BREAKING: Israel has begun new military OFFENSIVE in Gaza after Hamas rocket fire…

It’s just been announced by both Netanyahu and the IDF that Israel has begun retaliating after a rocket attack yesterday that destroyed a home and injured seven people:

Here’s more from Sky News:

Israel has begun striking Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to a rocket attack that injured a British-Israeli family.

The military confirmed that it had started a bombardment of the territory after an overnight blast in the Mishmeret farming community, which left seven people wounded.

An Israeli government source confirmed to Sky News that six members of the British-Israeli family were among those injured, including two children, and a house was completely destroyed.

It was the furthest a rocket fired from Gaza has travelled into Israel since the conflict began in 2014, and one of the paramedics first on the scene said it was “a miracle that nobody got killed”.

Nobody has said they were behind the rocket launch, which came down at 5.25am local time on Monday, but it came amid a recent back-and-forth between Israeli forces and Hamas.

Netanyahu has cut his trip in the US short, cancelling his AIPAC speech and meetings with congressmen, in order to head back to Israel.

The rocket that came from Gaza last night flew 75 miles according to the IDF:

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27 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israel has begun new military OFFENSIVE in Gaza after Hamas rocket fire…

  1. I strongly support Israel’s acting in self-defense. Hamas has been and remains a terrorist organization with the singular goal of eliminating Israel. Israel is fully justified in taking such steps as are necessary to protect its security and its people.

  2. Imagine if Mexico fired a rocket 75 miles into Texas, destroying a house in Laredo.

    Just imagine 150,000 rednecks in jacked up trucks, shotguns in racks on back windows, country music blaring, leaving a trail of beer cans in their wake.

    Just imagine.

    1. Unfortunately, the U.S. response would be to tell Mexico “we understand” and that they are our no. 1 ally in North America. Then we’d offer to pay for their lost rocket and about 100 more. Otherwise Carlos Slim might not throw money at politicians.

  3. Israel has both the right and the responsibility to eliminate the threat to its people. Anyone who says otherwise is defending Hamas terrorism.

  4. That’s not an “offensive.” It’s what is known in military jargon as “counter-battery fire.” As soon as the Israeli radars pick up the incoming rocket, computers calculate the point of origin of its ballistic trajectory. It only takes a few seconds. Then the decision can be made as to how to strike back.

    Of course, no Hamas rocketeer in his right mind will linger at the launch site and wait for retaliation. They fire their weapons, get in a pickup and are halfway to McDonald’s by the time the Israeli rounds can arrive. And they have a nasty habit of using firing points next to schools and hospitals so that innocent civilians can be killed by Israeli counter-battery fire and the media can report on it with video of people screaming and denouncing the Jews. So…you have a list of pre-selected Hamas targets to hit. That’s probably what happened here. No actual invasion of Gaza, no offensive.

      1. Israeli intelligence may even know the identity of the terrorists, the planned launch time, and the perpetrators’ current residence. Gaza is full of spies. As is Israel. The only reliable fact is that the missiles fired by Hamas are not accurate–they can only target a village or neighborhood at best. Israeli weapons have pinpoint accuracy 99% of the time.

  5. And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air
    Gave proof through the night that Hamas was still there
    Oh say does that I-ern Dome stand …yeah I lost the rhyming pattern.

  6. Golan Heights/Left Bank/Gaza belong to Israel. Period. And if the islamofascists continue in this way, we will help Israel take back ALL of the land Yahweh gave to Israel, as stated in scripture. Jordan would cease to be Jordan. Half of Iraq would cease to be Iraq…BRING IT!

    1. @charli Exactly. Giving back Gaza was a huge mistake. Thank goodness and thank President Trump formally recognized Israeli control of the Golan Heights.

  7. It should be interesting to see how President Trump handles this and the “pressure” to force Israel to back down. Granted, he has been the most pro-Israel president in my lifetime, and this will be a real test to see how well he responds.

    With all the evidence that is in, we should see the President standing tall against all the upcoming backlash.

  8. Hamas needs to be destroyed once and for all….now that ISIS is mostly gone, time to go after Hamas and each terrorist islamofascist group. Praise the Lord for using our nation to protect and defend Israel and praise the Lord for replacing evil thugs like Hillary with Trump as POTUS! It is clear which side democrats and rinos are on. Truly, there was, and is, divine intervention. PRAISE HIM!

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