[UPDATE: Netanyahu, Gallant and Gantz to decide response to Iran] – Iran launches DIRECT attack on Israel – drones and missiles inbound

Iran has launched an airborne attack on Israel, the first ever direct attack on the Jewish nation by Iran. On Saturday night a massive battery of over 100 “suicide” drones were launched, and a short time later, Iranian state TV and Al-Jazeera announced that a second wave strike was also launched featuring cruise and ballistic missiles.

The attack is expected to last several hours, with drones reaching Israel by somewhere around 2-3am Israel time.

IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari gave a statement shortly after the attack was confirmed by Israeli and American intelligence.

Here’s more:

Hagari also warned Israeli civilians of the drone attack, indicating they are well prepared for different scenarios, and giving some instructions on what to do to remain safe.

Below is Newsmax live for more…

I would assume these drones are likely a distraction for something much closer that won’t give Israel as much time to prepare for. Hoepfully the US will be on alert to help Israel counter whatever Iran throws at them, whether directly or via proxy.

It’s also being reported that Joe Biden is going to address the nation from the White House today. Great.


It’s being reported now that the US has shot done one of the many drones headed for Israel:


Iran claims their attack on Israel is over after these drone and ballistic missile launch:

Yeah, like their word is good for anything. This is obviously a deception.


Missile alert sirens are going off all over Israel:


Below is video of Israel’s air defense system taking out something, either drones or missiles:

“Significant missile defense activity over southern Israel and the Jordan Valley.”


It’s being reported that Jordanian fighter jets have intercepted dozens of Iranian drones:


Jennifer Griffin is reporting that Al Arabiya is reporting that air defense systems are reportedly intercepting missiles over Amman, Jordan:


The AP is reporting that US forces have downed more Iranian drones:


It’s being reported that US forces are under attack in Iraq:


I’ve seen this video with some saying it’s over Amman, Jordan and others saying this is the Iron Dome in action. Given the amount of targets exploding, I would assume it’s the latter. But awesome video nonetheless:


It’s being reported that Israel’s war council has approved military action against Iran:

But a counter reporter from i24 News says they haven’t completely decided yet…


It’s now being reported that the British are involved in repelling this aerial attack from Iran:


Videos of medium-range ballistic missiles hitting the Negev desert in Israel, from OSINTdefender and I24 News:

“Footage showing one of the Impacts of an Iranian Medium-Range Ballistic Missile earlier in the Negev Desert of Southern Israel.”


It’s now being reported that Iran has launched an additional 70 missiles at Israel:


Here’s video of drones/missiles being intercepted over Jerusalem. Israel War Room says “The mullahs in Tehran care about Jerusalem so much that they launched dozens of missiles at it.”


Biden is now speaking with Netanyahu via phone:


Only one injury so far in Israel:


The IDF spox confirms that over 200 drones, missiles and cruise missiles have been launched at Israel and most of them have already been intercepted by Israel and the US:


Channel 12 in Israel quotes an Israeli official promising an “unprecedented response” to Iran’s aggression:


About those interceptions over Jordan earlier? That was the US forces doing that according to Axios:

“NEW: Two senior Israeli officials told Axios U.S. forces intercepted dozens of Iranian drones over Iraq and Jordan before they reached Israeli airspace.



Israel’s Arrow missile defense system?


From a senior VP at Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD):


Israel believes Iran’s aggression for the day has ended:


The Israeli War Cabinet has given the response authority for Iran’s aggression to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Gallant and Minister Gantz:

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