BREAKING: Epstein found HANGING in his jail cell…

It looks like Epstein did commit suicide given this new report on how it happened:

NY POST – Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging in his Lower Manhattan jail cell with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck and secured to the top of a bunk bed, The Post has learned.

The convicted pedophile, who was 6 feet tall, apparently killed himself by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the makeshift noose, a law enforcement source said Monday.

Epstein was “unresponsive” when he was discovered in his cell in the Special Housing Unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, the federal Bureau of Prisons has said.

Staffers attempted to revive him and he was taken to an infirmary inside the lockup, then transported by ambulance to the NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The FBI and the Justice Department are both investigating the incident, which US Attorney General William Barr on Monday blamed on “serious irregularities at this facility.”

I don’t know how long it takes to suffocate yourself this way but I would imagine if the prison guards were paying attention they could have prevented him from dying.

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92 thoughts on “BREAKING: Epstein found HANGING in his jail cell…

  1. Yep. Robin Williams style, as I guessed.

    If you remember that a choke hold is dangerous because, if it’s held too long (beyond 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on health of the individual), it can kill or cause permanent brain damage.

  2. So I am sure the investigation included a photo right away of how he was found. What does that take, one second?

      1. Just another witness to speak against Clinton’s met an untimely end, and Ben Shapiro the first anti trumper says it’s a coincidence

  3. FACT: Jeffrey Epstein helped start Clinton foundation.

    FACT: Bill Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein‘s private plane 27 times.

    FACT: Bill Clinton traveled with Jeffrey Epstein and without Secret Service many times.

    FACT: Now hes dead while on suicide watch.

    1. FACT: Epstein basically lived at Mar-a-lago and operated an underage brothel there any time Donald was being debriefed (or de-briefed) in Russia.

      Edit: Wait, no, that’s not a fact. But it’s 100% believable.

  4. It is simply unbelievable and from what I gather there is no tape. THE USA’s justice system is an absolute JOKE!

    Oh and we are suppose to believe the investigation of government officials from DOJ and FBI who are mainly Democrat swamp operatives to give us the truth about a pedophile who is about to implicate and out several high ranking Democrats and world leaders….sure…..

    The USA has become a Banana Republic.

  5. Phew! Glad they are not blaming anyone! Pervert or not, everyone of his “victims” should have positive proof of the dirty deeds and name names…Gloria Alridge is probably busy right now…

    1. I have seen only one source that said that Epstein had “paper like” bedsheets; and that was a former inmate at that jail. He also said that those paper like bed sheets were for inmates placed on suicide watch; which Epstein was not on. Epstein most likely had normal regular bed sheets. And even if they were thin, they can be made up to be stronger. Tearing them into strips, and the strips braided, makes the sheets strong enough to hang yourself, especially if he didn’t actually “hang” his entire body weight on the sheet, but merely used it to cut off his blood and oxygen supply till he passed out and then asphyxiated.

    2. Get it wet and wind it up (y’know, like if you were going to snap a towel). Increases tensile strength.

      That doesn’t explain the hole in his head from the sniper shot though. That was definitely from a black helicopter circling the prison.

  6. Did they find bleach & did he have tiny scratches on his cheek? And maybe there was some white thin rope. Oh, & did he have a Subway sandwich?

  7. He was allowed to take his own life. Even a sh*tty jail doesn’t do business this way. It’s inconceivable. There most high profile inmate, who allegedly already tried to kill himself, is left unmonitored, not on suicide watch, left with everything necessary……..

    I was born at night, not last night. Gimme a freaking break.

  8. Assisted suicide or murder. End of story. Never trust anyone in any gov’t agency (sorry to the honest people in gov’t, but you work for gansters, pedophiles and liars).

  9. So they helped him out with a bedsheet, didn’t disturb him for 30 minutes (maybe even longer) and finally they were proactive by bringing him to the hospital after the guards had their break.
    But I still wonder when he was really suicided Friday before midnight or Saturday early in the morming.

  10. I’m not buying this for one minute. I am so tired of the powers that be thinking we are all a bunch ignorant people who have no critical thinking skills.

    1. There were a bunch of people claiming that Epstein, in the cell he was in, would have been made of paper. Ha, I guess those stories are now debunked.

      I also find it fascinating that Epstein’s lawyers requested that he be taken off suicide watch. On the weekened I read that his lawyers were very worried about him being suicidal or someone attacking him in prison.

  11. Quoting a Twitter thread given inevitable conspiracy mongering about to flood:

    I get it. Epstein is one of the most famous and controversial prisoners in the world, a focus of immense media/political attention, and recently may have attempted suicide.
    Therefore, you think, it is extremely implausible that jail officials would allow him to kill himself.

    But your assessment of plausibility is based on your assumptions about how the system works. Those assumptions are, mostly, wrong — naive Dick-Wolf-level law-enforcement-are-competent-good-guys stuff.

