing into the country. The border under Biden is far worse than it ever was under Trump.

This is just another reason why I loathe Democrats running the country.

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