BREAKING: Huge blast at Iraqi military base from “unknown airstrike” [UPDATE: 1 killed, 6 injured]

An Iraqi military base reportedly just got hit by an “unknown airstrike” which didn’t cause any fatalities but rocked the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces.

Here’s the report from Reuters:

A huge blast rocked a military base used by Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) to the south of Baghdad late on Friday, two PMF and two security sources told Reuters.

The two security sources said the blast was a result of an unknown airstrike, which happened around midnight Friday.

The two PMF sources pointed out the strikes did not lead to casualties but caused material damage.

PMF sources said the strikes targeted a headquarters of the PMF at the Kalso military base near the town of Iskandariya around 50 km south of Baghdad.

Government officials did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

The PMF started out as a grouping of armed factions, many close to Iran, that was later recognized as a formal security force by Iraqi authorities.

Factions within the PMF took part in months of rocket and drone attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq amid Israel’s Gaza campaign but ceased to do so in February.

After last night’s airstrikes in Iran, Israel is going to be the first assumption from most, especially since this is an Iranian proxy group. But Israel won’t confirm or deny any of it.

Below are some videos from the attack:

There are some reporting casualties but Reuters says that’s not true. I’ll add more on this as soon as I get it.

UPDATE: US says the airstrike was not from them:

UPDATE: Reuters has amended their article to say: “One PMF fighter was killed and six were wounded, two sources at a hospital in the nearby city of Hilla said.”

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