BREAKING: Biden’s Coast Guard boasts about sending Cuban refugees back to Cuba…

Today Biden’s Coast Guard announced that they had just repatriated 36 Cuban refugees who were fleeing the Communist island for America:

This is nothing new and they’ve been doing this for quite some time. Remember that last year Mayorkas told Cubans not to come to the US or they’d be repatriated if they were caught:

The Coast Guard says that since October of last year they’ve interdicted and sent 2,464 Cuban refugees back to Cuba.

But yet with the southern border everyone who wants in gets in. The double standard is astounding.

And we all know that it’s because most Cubans in the US, to the tune of almost 60% as of 2020, are identifying as Republicans. You know it’s more now. That’s why they don’t want them here because they know most won’t vote Democratic.

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