BREAKING: IDF, Shin Bet rescues 4 Israeli hostages in Gaza – [UPDATED]

The IDF and the Shin Bet just rescued four Israeli hostages overnight in Nuseirat, Gaza amidst a firefight with Hamas.

The four hostages were rescued from two different locations.

Here’s more from JPost:

The IDF released the following statement on Saturday:

“It has been cleared for publication that in a complex operation by the IDF, Shin Bet, and the Yamam unit of the Israel police four Israeli hostages were rescued this morning (Saturday). The hostages, Noa Argamani (25), Almog Meir (21), Andrey Kozlov (27), and Shlomi Ziv (40), were kidnapped by Hamas to the Gaza Strip from the ‘Nova’ party on October 7th.

The hostages were rescued by Shin Bet and Yamam fighters from two different locations in an operation in the heart of Nuseirat.

Their medical condition is stable, and they have been transferred for further medical examinations at the ‘Sheba’ Medical Center in Tel HaShomer.

Security forces will continue to make every effort to bring back the hostages.”

Later, in a televised statement, IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari spoke on the heroic operation, saying:

“The IDF and Yamam infiltrated two facilities while under fire by Hamas terrorists. A Yamam soldier was seriously injured in the operation and has just reached the hospital. We pray for his well-being.

This operation was a success in rescuing and returning four hostages.

We will continue to do everything to return the 120 hostages still held in Gaza. We are confident that we will reach you, and this operation will not end until you are returned home.

We will not give up on a single hostage. I want to say, it is a great pride seeing the security forces working together, shoulder to shoulder, in a vital operation: returning the hostages home.

When the operation reached this level of intelligence and was approved [by the relevant bodies]… only then were we permitted to proceed.

Hamas intentionally hides the hostages in civilian neighborhoods.”

Nuseirat is nowhere near Rafah, as you might think. It appears to be situated somewhere in the middle of Gaza:

According to Marina Medvin, the hostages were actually held in civilian homes of Palestinians:

Celebrations are happening all over the place because of this daring rescue:


Via Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian:

An officer of the elite Yamam counter-terrorism unit wounded in the hostage rescue operation in the central Gaza Strip has succumbed to his wounds, police say.

He is named as Chief Inspector Arnon Zamora. Zamora was brought to a hospital in Israel in critical condition, where his death was declared a short while later.


Here’s more on the hostage rescue via Ron M. on X:

⚠️ DRAMATIC: Inside the hostage rescue..

The hostages were held in 2 apartments a distance of 200M between the buildings.

IDF Special Forces simultaneously hit both apartments breaking inside and immediately eliminating the terror captors. Killed within seconds. 🎯

IDF forces grabbed the hostages and began exiting the buildings. Noa was rescued more easily but in the 2nd building, the entire Nuseirat Camp became active with hostiles.

The Special Forces called in support. The Israeli Air force began hitting Nuseirat with a belt of fire. Many enemy casualties reported. Dozens.

IDF ground forces including tanks burst into Nuseirat Camp to provide support for the Special Forces in order to cover the exit of the hostages. They engaged the enemy.

There was heavy combat getting the hostages toward the coast and awaiting helicopters.

Arnon Zemorah one of the heroes / Police Special Forces was severely wounded. He has given his life to rescue the 4 hostages. He passed away on the operating table inside Israel. Z”L.

All 4 hostages were flown safely by helicopter to Israeli hospitals to meet their families.

IDF Forces exited the combat zone. 🇮🇱

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