BREAKING: Dan Bongino gets new show on Cumulus stations [UPDATED AGAIN]

It looks like Dan Bongino is getting a new show during the 12-3pm time slot on Cumulus radio stations:

RADIO INSIGHT – As first reported yesterday by, we have separately confirmed that Cumulus Media and Westwood One has agreed to terms with conservative commentator Dan Bongino to host a daily three-hour show from 12-3pm eastern.

Bongino currently hosts a daily podcast for Westwood One that since March 2020 has been repurposed into a one-hour syndicated show on over 100 stations including 790 KABC Los Angeles and 560 KSFO San Francisco. The new show would air live in the timeslot currently held by Limbaugh on many if not all Cumulus owned Conservative Talk and News/Talk stations.

Bongino is a former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent turned conservative pundit and investor in right wing focused digital properties including Parler and Rumble. He has previously served as a fill-in host at WMAL Washington and WBAL Baltimore and multiple syndicated talkers including Sean Hannity.

An official announcement should be forthcoming by early next week.

UPDATE: I may have jumped the gun a bit here. Rush Limbaugh’s radio show did air on some Cumulus stations in agreement with Premiere Networks, but it wasn’t his primary outlet. Premiere had contracts with iHeartRadio stations where Limbaugh was heard around the nation on over 600 radio stations.

So my apologies for confusing this, but Bongino is only replacing Rush Limbaugh on Cumulus radio stations. Which is still a big deal considering they are the second largest in the country.

UPDATE TWO: As I indicated above, Bongino is not really replacing Rush Limbaugh as I had previously thought. I’ve now deleted my erroneous commentary and updated the post title. Also, I was perusing Parler and saw this from Mark Levin this morning:

Some time ago I was asked by WestwoodOne to move my radio show to the noon slot. I decided not to move from my current slot for several reasons, which I’ll briefly explain this evening on my radio show.

So it turns out that Mark Levin was already offered this time slot already and he turned it down. That’s more the way I had thought it would be for anyone taking that time slot.

In any event, I’m sure Bongino will do well in the three hour time slot and as I had said before, I wish him the best and look forward to hearing him if he’s on a radio station near me.

We’ll keep an eye out for whoever gets the coveted 12-3pm time slot on the iHeartRadio stations.

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