BREAKING: House Democrats to introduce resolution to terminate Trump’s National Emergency — Here’s how it will work…

The House Democrats plan to introduce a resolution that would terminate Trump’s national emergency declaration on the southern border. They plan to introduce it Friday morning:

Of course this is the right of Congress to essentially veto Trump’s national emergency, but it’s not that simple.

Here’s a brief look at the process, abbreviated from FiveThirtyEight, that would need to happen for this to be successful:

  • The House would need to pass the resolution by a simple majority, which should be no problem
  • The Senate would need to pass the resolution within 18 days of it passing the House.
  • It would then go to the president’s desk, where he would likely veto it.
  • Then it would take a super-majority of both chambers to override the veto. That’s 288 votes in the House and 67 votes in the Senate.

As FiveThirtyEight points out, there could easily be defections among Republicans who don’t agree with the process. The question is would there be enough defections to override the veto.

20 would have to join Democrats in the Senate and 53 in the House.

Now you may be wondering if McConnell would even let this come  up for a vote in the first place. According to FiveThirtyEight, “there does not appear to be a way for him to avoid a Senate vote on this measure”. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but even if it is, they note that McConnell could refuse to allow the resolution for a vote after it gets vetoed by the president. And that’s a serious obstacle considering McConnell supports the national emergency.

FiveThirtyEight also has a chart of Senators that indicate their support for the resolution. You can go there to see which Republicans might vote with Democrats if this resolution comes up for a vote.

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39 thoughts on “BREAKING: House Democrats to introduce resolution to terminate Trump’s National Emergency — Here’s how it will work…

  1. My prediction, anyone in a tough district that’s up for Re-election in 2020 will defect and “Principle” vote against the emergency…. Further prediction… It won’t be enough :0)


  2. “The question is would there be enough defections to override the veto”.

    Let me clarify that quote for you.

    “The question is would there be enough defecation’s to override the veto”.

    There you go!

  3. You cannot imagine how angry Texans in my area are over lies that there is no border crisis! And, now San Antonio’s city council will be voting in early April on a resolution supporting much of the New Green Deal’s insanity, including limiting cattle ownership on Bexar County and restrictions on personal vehicle usage outside of electric vehicles.

    Wonder if all these NGD morons enjoy milk, butter, ice cream, most cheeses, and all the things made with milk products? And, I bet most of them love a big juicy steak!

  4. Fake “Breaking” Why are you wasting everybody’s time talking about things that are not going to exist? Like this non-existent “veto” of the Emergency, the non-existent Green Raw Deal, etc?
    Facts, not Fake, please.

  5. I’m happy dems are doing things like this. They’re busy with bills that are going nowhere, doing their investigations and not passing anything that can damage our country

  6. Just another political gimmick by the Dems. It’s almost campaign season and the ‘Resistance’ must
    be fed…

    With the exception of Mitt Romney, no Republican would dare join the Dems on this, not even the usual
    suspects, Susan Collins and Murkowski..

    Can’t wait to see Mittens grandstanding on the Senate floor.. ‘It is with great sadness that I must join our
    noble Democrat Senators on this vote,’ he’ll say with obvious glee. ‘We cannot allow President Trump to
    abuse his power.’ He’ll be wetting his pants with joy. He’s waited so long to really stick it to Trump.

    And the fact that we REALLY DO need a wall will be lost in all the games..

  7. So, after Trump vetoes this (assuming it passes the Senate) and there is no override of the veto, an Appellate Court (more likely the Supreme Court) will say:

    “This is a political question.

    Congress provided for the President to declare an emergency without defining what constitutes an emergency, Congress allowed that declaration to then be used to move funds, Congress provided itself a mechanism to revoke that emergency declaration. Congress has failed to pass a resolution which revokes the emergency and the subsequent powers they explicitly gave the President. Therefore, it must be concluded that Congress has authorized by its own legislation and actions the actions the President undertook.

    This is a political spat between the Legislative and Executive Branch, where the Executive took an action authorized by Congress when it didn’t get its way in budget negotiations, and Congress has turned to the Courts to try to get its way when it couldn’t use the mechanism it laid out to override that action. The Courts will not settle this political dispute.’

  8. Waste of time, but if it occupies all of Nancy’s time. Then I’m okay with it….

    In the meantime, Miles and Miles of the Trump Beautiful Bullard 30′ fences go in.

