BREAKING: Biden’s $230 million aid pier for Gaza is set to be PERMANENTLY DISMANTLED

The unnecessary $230 million pier that Joe Biden built to facilitate humanitarian aid into Gaza is set to be permanently disabled after a few more days of use.

The pier was never all that effective at getting aid into Gaza for a variety of reasons. Hamas targeted the pier causing it to be shut down for security reasons and when it was active, the sea tore it apart several times.

Here’s more from the AP:

The pier built by the U.S. military to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza will be reinstalled Wednesday to be used for several days, but then the plan is to pull it out permanently, several U.S. officials said. It would deal the final blow to a project long plagued by bad weather, security uncertainties and difficulties getting food into the hands of starving Palestinians.

The officials said the goal is to clear whatever aid has piled up in Cyprus and on the floating dock offshore and get it to the secure area on the beach in Gaza. Once that has been done, the Army will dismantle the pier and depart. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because final details are still being worked out.

Officials had hoped the pier would provide a critical flow of aid to starving residents in Gaza as the nine-month-long war drags on. But while more than 19.4 million pounds (8.6 million kilograms) of food has gotten into Gaza via the pier, the project has been hampered by persistent heavy seas and stalled deliveries due to ongoing security threats as Israeli troops continue their offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

The decision comes as Israeli troops make another push deeper into Gaza City, which Hamas says could threaten long-running negotiations over a cease-fire and hostage release, after the two sides had appeared to have narrowed the gaps in recent days.

Just like everything Joe Biden does, it never worked all that well as a solution. And it was completely unnecessary because there were land routes already created by Israel to facilitate humanitarian aid trucks.

Another massive waste of taxpayer money.

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