[CORRECTION: NOT YET SAYS GINA] – Federal judge gives green light to lawsuit against Disney and Lucasfilm from Gina Carano…


Gina Carano says the judge has not made a ruling yet so this is essentially fake news:




A federal judge just gave the green light to Gina Carano’s lawsuit against both Disney and Lucasfilm for firing her from the Mandalorian and lying about her social media posts as the reason why.

Carano is being represented by a law firm hired by Elon Musk and X. Musk had publicly offered to represent anyone fired after using X to exercise their right to free speech.

Here’s more from Hollywood Reporter and Hotair:

U.S. District Judge Sherilyn Peace Garnett on Wednesday pushed back on arguments from Disney lawyer Daniel Petrocelli, who argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed because the company has the “right not to associate with a high-profile performer on a high-profile show who’s imbuing” the Star Wars series with “views it disagrees with” that could turn fans away from the show.

Petrocelli urged the court to find in favor of Disney on its First Amendment defense on dismissal rather than at a later stage of litigation after discovery takes place in which it’s determined whether the case should be allowed to proceed to trial.

“I’m not convinced there are no disputed facts,” Judge Garnett responded. She pointed to allegations that Carano was terminated to deflect attention from Disney’s contentious business decisions at the time, including the company’s contract dispute with Scarlett Johansson and criticism of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which led to the dissolution of its special tax district in the state.

About this argument from Disney, Ed Morrisey wrote: “That argument made me laugh out loud. No one’s doing a better job of turning fans away from the Star Wars IP than Disney, Lucasfilm, and Kathleen Kennedy. The Acolyte started off bad and is only getting worse. If Disney had stuck with Carano and valued her fans and their perspective more, they wouldn’t be circling the drain, financially and artistically. “

He’s not wrong about Acolyte. And the reason it is bad is not simply because it is a woke piece of garbage. That’s true, but the storyline is so basic and lacks hardly any mystery that it’s just boring. The premise of the Acolyte is the rise of the sith and you’d think that with a premise like that, it’d be one hell of a show. But no, they’ve ruined it and its audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is barely sitting over 20%.

But back to Carano. The kicker in this report is that this federal Judge Sherilyn Peace Garnett is a Joe Biden appointee. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Like Ed Morrissey said, this win “is only a step” for Carano, “but it’s a step in the right direction.”

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