  9. WaPo declares Mitch is somehow forced to bring it to the floor because it comes straight from House leadership. AKA privilege.

    I suspect it’s not that simple.

    What’s to stop Mitch from using privilege to pass a bill fully authorizing Trump’s use of the National Emergencies Act, forcing the House to vote on it?

    I think Mitch needs to understand that a veto override on this represents an end to his majority. You can only flip the finger at Trump’s base so much before it enrages and energizes the mob.

  10. Pretty sad that an incompetent, corrupt and impotent government can magically summon up the will to do this… instead of their real job.

  11. Typical Democrats wanting to waste everyone’s time and again demonstrate how much they hate this country. This has to be the stupidest political party ever. Keep reminding everyone why your party should no longer exist. I hope you get the rudest awakening ever in November 2020.

  12. This doesn’t sound like it really has that much of a chance. But of course, you can never under-estimate the spinelessness and treachery of lying republicans. At least with democrats, you KNOW they will do whatever is bad for America. False hope with republicans.

  13. Democrats will continue to pull out all the stops to keep the greatest voter registration drive in US history from ending.

  14. The one thing you have to give McConnell: he knows how to play Senate and Joint Congressional rules to win.

    I’m guessing he can find a way to slow walk this thing so it never sees a vote. Or possibly pass a “Sense of The Senate” resolution declaring it will not be brought to a vote.

    So basically, whatever the House does, it’s all up to Mitch to deliver either for Pelosi’s caucus or Trump

  15. This isn’t going to fly. Try as they will the Dems will only succeed in the House. I’ve also heard there may be other money available to Trump so he may not need the national emergency. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! All the Dems’ whining for nothing 🙂

  16. This resolution by demonrats is as most things they do…a complete waste of the people’s resources and time, another show of hatred toward our duly elected president AND an attack on the American voters who elected him! This “resolution” will never see the light of day in the Senate….OR, if it does, Turtle needs to resign as Senate leader.

  17. Politics, pure and simple, since this resolution would require a Presidential override to pass and Congress could just as easily hold an override vote of the Emergency Declaration itself right now–without passing a new resolution.

    So why do it? My guess is that the Dems know that neither route would succeed in getting the 2/3rds, but a new resolution might actually at least pass with a simple majority. It would give them something to hang their argument hats on. Plus, a failed override of the Declaration itself would support the legality of the Declaration, IMO, because it follows the steps outlined in the National Emergencies Act. A failed override would also demonstrate that the Declaration must not be that much of an overreach. Nancy’s not stupid.

    Mitch should say no need for the new resolution and call for the vote on the Declaration.

  18. Well, if Republicans do this, then I will blame them and Trump. He signed that horrible bill and put all his eggs in this basket. Mitch probably told him there would be no way for it to be stopped. But he should have not signed that bill.

  19. McConell can put the thing in the pile…and he does. Usually it’s the stuff that should have a vote…If he’s got some Rinos who want to vote like the snake Rubio, he will do it…

  20. lol as anything with the wall from Democrat side useless B.S. that goes nowhere but helps them with their base.
    Like the bill so many cried about. Still not seeing any Reagan style amnesty going on..

  21. How many presidents have declared national emergencies? How many were REAL emergencies? How many are STILL active today? And yet suddenly it’s this terrible executive overreach? And we have “conservatives” claiming its unprincipled or something. What about before now? What set the precedent that it was okay before but not now??

    If there was ever a situation to qualify as an emergency for congress failing to act, it’s the lack of control over our southern border. The executive’s principal function is defense. Republicans who think that’s somehow unprincipled should go jump off a bridge and invite their Democrat friends with them in the spirit of bipartisanship.

  22. It is never the same if President Trump does something that all other Presidents did as well. I found this a few days ago:

    However, some people seem to be forgetting what previous presidents have done. For example, there are 31 national emergencies still ongoing – dating back to 1979.

    President Carter declared two, President Clinton declared 17, and President W. Bush declared 12.

    How about President Obama? His number stands at 13.

  23. McConnell can’t prevent the initial resolution from coming to the floor because it’s a privileged resolution.

  24. With Democrats it’s all about symbolism. How they look trying to do something is more important to their demented voters than actually accomplishing something.

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