UPDATE: GRASSLEY RESPONDS — Christine Ford Attorneys REFUSE to turn over documents to Senate committee!!

This is insane. If Ford really had something to prove here should would fully comply with the Senate Judiciary Committee and turn over documents.

But instead they say they will only turn them over to the FBI if they interview Ford. Which is ridiculous, because she’s already made sworn statements to Congress and the American people.

Here’s the letter:

I’m with Brit Hume on this, who tweeted:

Worth remembering that for all the talk of the FBI’s supplemental background check, the Constitution confers authority to advise and consent on the Senate and only the Senate. Refusal to provide info to the committee is striking.

What does she want to say to the FBI that she hasn’t already said under oath? It makes no sense that they are demanding she speak with the FBI when they won’t even fully comply with the Senate, who as Hume points out, is the only body that really matters right now.

As Stephen Miller points out

She had over two weeks to provide them to the Senate which, in this case, has more investigative jurisdiction than the FBI does. She could have presented them during open testimony as corroborating evidence. She didn’t.

This is a game. It’s time to end it.

100%. Hold the vote, nominate Kavanaugh, and then let the American people do the rest in November. It’s that simple.

UPDATE: According to Shannon Bream, Grassley has responded:

Grassley response: “It’s disappointing that Dr. Ford’s attorneys were willing to share evidence with The Washington Post many weeks ago but to this day refuse to share the same evidence, which Dr. Ford relied on in her testimony, with the Senate.”

Exactly. Which has been the strategy of the Democrats all along. Share it with the press because they don’t care about the actual truth.

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