    You find it implausible because you think jailers would have to be freakishly incompetent to allow it to happen, and surely they aren’t. But they often are. You find it implausible because they would have to be wantonly indifferent to human life, and surely they aren’t. Dude.

    You find it implausible because jailers/law enforcement would surely get into huge trouble for letting something like this happen. Consequences? To law enforcement? For something happening to someone in custody? You gullible [blank].

    In short, you find it implausible because you’ve accepted the fairy tale version of the criminal justice system, one utterly divorced from the reality. And you’ve managed to convince yourself that your view is “sophisticated” and that thinking this could happen is “naive.”

    Could there be more than malign indifference and incompetence? Sure. Maybe they hoped he would kill himself. Maybe he even bribed someone to look the other way so he could. Maybe there even is deliberate foul play.

    But if your belief is “it has to be murder, because nobody is this incompetent or indifferent,” you’re a willfully blind fool, a useful idiot for a despicable system. – @ Popehat

    1. Never underestimate the incompetence of which unionized public employees are capable, nor their ability to escape adverse consequences for their failures.

    1. There is already a wealth of information form his arrest in Fla. There is also now an additional wealth of information from the raid on his Manhattan mansion. Just today I read that the Feds. have now desended on Pedophile Island to collect additional evidence.

      Over the weekend I read a lawyer posting that now that Epstein is dead, there is no more long periods of litigation from those that have been trying to supress evidence. All of the evidence cannot any longer be depressed because of Epstein’s death.

      1. Just wondering though if a judge will allow any of it to be used as they will claim he isn’t alive to confront his accusers. Hope there is plenty on Maxwell as maybe she will be in protective custody and talk to save herself.

  12. Martha MacCallum had on an ex con that knows that facility and says the suicide story is bullsh_t.

    1. Yeah..that was a really interesting, enlightening interview..And I’d take his opinion over some ‘in the know’ paid pundit any day of the week!

    2. It’s slightly ironic that we are now taking the word of ex cons over law enforcement. We are in a sad state of affairs in this country.

      1. Knowing the jail cells having spent time in them, a lot of time in them, he’s just giving his opinion. It’s up to the listener to “take his word” for it or not. But I see your point.

  13. Soooo… the autopsy said it was “inconclusive” how he died, he was on suicide watch for the suicide attempt 10 days before killing himself but they took him off of suicide watch, the guards were lazy and/or understaffed, the inmate who was supposed to be in his cell with him to prevent suicide attempts or alert the guards was transferred just before he killed himself, the cameras caught no video footage because they were facing away from his cell, and now we’re told he hung himself?

    HAHAHAHAHA! Bull****! Why didn’t they say that from the beginning, instead of insisting they didn’t “know” how he killed himself if they found him in a David Carradine-like state? Why was he removed from suicide watch after previously committing a suicide attempt, thus giving him all the materials back that he would have needed (like stronger non-paper bed sheets) to kill himself? Why was his fellow inmate removed from his cell? Why weren’t cameras filming him at the most crucial moment?

  14. I wonder how long until all of his properties all of a sudden catch on fire. Burning any blackmail evidence, that he had on the protected class.

  15. A. O. Young (AFGE, CPL-33 union national president) blaming Trump for Epstein’s death:

    “We at CPL-33 have been sounding the alarm for years about . . . underfunding, understaffing . . . ALL because of the policies of this administration.”

    As a salaried engineer I’ve worked +80 weeks at times, but still did my job competently, otherwise I would have been fired.

  16. How many on air hours did CNN devote to the missing Malaysia Airlines 370?

    How many on air hours did CNN devote to the Trump-Russia investigation and Mueller Report?

    How many on air hours do you think CNN will devote to THIS story?

  17. This article is bull#%+*.
    “It looks like he hung himself?
    This was written in attempt to quench the theories, which are well founded.
    There is nothing new in this article that would prove beyond reason that it was a suicide.
    This website has been compromised.
    How many more positive articles on Mitch Mcconnell are going to be published.
    Wouldn’t doubt he was a customer himself of Ebstein.

  18. Nope. Not buying this story by some unnamed law enforcement source.

    Interesting is that Epstein’s 2 financial lawyers, who it sounds like had some kind of ownership in his assets have hired criminal lawyers for themselves.

  19. I think it was this morning that I heard a former prison warden saying that if someone wanted to commit suicide by hanging they could tie a sheet to the top bunk bed, and then drop and lean forward in order to cut off their air supply. Low and behold, later this afternoon we hear that that is supposedly what he did.

    I’m just thinking about all this. If you had a rope, and dropped forward with force, you might have a good chance of immediately cutting off your air supply. A sheet rolled up is kinda thick and padded, no? Wouldn’t that take longer and more strength to insure you are leaning forward enough to insure your air supply is cut off. Once your air supply is cut off, and you pass out, do you die from that right away?

    1. The presence of bunk beds gives lie to the statement that there is nothing in those cells to tie anything to. I’ve read that on a number of sites.

