BREAKING: Ilhan Omar just claimed VICTORY after resolution vote against ‘hate’


Ilhan Omar just released a joint statement with Andre Carson and Rashida Tlaib, the two other Muslim representatives in the House, claiming victory after the resolution vote against ‘all hate’ passed the House.

In the statement they praise the historic resolution that condemned bigotry and hate against Muslims:

Notice that she doesn’t even apologize for her own anti-Semitic remarks in the statement. They all just pretend as though she never made these comments, which were the genesis of this resolution in the first place.

If I were a Jewish Democrat like Elliot Engels, I’d be pretty incensed over this. Instead of condemning her anti-Semitism, the resolution was so watered down that she could actually vote for it and then use it like this to claim victory, as if she was the victim in all of this.


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57 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ilhan Omar just claimed VICTORY after resolution vote against ‘hate’

  1. A bit off topic, but I am enjoying the breath of fresh air that is Right Scoop with the new commenting. I’m pretty sure there is a coordinated effort on Disqus to send anti-semitic liberals to conservative sites with talking points. Everywhere else I go, there is the same basic comment voted to the top of Disqus threads trying to defend Ihlan Omar.

  2. That’s just the first victory in Congress for muslims. There’ll be a lot more conflicts that arise because of them and them alone. You can bet on it. It happens wherever they get a toehold. It will eventually go from a small victory to a large, unbelievable one. It’ll take time, perhaps ten years or longer, but one can be sure they have a grand strategic plan for gaining more and more power in the US.

  3. There will be “good” that comes from this fiasco, but it won’t happen overnight.

    Pelosi may not realize it, but she just sent Omar, Tlaib and the rest of the Democrats the message that anti-Semitism is now perfectly OK as long as you apologize NOT for the remark, but for the fact that some were offended because they OBVIOUSLY misunderstood their remark.

    An anti-Semite cannot hide their hate for Jews, just as a racist can’t hide their hate for others, which is why despite my issues with the Schmuck-In-Chief, I KNOW he isn’t a racist.

    That said, Omar and Tlaib will be powerless to suppress their hatred for Jews, whom they [and muslims as a whole] hold responsible for Israel’s “Occupation” and will eventually let slip their anti-Semitism again. Their ENTIRE Religion is based on the hatred for Jews. After all, the quran refers to Jews as unbelievers, disobedient, cows, cursed and unworthy.

    quran [5.51]: “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. ”

    As they do make anti-Semitic comments on social media we will continue to expose them. Sure, they’ll continue to push back and point at Trump as a racist to deflect from their anti-Semitism but eventually the deflection will not be enough and they’ll be FULLY EXPOSED for the public to see.

  4. Anything about condemning the hate against people who want to make America great again?????

    1. NONE.

      Sure, it would have been a PERFECT opportunity to express that not everyone who voted for Trump are racist, bigot, xenophobe homophobes, but alas, no. They and their co-conspirators in the media still believe this true and are willing to express that belief EVERY NIGHT on their stations.

  5. Omar and Tlaib aren’t hypocrites for criticizing dual allegiance. Their only allegiance is to Allah.

  6. Nancy Polonium made a statement saying, in effect, that words are weightier when you get to Congress and even more so as the president. So, I guess that this is all Tromp’s fault, huh? Their hatred of the right in general and Tromp in particular knows no bounds.

  7. It’s bad enough that the Democrats have been all too accommodating with Omar and her Jew hate. Yet look at all of the Republicans who voted “Yes” for this. This wasn’t so meaningless to Omar and the likes of her. This only empowered them and they are patting each other on the back. Good job.

  8. As a Jew Christian, I hope the freedom caucus has a plan???
    A plan means, the peace period…. the Bible states tha!!?!
    Anyone know what am talking about?!

    1. In fact, headgear of any sort is prohibited in the halls of Congress, unless, of course, you’re an islamosavage.

  9. The Democrats just cursed themselves by not condemning Omar. I don’t say that casually. God said it in Genesis 12: 1-3. Please note verse 3

    ow the Lord had said to Abram:
    “Get out of your country,
    From your family
    And from your father’s house,
    To a land that I will show you.
    I will make you a great nation;
    I will bless you
    And make your name great;
    And you shall be a blessing.
    I will bless those who bless you,
    And I will curse him who curses you;
    And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

    1. Praise the lord!!! It’s me mom, the one that thought you was ( * was, not pandering) from San Jose CA . Remember me?? Hoping to behave and not lose it. Lol…. wanna talk to my old friends…. pine still around and so is proud nana and joy… where’s duckie??

  10. Filthy stinking Muslim swine. We are running out of time, we better get these savages out of our government ASAP!

  11. “Anti-Muslim crimes have increased 99% since 2014-2016.”

    That’s a meaningless phrase. How many happened during that time?
    Where are the actual number of crimes? How are they quantified as Muslim hate crimes?

    She’s a lying liar and needs to be run out of town with the rest of the lying liars in DC!

    What will we do with all that empty space?

