BREAKING: Dan Bishop WINS in the 9th! — [UPDATE: Trump tweets!]

Dan Bishop has won narrow victory over Dan McCready in the special election in the 9th district in North Carolina:

And it looks like the margin of victory is over 4,000 votes. Trump is going to be so happy! He’s called this the first election of 2020, even though it’s technically the last election of 2018. And he led a major rally last night in Fayetteville.

North Carolina’s state Board of Elections called for a new election after the state never certified the 2018 results because of voter fraud.

Mark Harris, who’d beaten McCready by just under 1,000 votes, called for a new election and then dropped out due to health reasons. The voter fraud occurred from a GOP contractor hired by Harris.

Here’s a few interesting tweets on how terribly McCready performed tonight:

UPDATE: Trump tweets!

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89 thoughts on “BREAKING: Dan Bishop WINS in the 9th! — [UPDATE: Trump tweets!]

  1. Can someone explain why anyone would vote Democrat for anything? I’m being serious. Even if the Republican was terrible I wouldn’t vote Democrat. Probably write in someone or vote third party. The Democrat party has become so radicalized that they have nothing in common with traditional American values.

    1. I am with you. Nevertheless, because of the tight margins caused by voter fraud it will be very dangerous im 2020 a) not to vote, b) write-ins or c) vote for a third party. This last three options would greatly damage the re-election of Donald Trump.

    2. 1. Promises of free stuff.
      2. Democrats and the media (redundant, I know) spend a lot of time scaring people with the impending dire threats of global warming and white nationalism that only Democrats can solve.
      3. Just general stupidity and ignorance.

    3. If given the options would French citizens vote for an American or a French candidate? Would a Russian vote for an American or a Russian candidate? You’re assuming that half the country still believes in the same basic principals of this country. They don’t.

      Just as you wouldn’t assume foreign citizens to look at American elections with your same worldview, why are you surprised when people in this country who have abandoned any semblance of fidelity to our founding principals look at elections radically different than you?

      These United States are comprised of states whereby two separate populations are living within an old unified alignment. It can’t continue like this for much longer.

    4. Legit question! I have really pondered over this question many times and always come up with weak answers that still leave me…. confused (?)

  2. CNN this AM: #NC09 is a litmus test for Trump.

    CNN now : #NC09 was never in play and doesn’t mean a thing about 2020.

  3. Democrat Media claimed Bell Weather Election that Trump Endorsement will cause landslide loss?? #LOL

    Now Democrat Media is claiming it’s an overwhelming GOP district that actually a “Loss” for GOP, when prior election was +1,000 votes GOP this time it’s about +5,000 votes #LOL

  4. NTs are the hardest hit. They wanted Bishop to lose in order to begin the “Trump rallies no longer useful” narrative… btw, even Cumberland County flipped!? In 2016, Trump lost that county by 16 points to Crooked Hillary!!!

    1. That’s the big news, that these districts that were overwhelmingly Democrat voted Republican. They’ll talk about how it was a narrow victory, completely ignoring the massive change in voter position to elect a Republican.

  5. Speaking of future elections…
    Tom Fitton
    Huge voter roll clean up in California — up to 1.59 million names in LA County alone — thanks to Judicial Watch heavy lifting.

    1. Yeah, I heard that 449,000 registered voters in California had to refuse jury duty because they were illegal aliens.

    2. Don’t worry, California Democrat operatives “collect” votes door-to-door. They don’t need all those phony names on the ballot when they can just alter the ballots of legitimate voters.

  6. Well, I said going into it that I was sure a Dan was going to win this election.


    1. Remember when Barack literally went through like every historical event past or present he could find in American history so he could post a picture of himself next to it?

      Good times, good times.

  7. I’m glad Republicans won tonight. Trump is of course claiming that he gets all the credit. There was no poll with Bishop 17 points down but he did do his part to help. At least he didn’t drag them down.

  8. I think Trump does deserve some credit, of course he wants it all… of course, he’s Trump.

    There was proven voter fraud, you would normally expect Republicans to stay home in disgust, and the Democrats to be mad as a disturbed beehive. Voter Fraud is a big deal and it can’t be very many times it caused a new election.

    Trump was likely the factor. I prefer this outcome to trying to explain how an election lost because people were sending a message about voter fraud, wasn’t a bellwether. Right?

  9. Gee, ya think that maybe, just maybe, Bishop was never down 17 points to begin with?!?

    Hopefully more and more Americans will wake up to the obvious reality that the American media truly is – Fake News!!!

    The media are a bunch of Trump hating, America hating LIARS!!!


    TRUMP 2020!!!!

    1. Careful, you can’t have it both ways. If It was never 17 pts, then Trump can’t take credit for a 17 pt turnaround…

    2. There was an article on Gab yesterday that said that every Democrat poll is corrupt, and skewed to Dems only.
      Wish I had saved the article to post here.