      1. Thing of it is, we got very little info., and in fact no info on the cell Epstein was held in. I heard former federal warden after former federal warren talking about how things are supposed to happen in federal prisons such as the one Epstein was held in. They didn’t have the facts about the Epstein case. So everyone runs after the stories that there is nothing in the cells that would allow a prisoner to harm himself, and they are supplied with paper sheets. Obviously all those stories were way way off. I think most can agree there was nothing normal about the Epstein death.

  20. They should sell everything he owned and give all the proceeds to sexual abused rehabilitation programs.

  21. I read on the weekend, and heard again today that Epstein was keeping his lawyers with him for up to 12 hours per day in the days leading up to his death. I’ve also read that his lawyers requested that he be taken off suicide watch. Was he manipulating his lawyers just as he obviously manipulated so many during his reign of terror and blackmail.

    I know absolutely nothing. I have no proof or facts about Epstein. I do personally believe that Epstein did in fact blackmail those high powered people who couldn’t keep it in their pants. He kept pictures and videos about the encounters. Is that how he became a billionaire? He was being paid to run an underage sex operation and was being paid to keep it going?

      1. I agree.

        I laughed so hard this afternoon when Larry O’Connor, on WMAL asked if maybe Epstien found remorse on all of the bad things he did, and decided to off himself out of remorse. Some people say the dangest things. Epstein had no conscience.

  22. Meanwhile, Ghislaine Maxwell, who knows as much about the operation as Epstein himself did, has disappeared, very likely to a place whence she cannot be extradited. The FBI waited until now to raid Epstein’s island base. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were there to eliminate all the remaining evidence from videos, etc., much the way they got rid of evidence re Hillary’s emails. Result: We peasants will never learn the truth. Asking the IG to look into Epstein’s death provides another excuse for delaying release of his report on Spygate. I suspect it will be delayed until after the election, in hopes that Trump is defeated and the whole investigation is flushed down the drain.

    1. Fox reports the island, AND underwater surrounding is being explored/ investigated, tho it’s not known what they’re looking for

  23. Don’t know if anybody had this here already, but apparently the victims attorneys have petitioned the judge, now that Epstein is dead, to overturn the original 2008 plea deal. Why that is a big deal is because in the 2008 deal, it specified that no co-conspirators could be gone after. The attorneys had been trying to overturn that plea, but Epstein lawyers argued it would do undo harm to him and his case. Victims lawyers are now arguing since he is dead he can’t be harmed so the co-conspirators would now be fair game if the plea is thrown out.

      1. And the conditions were set up to allow him to do it. He failed the first time and they made it even easier for him. Something’s not right.

      1. Maybe UPS, FedEx would never be able to find him, they’ve been jerking me around on an order for 4 days. It’s been shipped all over the country except here.

    1. Ex prisoner on Fox says they’re paper mache.. but even that stuff (used in hospitals for isolation pts) can be made strong if twisted, wouldn’t even tear.

  24. In answer to Ted, they didn’t ‘let’ it happen, they were COMPLICIT. Plain and simple. Whether short-staffed (which seems to be the dejour of the day), not following procedure, who the heck knows.. somebody is a heck of a lot more well off than they were last Friday.

  25. This is a side show. AG Barr dad hired Jeffrey Epstein. Barr could have known Epstein personally and either allowed this or has him tucked away safely somewhere to keep him safe (body double) or just let him go into hiding. No way this happens due to incompetence.

    “Despite having no formal qualifications, Epstein commenced work as a physics and mathematics teacher at the prestigious Dalton School in Manhattan. He was hired by then- headmaster Donald Barr – the father of current Attorney General, William Barr.”

    1. I doubt that Barr has him tucked away, however Barr worked at the law firm in Florida that allowed Epstein to walk on previous charges. Whether he was actually on the defense team or not, would require further searching.

    2. lol. That’s the stupidest conspiracy theory ever and probably concocted by the Clinton crime family to divert attention from the mountains of evidence linking them to Epstein.

      So because Barr’s father was headmaster of school that hired Epstein in the 70’s that means Barr had Epstein arrested only to have a suicide faked so that he can be set free? lol. If it wasn’t for AG Barr, Epstein wouldn’t have been arrested in first place!

      1. All I’m saying is that things aren’t always what they seem. You won’t find a more rock ribbed constitutional conservative than me. But after this incident, I’m in agreement with George Carlin, there is a big club, and we aren’t in it. Who knows for sure what the hell is going on. Both sides benefit from this guy being dead because both sides can’t spin or defend pedophilia. Just because Trump and Barr might seem like they are on our side doesn’t mean they won’t protect the privileged and powerful around them.

  26. O/T. Sorry but this is too good to wait. Somebody calls Chris Cuomo “Fredo” at an event and Cuomo goes goombah on the guy like a Jersey Shore poser. F*** this, and f*** that. It’s hillarious.

  27. Unbelievable that they allowed a guy who had already tried it once to have a bunk bed to attach sheets to.

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