BREAKING: Foreign national who bribed Joe Biden has secret recordings proving it

It was revealed today that the FBI form explaining Joe Biden’s bribery crimes also indicates that the foreign national who bribed the Biden Crime Family has secret recordings with both Joe and Hunter.

They were made as an insurance policy, according to Senator Chuck Grassley:

Grassley says there are 17 such recordings detailing the bribery scheme, 15 with Hunter and 2 with Daddy Joe himself. He adds that the form also indicates that Biden was instrumental in getting Hunter his job at Burisma. Big shocker there.

And remember, this foreign national is considered a credible source by the FBI. Yet they’ve never as much as lifted a finger to investigate any of this, as far as we know. But Donald Trump has had multiple investigations with multiple special prosecutors.

But don’t worry, nothing is wrong with our justice system. Just close your eyes and go back to sleep.

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