BREAKING: Chicago PD Superintendent and Mayor completely DUMP on Smollett deal!

The Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel just held a press conference calling out this deal made between Smollett and the State’s Attorney, and they completely dump on it.

It’s amazing just how blunt Emanuel is being, calling it a “whitewashing” of justice and said from ‘top to bottom it’s not on the level’.

Johnson, who spoke first, said that justice was not served.

Here’s the first video from Johnson:

And here’s a short one of Emanuel:


Here’s more from Emanuel:

And more…


You know it’s bad when someone like Rahm Emanuel calls you out.

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114 thoughts on “BREAKING: Chicago PD Superintendent and Mayor completely DUMP on Smollett deal!

  1. Wow, the city must really be steamed about this. It was an egregious waste of resources for one thing, Smollett is the ultimate narcissist.

    And what was not mentioned, a fact of much import, was he also wanted to implicate Trump and every supporter of his.

  2. Homosexuals with TDS are the most valuable people the Democrats have.
    If you don’t circle the wagons around them then you can’t call yourself a respectable Leftist.

  3. I do not trust or believe “the mayor” for a second…and by the looks on the police officer’s faces, neither do they. Rahm Emanuel is part of the progressive Chicago Way, NOT part of any solution.

  4. I guess it pays to know people in high places – 0 bama! This is NOT justice. And, the creep just kept play-acting that he was a victim. If he doesn’t pay for his crime, I may riot all on my own 😯
    This will only encourage other racist idiots!

    1. It certainly shows black gays that they can virtually get away with anything in Chicago; however, Smollett’s assertion that he will “always fight for marginalized people everywhere” is a farce; no other blacks arrested and convicted, for far less than the hate crimes he committed, get off doing a couple of hours of community “service” with Jessie Jackson.

  5. Bill Mitchell
    So Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped 16 felony charges against Jessie Smollett because he did 18 hours of volunteer work that wasn’t even community service for a crime?

    I’m sorry, lock this woman up. This is obscene.

  6. Someone on Twitter pointed out that Emmanuel can be “this candid” because he’s packing up to leave the Mayor’s office. I don’t keep up on Chicago politics, but I’m surprised he said anything whether he’s on his way out or not.

    1. I just saw on Matt Walsh twitter a piece saying the emails, texts between Foxx and Tchen, Michelle’s former chief of staff have leaked and are being investigated.

  7. It is funny to see a person like Rahm talk about unequal justice. The Democrat politicians in this country get special treatment all the time…

    1. Which is why I doubt his sincerity and, by the looks on the police officer’s faces behind him, so do they.

  8. Just listened to the FOP of Chicago. They are going to pursue Foxx. He agreed with Tucker that someone in high places pulled strings to get Smollett off the hook.

    George Soros FUNDED Kim Foxx’s campaign!
    They showed a picture of smollett with his arms around the back of 0bama.

    Tucker is good on this tonight!

  9. I must admit, I’ve been DEAD WRONG.

    I used to argue that “inequality” was a MYTH, but today I learned it is not, because if you are a gay, black man and commit a felony, because of your sexuality preference and race you may walk FREE.

    I never again want to hear the fake Reverend Jessie Jackson make a preposterous claim of “White Privilege,” as today proved there is no such thing.

    I have to ask before wrapping my comments up, why exactly do we even bother obeying Laws when, if you’re a certain pigment or a certain sexuality or have certain highly connected friends, those Laws OBVIOUSLY DO NOT apply?

    1. This can only encourage more staged “hate crimes,” which are already at epidemic levels.

    2. As a pasty old white woman, who presumably has “white privilege” (whatever that is – I worked my entire life for everything I achieved), I am used to these progressive black gay men getting away with their hate crimes against white people but the fix was in from the start because that is The Chicago Way.

      The ugly old white man, satan-soros, controls all of the “high-powered” black women, like MissHell obama, her “special friend,” Tina Tchen (MissHell’s “former chief of staff”) and prosecutor, Kim Foxx, who “recused herself,” from the Smollett case.

      Satan-soros funds his projects through people just like them; thus, these women are only as high-powered as satan-soros allows them to be. Lord help them if they ever dare to over-step the evil one.

  10. This the perfect opportunity for the DOJ and FBI to clean out the Illinois corruption from top to bottom. And prosecute Smollett for perpetrating a fake hate crime and for mail fraud.

  11. Shock and surprise.. Leftist Democrat Billionaire Subversive George Soros and his bought and paid for puppet prosecutors in Chicago, along with Michele Obama’s Tarmac Meeting 2.0 conversation, give the fake hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett a free pass from legal prosecution of his crime.

