BREAKING: Democrat race in Nevada thrown out over voter fraud, Trump says this could have a “Major impact!”

A Democrat race for Clark County Commissioner was partially thrown out today and Trump says this could have a major impact on the votes for his election in Nevada:

I had to dig into this a little, but what’s happening is that one district out of Clark County’s six districts has been invalidated for voter fraud and other issues. A special election will be required to resolve the election.

Here’s more from 8newsnow:

Nearly two weeks after the election, the Clark County Commission voted on certifying the election results on Monday with the exception of the County Commission District C race and will consider a special election for the race in December.

After listening to public comment, one of which included the letter received by the Stavros Anthony Campaign which requested that election results not be certified Monday on the grounds that there were discrepancies that would prevent from certifying the Clark County Commissioner District C race. As it stands the results show democrat Ross Miller winning republican Stavros Anthony by 10 votes.

The Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria delivered a full report to county commissioners in Monday’s special meeting. The report is required by law and Gloria stated the following:

  • 936 discrepancies in ballots
  • 710 with mail-in precincts
  • 121 in early voting precincts
  • 105 on election day
  • 6 voters voted twice

The Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria stated that they had found issues related to tracking, moving from signature to manual signature verifications as well as in the ballot curing process. Some of the discrepancies found in the early voting and election day results according to Gloria included:

  • Inadvertent canceled votes
  • Voter check-ins
  • Reactivated voter cards
  • Duplicate activations
  • Check-in errors

Gloria also noted in his report that there were 60,109 provisional ballots were cast in the election and of these 57,866 were accepted and 2,243 were rejected. He cited the following reasons for rejections:

  • 115 voters had already voted
  • 142 voted in wrong district or wrong precincts
  • 8 were not eligible to vote
  • 1,925 were not registered to vote
  • 53 did not provide adequate proof-of-residence or a valid identification

They decided against doing a recount because it would not resolve all of these discrepancies.

So the upshot is that there were over 153k votes case in this district. If this county votes close to the same way, it might not have much impact. But if it ends up giving Trump a significant number of votes that he didn’t have before, that could help in conjunction with other efforts, assuming they bear fruit.

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