BREAKING: Christine Ford’s ex-boyfriend says she COACHED people on passing polygraphs, NEVER mentioned Kavanaugh or assault

Christine Ford’s ex-boyfriend has submitted a sworn statement casting serious doubt on her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh.

Not only did Ford never mention Kavanaugh nor this ‘sexual assault’ during this six-year relationship in the early to late 90s to this ex-boyfriend, he also says she coached her best friend on how to pass a polygraph for a job at the FBI and US Attorney’s office.

Also he adds that she never had a fear of flying, that she flew all the time and had no issues.

Here’s the letter:

Note the reason that the ex-boyfriend says he broke up with her. And how she lied about using his credit card even though he took her name off of it after they broke up.

She sounds like a real winner.

UPDATE: Ford was asked directly in the hearing the other day if she had given tips on how to pass a polygraph. She said “never”.


UPDATE: Grassley sends another letter to Ford’s attorneys. He tells them about the ex-boyfriend seeing her coach someone on passing a polygraph, and also renews his requests for her therapists notes and the polygraph audio/visual. Apparently thus far they’ve refused to turn these pieces of evidence over.

Click on the tweet it you want to read the letter:

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