BREAKING: Biden’s new Ministry of Truth head excused him for having Ukraine’s top prosecutor FIRED for investigating his son’s company [AND MORE]

There are videos going around today of Biden’s new Ministry of Truth chief, Nina Jankowicz, singing and singing and singing.

Honestly, I could care less about her singing to a live audience or even to her Tiktok crowd.

While there is one singing video that is worthy of some criticism, what bothers me more is the disinformation spewed by this woman in defense of Democrats.

A prime example of this is Jankowicz, back in May of 2020, excusing Biden for getting the top prosecutor in Ukraine fired for investigating his son’s corrupt company, Burisma, after they paid his son millions of dollars.

She says this isn’t extortion at all, but simply diplomacy. Seriously.

And then she tells people to get back to their “Netflix and your Zoom happy hours”, as if this is no big deal at all. Stunning.

Here she is again in 2020, right before the election, claiming there’s a ‘real concern’ that Trump supporters might show up to the polls ARMED:

And lastly, here is Jankowicz claiming the federal government shouldn’t have the authority to determine what is fake news and what isn’t:

Jankowicz is nothing more than a partisan Democrat hack who will use this board to try and get people censored and silence for disagreeing with Biden and her Democrat overlords.

Again, it’s no coincidence that this board suddenly pops up during election season, just in time to have an effect on the elections.

I guarantee you that if Elon hadn’t just purchased Twitter, this new Ministry of Truth would be having discussions with them every day as well as Facebook and Tiktok to carry out their fascist censorship campaign.

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