BREAKING: House Republicans reveal whistleblower docs that contradict Garland testimony about FBI investigating parents

It looks like AG Garland just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

A new letter from House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee reveal that they’ve obtained whistleblower documents that contradict the sworn testimony of Biden’s hack AG.

Chris Rufo writes that “House Republicans have obtained whistleblower documents showing that the FBI is using its counterterrorism division to investigate and add “threat tags” to parents—contradicting Attorney General Garland’s sworn testimony.Merrick Garland must resign.”

Here’s the letter Rufo posted in his tweet from Republicans on the Judiciary Committee to AG Garland. Read the whole thing but pay special attention to page 2, paragraph 2:

Rufo continues, saying “This is the smoking gun. Attorney General Garland provided zero evidence that parents are engaging in credible threats or acts of violence. And yet, he mobilized the FBI Counterterrorism Division to use counterterrorism tools for investigating, tracking, and tagging parents.”

This is the smoking gun email that was attached to the letter:

These are LOCAL school board meetings under the jurisdiction of local police departments. Yet the FBI, under the direction of AG Garland, has mobilized the counterterrorism division to deal with these so-called ‘threats’ that AG Garland has never been able to detail in any way, shape or form. And now it appears he lied about it to the House Judiciary Committee.

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