    Moral of the story: If you’re a wealthy rich leftist elitist celebrity with connections and money, or high enough in the political chain-eg; Hillary, you can get away with anything.. aka Rule of Law For Thee, But Not For Me.. aka 2 tiered (in)Justice System

  12. I believe the police are frustrated; what law enforcement officer would NOT be? However, I do not trust Rahm Emanuel at all, as he is in the pocket of the obamas who called for Smollett to be let off the hook…perhaps barack has thrown over Reggie Love for Jussie? Whatever happened, this is just confirmation of “The Chicago Way.” As long as this filth remains there, who cares? They deserve what they get.

  13. Like Hillary Clinton and crew, when it comes to equal justice, “some are more equal than others.”

  14. This gets better and better, TMZ says Smollett did only 2 days of volunteer service with Rainbow Push Coalition (sounds like a useless organization to me). Also from TMZ:

    The initial correspondence started when Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, Tina Tchen, emailed Foxx to say that she was reaching out on behalf of Jussie’s family to express “concerns” they had with how the investigation at that point was being handled…

    …The same day, an unnamed relative of Jussie’s texted Foxx herself, as well, and Foxx said she was working on getting the case sent over to the FBI. The relative replied, “Omg this would a huge victory.” Foxx then responded, “I make no guarantees, but I’m trying.”

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    1. @watchman I just heard this on Tucker Carlson’s show. 18 hours of “community service” for Rainbow Push, Jessie Jackson’s organization, doing Mickey Mouse work over 2 days. Disgusting.

      Now he just wants to “move on.” Gross.

      1. @nc checks and balances – Yes! A lot of good info on this on Tucker tonight. Ticks me off!

    2. So does this mean the FBI is in the tank for Obama and friends? So Obama still controls the FBI?

    3. I don’t like how that sounds, the FBI must still be compromised and in the Democrat’s pocket for it to be considered a victory if a case gets sent over there….

  15. I really hope, if Eddie Johnson is truly angry about this (and I believe he is furious) he personally sees to it that this whole ‘deal’ is investigated thoroughly, and that Kim Foxx is at the top of their list. This HAS to be checked out, as it is a most blatant case of NON justice in this country.

    1. That all depends on who you are. The rich, elite, liberals are granted special privileges.

      1. Now Smollett is beholden to the obamas and they can do with him as they wish before throwing him under the bus like progressives always do to one another.

  16. So where are all the white people who are protesting and rioting? Isn’t that what the malcontents and feral, unemployed useful idiots do after these things happen? No?

    Oh wait. Soros and Co. don’t pay certain people to destroy and steal… my bad.

  17. Something else is going on here. I was told the state attorney recused herself from the case, so how did she broker a deal to let him off? That’s a red flag after she had already recused herself because it shows there’s a connection to her somehow. Maybe she knows the guy. I was hoping there was talk about that here because I haven’t seen that part of the report for myself yet.

    1. Mooch’O knows him!!!! Mooch is from the windy city. Look further than the state attorney.

      1. @democratsrfubar So you think it could have been pushed from the upper elites? That’s possible but I’d have to see evidence pointing in that direction. It’s definitely plausible.

    2. @kong1967 Could it be something as simple as his grandmother grew up next door to Foxx’s granny?

      1. @hidyho 😀 Like Mama’s house…those movies 😉 Hey, I tried to post to you last night but the site was broke a bit. I can’t even remember what it was no lol.

        1. Hi @msliberty ! I had trouble on this site yesterday too. At one point got the 503 error message and couldn’t get to RS at all. Server issues maybe.
          Yes! Exactly like Mama’s house lol 😀

  18. On the radio, a brother of two Chicago policemen talked about how Kim Foxx is linked to Rahm (The Lying Dead Fish) Emanuel and obama – and he did it in a Glenn Beck-like fashion. It was totally plausible. And that’s not just because I want to believe it.

    This is so egregious, corrupt and awful. And I’m comfortable with my assumption that Rahm (The Lying Dead Fish) Emanuel is somehow involved. I haven’t heard or read, one person who is accepting, condoning or even acting like this doesn’t stink to high Heaven. It’s almost impossible to think this isn’t corrupt and illegal.

  19. Well, Chicago got to keep the bond money. I’m sorry, when I saw this story only ‘WTF?’ came to mind. Then he’s going to portray this as evidence of his innocence? He’s only going to do community service? Is he going to be the new Kap and sue for ‘collusion’ if a show doesn’t hire him?

