BREAKING: Biden calls for ‘assault weapons’ ban, claims it would bring down the number of mass killings

While families are still grieving over the supermarket murders by this apparent Jihadi from Colorado, Joe Biden is already calling for a ban on the so-called ‘assault weapons’ and high capacity magazines, claiming this would lessen mass killings:

Since the ‘white supremacist’ narrative isn’t working out, it’s time to switch to their back-up narrative, blaming the gun for the crime and not the man.

Obama also did the same damn thing:

We still don’t know much about the gun the shooter used, other than it was ‘like an AR-15’, or even how he got it. So when Biden and Obama are pushing this garbage, they aren’t addressing anything that actually happened here. They just want to ban guns like they always do. It’s just so obvious, especially in what Biden said above.

When it comes to an assault weapons ban lessing the number of mass killings, Bill Clinton got two pinocchios from WAPO in 2019 for claiming the same thing. It’s a complicated subject and Glenn Kessler suggested that there just wasn’t enough evidence to make this claim. But that didn’t stop Biden from repeating the same fact-checked phony narrative.

These radicals will never let up with their phony gun control narrative and that’s why we can’t stop opposing them.

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