BREAKING: FBI told Twitter Hunter Biden laptop was LEGIT hours after NY Post’s bombshell in 2020

We all remember when the New York Post dropped their bombshell report exposing how Joe Biden lied about his son’s foreign business dealings, which he still lies about to this day. Twitter quickly jumped into action banning the story from being shared on their platform in any way, claiming the laptop had been hacked.

But we are now learning that the FBI actually told Twitter that the laptop was legitimate in a phone call that day.

Here’s more from the New York Post:

A senior FBI official told Twitter that Hunter Biden’s laptop was legitimate on the same day The Post published the first in its bombshell reporting series on documents linking President Biden to his son’s foreign business deals, according to stunning new deposition testimony released Thursday by the House Judiciary Committee.

That confirmation was not shared with voters ahead of the 2020 election as dozens of former intelligence officials and then-presidential candidate Joe Biden falsely suggested that the incriminating documents were Russian disinformation.

“Somebody from Twitter essentially asked whether the laptop was real. And one of the FBI folks who was on the call did confirm that, ‘yes, it was,’ before another participant jumped in and said, ‘no further comment,’” Laura Dehmlow, section chief of the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, recollected in a closed-door deposition Monday, according to a release from the Republican-led committee.

The FBI’s non-public verification of the laptop occurred on Oct. 14, 2020, hours after The Post published a story detailing how an email showed Joe Biden met while vice president with an executive at Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings — contradicting his claims that he “never” discussed foreign business dealings with his relatives.

Dehmlow’s deposition was released during a hearing on social media censorship featuring journalist Emma-Jo Morris, who authored the initial laptop stories while a deputy politics editor at The Post. Among them was the revelation that Joe Biden — referred to as the “big guy” — was penciled in for a 10% cut of proceeds from son Hunter and brother James Biden’s partnership with Chinese government-linked CEFC China Energy.

Twitter banned distribution of The Post’s initial article for two days for potentially violating its hacked materials policy — despite no evidence the material was hacked and transparency in The Post’s reporting about how the laptop was acquired from a Delaware repairman after it was legally abandoned by Hunter.

We posted earlier that the FBI had actually validated the laptop long before this and had actually been told of Joe Biden’s crimes by Gal Luft in 2019, before Joe started running his campaign.

So yeah, everyone knew that it was all legit and everyone moved to censor it from the FBI to social media to the garbage media. And now a criminal sits in the White House.

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