  10. Once again the sickening liars of the American fake news media invested several weeks running stories everywhere about how voters in these two districts were going to diss the GOP because of Trump ‘fatigue’ and all that crapola was plastered all over Drudge everyday, you name it, AP, Reuters, NBC, CNN, ABC, Bloomberg, etc, etc, and all the BS NeverTrump pundit/hack websites that proliferate this non-stop Bull-$h*t.

    Well you sorry SOBs in Fake News can all eat a [email protected]$!!## sandwich because YOU WERE WRONG – AGAIN!!!

    TRUMP 2020!!!! MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Okay, we all know how Trump likes to embellish at times…

    But was Bishop really down 17 points 3 weeks ago?! If that’s true, I’m not sure what I’m more impressed by: Trump’s ability to turn a race like that with just a rally…or if polls are really THAT useless now.

    1. Down 17 points ACCORDING TO the flawed and doctored polls. Will happen again in 2002. Conservatives don’t want to be bothered with phone polls. The Shy Tory Factor accounts for still more votes. Also lhe leftists running the polls over-sample leftist areas.

    1. It the Dem won, this story would be in the news cycle for the next month. “A harbinger of things to come for Republican candidates across the country but especially bad news for the Trump campaign….”

  12. O/T: The FDA has released a statement on vaping. Who would have ever guessed that there would be danger associated with nicocrack? (Or do you prefer crackotine?)

    1. Speaking of, I witnessed someone (Laura, if you read this, you know who it is.) vaping marijuana. She talked nonstop for half an hour and called it “Chatty Cathy Reefer.” My personal observation was that the affect was much like crack cocaine.

    2. People believe what they want to believe, don’t they? “This brand new method of getting nicotine into your lungs is safe. We promise.”

      Here’s a gem:

      E-cigarettes have been taken up by millions around the world since they first appeared on the Chinese market in 2004

      It’s from China… what could possibly go wrong?

    3. I think it’s illogical to compare vaping to not aping. The correct approach is to compare vaping to smoking. Vaping is 1% as unhealthy as smoking. Sure, it less healthy than doing neither. But that’s not the choice most people are making.

  13. I really don’t give a rat’s a$$ if he was down 17 or 5 pts.

    After seeing highlights of the democrats debate, thank God people realize the democrats want to ruin America and they voted republican.

    1. It amazes me that seemingly normal, sane, employed, educated people still vote D. Just because they’re smart doesn’t mean they’re not morons.

    1. I’m not sure anyone can solve a problem in California that the people in charge there really don’t want to be solved. Their homeless problem, while real, is largely manufactured because it serves the liberal narrative there far too much. Liberals have built their entire facade on being the Lord and Savior (apologies to the REAL One) of every victim on the planet and when there are no victims then by golly they’re going to manufacture one.

  14. 17% behind in polls, 3 weeks ago?
    Just goes to show you we are finally at a place where everyone knows polls don’t mean crap.
    Polls are for swaying voters, and it looks like the voters are starting to catch on. President Trump has called out the media’s game and looks like people are listening.
    Awesome win and I’m sure we will see many more. Will be a repeat of Reagan/Mondale next year with a much wider gap.

    1. And the pollsters never tell you where they’re sampling people from either. It’s a well guarded secret, and for obvious reasons.

  15. Media narrative all night was if Bishop won, it was expected and should’ve been a safe bet. If McCready won, Trump is finished for 2020. Typical.

  16. This is my district and I am glad we finally got some representation. Dan will be a good addition to the Freedom caucus and join Meadows for the fight for limited governance like our founders envisioned.

    1. They’re not Marxists, so they are stemming the onslaught and biding us time, but if you think the GOP and Freedom Caucus is going to really fight for limited governance you’re going to be disappointed. Oh, they’ll pander for your vote, but when it comes to it they’ll cave for this reason or that.

  17. I watch the results come in last night on New York times web page I was worried for a few minutes and then he pulled ahead. Victory is victory no matter how narrow the win was. The Democrats would be using this as a path to the presidency in 2020 had their guy won so I am just very very happy we won.

  18. Or he wasn’t behind by 17 points but liberal pollsters purposefully polled in highly liberal areas of North Carolina to try to manipulate the election.

  19. I don’t care whom they were trying to help, the story of the ballot fraudsters, their prosecution, and their shaming should be highlighted over and over on the news. I want to see faces, names, personal histories, etc.

    If Leftists aren’t scared to try it, there will be massive fraud attempts in 2020. We can barely trust elections now –if that trust vanishes, all bets are off …

    1. I’d say in many blue states such as California, New York, etc., that the fix is in and that all bets are pretty much off. Once Texas becomes a blue state — which will probably happen sooner than later — our country as we know it will be history.

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