The IG report has been released early and it’s well over 500 pages long. I can’t post it here because of the length but here’s a link to it.

Here’s Catherine Herridge to explain more about the release:

Now I was working on the post below when the report was dropped early. You can read it anyway as there’s good stuff in it:

In preparation for the IG report that is supposed to come out at 3pm, here’s what we know so far.

Congress members Biggs, Gaetz, and DeSantis are suggesting that members of the FBI and DOJ may have changed the report to ‘obfuscate’ the findings of the IG. They are demanding to see the original draft:

If you want to read it, here it is in larger form:

Peter Strzok has become a target of several congress members, including Gowdy, Jordan and Meadows:

What confuses me about their concerns is that I thought Strzok had been removed from the Russia probe by Mueller. How is he still tainting it?

That said, I completely understand their general concerns about Strzok still working at the FBI.

And I’d like to point out here that I believe I just heard Catherine Herridge say on Fox News that the IG does in fact ascribe political bias to how Strzok handled the Weiner emails in October of 2016. She said that he was found to be dragging his feet, I think.

Obviously we know about the Strzok text now that was supposedly uncovered in May of this year, which is hard to believe. DeSantis and Meadows wants to know why Rosenstein didn’t turn this over to Congress:

Also, Gowdy is NOT HAPPY with the report at all:

You can click the link in the tweet to read more of his comments.

Here are a few recommendations from the IG report via Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs:

She says this is the bottom line:

Here’s something along the same lines:

Yeah that’s going to be a very hard sell if you ask me. I mean it’s the head of the FBI that we’re talking about.

And lastly, here’s a little doozy for you:

Wow. You’ve got to be kidding me!

As an aside, here are some reasonable questions to contemplate from a Senior Fellow at Brookings:

Notice these questions were written before the leaks started rolling out.

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