BREAKING: Pennsylvania Senate asks Congress for DELAY of vote certification

President Trump just tweeted a letter from the leaders of the Pennsylvania Senate requesting Congress to delay tomorrow’s vote certification:

The leader was signed by the President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader of the Pennsylvania Senate, as well as two other Senators that may be in leadership roles.

After they lay out how the legislature’s authority was usurped by state officials and the rogue state supreme court in the letter, this what they are requesting of Congress:

Members, we ask for more tive given the fact that the US Supreme Court is to hear Trump vs Boockvar in the coming days. We ask that you delay certification of the Electoral College to allow due process as we pursue election integrity in our Commonwealth.

Below is the full letter:

Team Trump also tweeted a statement from the President regarding Mike Pence’s alleged comments today about tomorrow’s certification. The NY Times wrote that Pence told President Trump that he doesn’t have the power to decertify electoral votes from the states. Trump says that is fake news:

I still have a hard time seeing Pence refuse a state’s electoral votes if their Republican legislatures refused to do it. But perhaps this letter from the Pennsylvania Senate will change that, at least for Pennsylvania. We’ll find out tomorrow…

UPDATE: I’ve apparently got Georgia on the brain tonight and incorrectly stated this letter was from the Georgia Senate. It was from the Pennsylvania Senate and I’ve corrected it now.

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