BREAKING: It’s official, Mitch McConnell has a challenger for Leader of Senate Republicans

It was just revealed that Mitch Mcconnell has an official challenger to be the Senate Republican Leader.

Rick Scott has just revealed to his collegues that he will run against McConnell for the position.

Here’s more from Politico:

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) announced a challenge to Mitch McConnell in a closed-door party lunch on Tuesday afternoon, the first such opposition that the Senate GOP leader is facing in 15 years at the helm.

The challenge emerged after Republicans’ disappointing midterm performance provoked a tremendous round of finger-pointing. Scott, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee and got nudged to mount opposition to McConnell by former President Donald Trump, was at odds with the GOP leader over strategy and tactics for months before Election Day.

McConnell says he already has the votes locked up to win a Wednesday leadership election, and Scott is not expected to garner enough support to come close to toppling the leader. But Scott is pressing forward anyway, as a band of conservatives pushes to delay leadership elections until all the Senate races are determined.

McKinley Lewis, a spokesman for Scott, confirmed his leadership bid.

The Senate GOP met Tuesday afternoon to hash out the midterm debacle that failed to net them a single Democratic-controlled seat, with a sizable minority of senators asking to hold off on the contests until the remaining Senate races are called. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) warned on Tuesday morning that if party leaders pressed ahead with a Wednesday leadership vote amid calls for delay, “it is extremely likely it will be a contested election, that you will see one or more senators run against Mitch McConnell.”

Most Senate Republicans are open to a discussion about the party’s agenda and what did not work in 2022, when Trump-anointed candidates failed to win general elections and the McConnell-aligned super PAC Senate Leadership Fund did not see eye-to-eye with Scott’s National Republican Senatorial Committee on spending decisions and candidate quality.

But a leadership fight is not being welcomed by some GOP senators.

“I don’t think a challenge of our Sen. McConnell is a wise decision. It’s something that will stay with us for the next two years,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), who predicted a “second-guessing game as people run for president.”

Scott said in an interview before the lunch that “a lot of people have suggested I run.”

I have a feeling the same old status quo of McConnell as leader will be the end result. And he’s going to rush it through to make sure he’s the winner, just as Cruz suggested on his podcast yesterday.

McConnell will be awarded for the terrible job he did trying to win the Senate last Tuesday.

Unrelated to this, I should also mention that RINO Tom Emmer just got elected to be the House GOP Whip, replacing Steve Scalise:

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