    1. @Renny Tucker Carlson just reported that he forfeited $10,000, not the $100,000 as earlier reported. So 10 grand and 2 days stuffing envelopes for Jessie Jackson, and it’s all over! He just wants to move on! :exclamation:

  20. I’m even seeing David Axlrod is tweeting out negatively about this. When you lose both Rahm and Axelrod, you know it’s bad.

  21. Here’s hoping Smollett has ruined his own life with this garbage and is a pariah from here on out, and here’s hoping the feds come after him. Can’t imagine that even the Hollywood types would want anything to do with him. I hope only his mother loves him after all this.

  22. Sounds like Michelle O pissed off Rahm. She didn’t kiss his ring, pulled favors under his nose.

  23. Everyone in that picture is a far-left activist. My guess is that this is a set-up. They come out seemingly upset because of this… knowing that nothing will ever be done about it.

  24. Michelle Obama aide intervened in Jussie Smollett probe

    After being contacted by a Chicago attorney who served as former first lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, the top prosecutor in Cook County asked the city’s top cop to turn over the Jussie Smollett probe to the FBI, according to reports.

    Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx reached out to Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson after Tina Tchen, the former senior Obama official, emailed the prosecutor saying the “Empire” actor’s family had “concerns” about the probe, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

  25. Maybe we can appoint a special counsel to investigate. I hear that Robert Mueller is available.
    Your move, Governor.

  26. The Rhamfather did not appear amused at this presser. It’s amazing now that he’s not running for reelection how he now agrees with the CPD.

  27. I believe Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson is truly upset, dead fish is just playing along , that fool wouldn’t recognize an honest thought if it knocked him silly.

    1. I agree Nana, Rahm playing to the SJW crowd. I did just see and I’m not sure how reliable as I did not recognize the news organization that it reported Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff Tina Tchin reached out to Kim Foxx about Smollett as Michelle new him well. They also said in the report an investigation in this matter may be opened up.

  28. And now… There’s folks in MAGA hats gathering in the streets of Chicago marching and destroying property. They are shouting “no justice no peace”. CNN is on the scene stoking the fires of social injustice and division. Sharpton is on his way there now, and Michelle Obama has called a press conference. Wait… No, I’ve got this all mixed up.

  29. So do I owe Rahm an apology because on the other thread I called it Obama/Emmanuel justice? This isn’t over because the feds are still investigating.

  30. Rahm Emanuel is just giving lip service so he can play both sides. He’s still Obama’s toady.

  31. Who is in charge? A rogue DA? Essentially Smollett was caught red handed… and now all charges are dropped no questions asked!! Did the DA have an obligation to discuss this decision with anybody??

    1. @sallyjohanna, Generally out of courtesy if no other reason they would tell the Police supervisor. Also it’s really disgusting as Rahm rightly points out a grand jury came back with these charges so those people just got the middle finger and tells them laws are only for “little”people

          1. Thanks @sjmom…..there you go…that makes more sense….but now who is the crazy judge???… 😡 You can’t make this stuff up….the left never ceases to have no respect for anything!!

            1. I am guessing Smollett has put money in the coffers of Foxx’s next campaign and/or the Obama’s have said she will be out of politics once they get done with her if she didn’t drop charges.

  32. Once again, the American people are seeing a two-tier justice system in play. Then again, it’s Chicago… Chi (cago) = from the verb “cagare” in Italian, meaning “to s**t.” I’m angry!!

    Then again, this “play” may be a strategy to take the RUSSIA CHARADE off the headlines. The MSM is in tatters right now and need the low-info voter distracted from the failed narrative they pushed for so long…

  33. I find the police Chief’s comment to be sincere, genuous and credible. I can’t say that about Emmanual.

    I question Emmanuel’s motivation. On the outside looking in what came out of his mouth was what should have been said, but it oozed disingenuous hypocrisy.

    Remember, it was Rahm Emmanuel that coined the phrase, “We can’t let a good crisis go to waste.”

  34. Anyone else got the feeling this isn’t over yet? I predict federal charges in the near future

    1. I thought the Feds had brought charges because he mailed the hoax letter to himself at work? Can’t believe they have been dropped yet and one would think this would make the prosecutor on that case dig in more now.

  35. Next up the elites who bribed people to get their brats in college, get off scott free as well. We have a two tier justice system. Prove me wrong.

    1. @k-bob We can only hope that Foxx’s exoneration of Smollett results in her being disbarred for judicial malfeasants.

  36. Emanuel HAS to support the PD (verbally) unless he wants mayhem on his streets.
    (Oh, ..wait…..) My thoughts are still for the poor woman who’s son was killed that day, as the detectives were all tied up w/ working the Smollet case.

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