BREAKING: Fox News confirms AG Barr has considered resigning

Last night we told you about reports that AG Barr had told people that he might resign over Trump tweeting about open DOJ cases. The DOJ spox quickly shot that down saying that Barr has no plans to resign:

But this morning Fox News is reporting that they have confirmed the story is true:

Fox News reports: “Fox News has learned the Attorney General has in fact told some people close to the White House that he has considered resigning because of the President tweeting about ongoing cases before the DOJ. That’s according to a person familiar with the situation.

However, that individual also confirms what the Justice Department is saying publicly, as its spokeswoman tweeted last night, ‘Addressing Beltway rumors: The Attorney General has no plans to resign’.”

As we said last night, Kupec’s denial was worded in a way that didn’t entirely squash the rumor and that it sounded like it could still be true. Now that said, I stipulate that it could be be that Barr’s telling people that he’d considered resigning was born out of frustration with the backlash after Trump’s initial tweet on Stone, and that it was not meant to be a threat to the president as it was portrayed last night. Just speculation on my part based on the way Fox News reported it.

I sincerely hope Barr doesn’t resign because he has been doing a fantastic job as AG. I think as Durham’s investigation eventually comes to a close, Trump supporters who have concerns about him at this point will be satisfied in the end.

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