BREAKING: House Democrats pass Select Committee to investigate Capitol riot and TWO Republicans joined them

Nancy Pelosi got her Select Committee today who will politicize and weaponize the Capitol riot that happened on January 6th:

AP – Split along party lines, the House launched a new investigation of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection on Wednesday, approving a special committee to probe the violent attack as police officers who were injured fighting former President Donald Trump’s supporters watched from the gallery above.

The vote to form the panel was 222-190, with Republicans objecting that majority Democrats would be in charge. The action came after Senate Republicans blocked creation of an independent commission that would have been evenly split between the two parties.

Emphasizing the importance that Democrats attached to the vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told lawmakers in the chamber: “We will be judged by future generations as to how we value our democracy.”

First of all, and for the one millionth time, it was NOT an insurrection. It was a riot.

Also, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t give a crap about future generations. It’s beyond clear that this so-called ‘investigation’ will only be about destroying Republicans and winning in 2022 and beyond. It won’t be remotely about finding out what really happened and getting to the truth.

As far as the two Republicans who voted for the Select Committee, I don’t even need to tell you who they are. You probably could guess it easily:

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who lost her position in GOP leadership because of her criticism of Trump, was one of only two Republicans to vote for the panel. She declared, “Our nation, and the families of the brave law enforcement officers who were injured defending us or died following the attack, deserve answers.”

The other Republican was Kinzinger:

On the flip side, I am glad that no other Republican voted for this except these two idiots.

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