[UPDATE: Here’s what the friend bought] – Dayton shooter’s FRIEND bought body armor and firearm accessory

The Associated Press is reporting now that a friend of the Dayton shooter bought the body armor and ‘firearm accessory’ that was used in the shooting:

Federal authorities say the friend of the Ohio shooter bought him body armor and a firearm accessory earlier this year.

A charging document obtained by The Associated Press Monday says Ethan Kollie “indicated he purchased body armor and a firearm accessory for Betts earlier this year.”

It was reported earlier this morning…

The Justice Department says a friend of the Ohio gunman is being charged with lying on federal firearms forms.

Authorities say more information about the charges being unsealed will be announced Monday afternoon.

I would assume this is the same friend, Ethan Kollie.

The AP report says that Kollie bought the items for Betts ‘earlier this year’. Which means, we don’t know yet if Kollie bought it for Betts specifically for the mass shooting or for some other reason.

If he aided Betts in the mass shooting there’s gonna be hell to pay and there should be.

UPDATE: It’s now being reported that the ‘firearm accessory’ that Kollie purchased was the mega 100-round double drum magazine and top receiver:

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31 thoughts on “[UPDATE: Here’s what the friend bought] – Dayton shooter’s FRIEND bought body armor and firearm accessory

  1. Where did this killer work or where did he get his money? The “helper” is probably not going to admit he bought it for a planned terrorist attack….

    1. So, we’re communist China now? It’s INNOCENT until proven guilty. The onus is on the state, NOT the individual.

    2. What?

      He doesn’t have to prove anything. The state has to prove he knew, suspected, or should have suspected the killer was likely to kill or maim somebody.

      Need to buy it? Who justifies their needs to the state? Did you need that Pepsi or Red Bull? Did you need that second slice of cheese cake?

      Asking a friend to pick up a legal to sell/buy item because they’re off work and you’re not or because they happen to be on that side of town is not a crime. Law enforcement might be curious, but their approval is not required.

      From the Cincinnati article above, the “accessory” (the brace) doesn’t require any paperwork. Anyone can buy one online, just as they can buy a short barrel. The only paperwork is on the lower, and per above, that was completed by the shooter. Now, if a person puts a short barrel on a rifle without going through the NFA process, that’s a whole different situation…but then he wouldn’t need the brace.

  2. If these reports are accurate, whether he bought them for this slaughter or not, it just shows all the rush to Red Flag laws and othe infringements would be for naught. The killer might have been Red Flagged, but would have gotten weapon any way it appears.

      1. Don’t forget any family or extended family because “Crazy Uncle Pete”, who has been flagged, may come over for Thanksgiving one time and get in your gun safe.

  3. They better have info that shows he knew the Dayton killer was going to do that, or something similar. Just buying body armor and an “accessory” isn’t illegal.

  4. For all the wailing about weapons of war yada yada yada, the Dayton murderer used a weapon that he put together and this friend of his may have provided one of the pieces.

    “Even though it looked like a rifle, the gun used to kill nine people and wound at least 14 more was likely classified as a pistol, skirting around laws restricting short-barreled rifles.”

    See: Dayton shooter used a gun that may have exploited an ATF loophole https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/crime/crime-and-courts/2019/08/05/dayton-shooter-used-gun-may-have-exploited-atf-loophole/1920506001/

    1. Thanks for the article. I really question his firing 41 rounds in 30 seconds because, among other things, I doubt anybody had a shot timer ready to go.

      As @eklektos44:disqus pointed out above and below, a brace requires no paperwork. The NFA paperwork would only be necessary if he sought approval to make it a short barrel rifle. The presence of the brace suggests legally it was a pistol. Also, anybody can buy a short barrel without paperwork, but it better be for a pistol (i.e. don’t have all the parts for a rifle and then buy a short barrel).

      Again, the media has no idea what they’re talking about.

  5. What “Federal Form”? This makes no sense. The only thing you file a “Federal Form” to buy is a firearm.

  6. This happened after Vegas also. They charged the gun dealer with manufacturing without a FFL for reloaded tracers.

      1. I make everyone who wants to be my friend go through an extensive background check. They have to wait 7-10 business days until I agree to do anything friendly with them.

  7. You don’t need a background check for body armor. As for “firearm accessories”, I’m aware of no accessory that requires a background check either.

    Now the Dems are calling for banning body armor. Typical

      1. Me too. Marty McFly-style.

        Meaning it’s just a big sheet of metal attached to a rope that I wear.


  8. WTF? None of that requires an ATF form. You can have any magazine or upper mailed to your house.The only thing that requires a background check and ATF form is a lower reciever, if it’s completed, which is serialized.

  9. I’ve built a dozen AR pattern rifles and pistols in different calibers. The only part that requires a background check is a fully-machined (complete) lower receiver, or assembly that includes a finished lower receiver. Completed uppers, barrels, handguards, gas blocks and tubes, muzzle devices, bolt carrier groups, dust cover, charging handles, forward assist, fire control groups, trigger parts, mag release, takedown pins, stocks/buffer tubes and parts can be freely purchased over the counter or by mail order. In CO, the gun grabbers restrict us to 15 round mags or less. In free states you can buy 100 rd drums all day long. Nor did I need background checks for plate carriers and plates.

    This information is in error, or someone quoted in the story doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    The only gun law we need is the 2A.

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