BREAKING: Gov DeSantis has a radical plan to END weaponization of DOJ, FBI once and for all

Governor DeSantis has a radical plan to end the weaponization of the Department of Justice and FBI, once and for all.

He hasn’t just come up with this plan on the fly, but has assembled a braintrust to help develop these plans so that they are legal and effective.

Here’s more:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been working for months on plans to tear down and rebuild both the Department of Justice and the FBI, consulting with experts and members of Congress to develop a “Day One” strategy to end what conservatives see as the weaponization of the justice system.

The governor has privately told advisors that he will hire and fire plenty of federal personnel, reorganize entire agencies, and execute a “disciplined” and “relentless” strategy to restore the Justice Department to a mission more in line with what the “Founding Fathers envisioned.”

But his ambitions go beyond bureaucratic restructuring. He wants to physically remove large swathes of the DOJ from the District of Columbia, including FBI headquarters, RealClearPolitics is first to report.

“We’re not going to let all this power accumulate in Washington, we’re going to break up these agencies,” DeSantis said during a private strategy session over the weekend, excerpts of which were obtained exclusively by RCP. He vowed in that call to order “some of the problematic components of the DOJ” be uprooted, reorganized, and then promptly “shipped to other parts of the country.”

The goal, according to senior outside advisors, ought to be returning the DOJ and FBI to a more limited “pre-9/11” mission. Republicans were outraged last Friday when former President Trump was indicted for mishandling classified documents. DeSantis has condemned that move, and his campaign scheduled the Saturday conference call “not knowing,” he told advisors, that there would be “news last night.” But the governor is also intimately familiar with conservative gripes about political bias inside President Biden’s Department of Justice. They have been central to his campaign.

DeSantis has assembled a brain trust of academics, members of Congress, and former administration officials to draw up step-by-step blueprints for tearing the DOJ and FBI down to the studs for a rebuild.

He consults frequently with Reps. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Chip Roy of Texas, conservatives always at war with government bureaucracy and openly hostile to federal power. Steven Bradbury of the Heritage Foundation and Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution have also joined the working group to offer technical expertise and historical perspective.

There have been regular conference calls, detailed memos, and at least one policy retreat in Tallahassee earlier this year. The work is ongoing because their enemy, the so-called “deep state,” is vast. Their aim is nothing short of crippling it once and for all.

A key feature of the emerging plan: Move fast. Don’t wait on Congress.

Bradbury has placed particular emphasis on that point during discussions with the candidate. An alum of both the Bush and Trump administrations, the former assistant attorney general told DeSantis that not only could he “relocate the FBI headquarters” without legislation from Congress, but he could also eliminate and then consolidate the bureau’s general counsel, public affairs, and government relations offices with existing divisions in the DOJ.

Bradbury has suggested that such a move would both limit opportunities for the FBI to meddle in political affairs and also “beef up and emphasize the field offices.”

Wow. Wow. Wow. This is exactly why I think DeSantis is the man for the job. He doesn’t just want to be president, he actually wants to make a real difference and has given this a great deal of thought. And he’s prepared to begin fighting the bureaucracies on day one. If we can get past the cult of personality stuff, people will realize DeSantis is the one who should be in the White House.

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