    1. According to the FBI, Jewish hate crime is at the top of the list, and there are few against the islamosavages. They love to trumpet their supposed victimhood to the sycophantic MSM, who swallow it hook, line and sinker.

  12. Same old story of turning a blind eye. { Minority race and female. }
    BUT this time it’s different. Folks we now have our own “No Go Zone” sitting in The House of Representatives.

  13. The Democrats, by siding with Omar and her comments, have indirectly stated it is okay to accuse politicians and Americans of having dual loyalties, which is the term used for accusing Jews of having greater loyalty to Israel and used to justify the holocaust and anti-Semitism in general.

    So let’s flip the script on Omar and the ever increasing Muslims and Socialists. We all know where your loyalties lie and it’s not with America.
    Since you want to discuss the subject do much… let’s talk.

  14. I have no idea why Jews vote Democrat. I will double my consternation if they vote Democrat after this.

    1. Get ready to double because many of them still will vote Democrat. They are too deeply invested in the party to let go.

  15. The Democrats failed to condemn anti-semitism because they failed to call out the individual for anti-semitic remarks.

    More importantly, there needs to be a real investigation into Omar’s probably committing immigration fraud by marrying her brother. If true, she should be stripped of her citizenship and deported to Somalia.

    There is very strong circumstantial evidence she married her brother while already married, that she lied in legal documents about the last time she saw her brother/2nd husband, and she still refuses to even answer simple biographical questions like the names of her siblings.

  16. Regarding Omar:

    John Cardillo
    Members of Congress basically sign robust NDAs to receive classified intel. They don’t undergo the exhaustive security clearance investigations others do.
    Meaning, Ilhan Omar has undergone no vetting whatsoever yet still receives that classified intel sitting on Foreign Affairs.

  17. I do not believe that San Fran Nan will remain Speaker for the next 2 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the House Dems. elect AOC as their next Speaker. I welcome it.

  18. Why aren’t Republicans all standing together blasting the democrats? Also, Steve King should get a full apology and his committee assignments back. McCarthy is as slimey as Ryan.

    1. I had seen yesterday that a GOP house member told Matt Fuller I think of Huffpo that Steve King’s comments are far worse than Omar’s so don’t look for the GOPe to do the right thing any time soon.

    2. McCarthy is Ryan, is Cantor. As the left moves more leftist radical, the R’s believe that they can then move so far left they are no longer even remotely right of center. We’ve been watching this movement for many years.

    3. You’re right; they should be blasting the Dems but instead they are reservedly disappointed.

    1. Yes and the GOP voted for it any way and then some like Crenshaw who voted yes comes out with a CYA statement. Pathetic GOPe as usual helping the Dems.

  19. Muslims don’t want to assimilate….they want to dominate. This was a win and now they can see how easy it will for them to get away with their other plans. America is on the brink of ruin. 9/11 has been forgotten and now we are succumbing to radicals. We are turning into Europe.

    1. Agreed, their agenda is to take over the world. No exaggeration. Europe isn’t even a nice place to visit anymore since the muzzie’s take over. Saw that in the mid 70’s, Germany had imported guest workers for cheap labor. Now, with their “refugee” importation of past few years, what a cess pool Europe has become. Perhaps they should have built a wall instead.

  20. It’s really amazing how some Democrat Jews don’t see the freight train that’s headed straight toward them. They created this monster. They’ve fed this monster. They unleashed this monster. They’ve refrained from fighting this monster.

    Democrat Jews have made a huge mistake here. For decades they’ve managed to reconcile their leftism with some parts of their Judaic roots, but the new progressive Islam-supporting leftists are not going to allow anything but complete and total destruction of everything Jewish. There will be no reconciliation between secular Judaism and the base of the Democrat party. It will be their complete undoing.

    1. But it’s not just the Jews, although they’re probably up first; it’s ALL of us that don’t agree with radical Islam. Netanyahu’s right. They call Israel “The Little Satan”. We’re “The Great Satan”.

  21. Of course it’s victory for her. She got to be anti-Semitic AND made herself the victim. That’s BS on a Clintonian scale.

  22. Hitler hated Jews because he was taught at a young age that they, as a race were to blame for the economic and social unrest.

    Omar sputes out the same lies Hitler was told and she is being protected by her colleagues.

    This isn’t going away and is only going to get worse as Muslim victimization becomes the rally call to bring America into the rest of the worlds hatred for Jews.

    1. The warm and fuzzy relationship between the Muslims and the Nazis was legendary.

  23. “Anti-Muslim crimes have increased 99% from 2014-2016 and are still on the rise”

    hmmm when Obama was around celebrating his false flag wars……..

    I think we should send a resolution to several muslim countries so that they finally stop killing each other. As a matter of fact 99% of muslims are killed by muslims. Sunnis and Shias should improve their relations and live together in peace.

  24. What a disgraceful day in the history of the House. I would say the Democrat Party too, but they’ve had a lot disgraceful days. Pelosi looks like a senile fool as Omar declares victory and continues to serve on the Foreign Relations Committee. Get your act together, Nancy.

  25. I would be claiming victory too if I had just crushed and embarrassed Nancy Pelosi.

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