BREAKING: James O’Keefe releases audio of federal agent “twisting” PA whistleblower over USPS backdating ballots

James O’Keefe has just released audio of USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins being interviewed by a federal agent who was admittedly putting pressure on him, trying to twist him:

In the audio, we hear the federal agent saying he was intentionally putting pressure on Hopkins, trying to twist him for the purposes of making his mind more clear so that he might remember differently what he thought he heard in the first place about his supervisor and postmaster discussing the backdating of ballots.

O’Keefe is also interviewing Hopkins in the video, who says he absolutely does not recant his testimony and that he believed the federal agents were trying to get him to turn on Project Veritas.

Just a few minutes before this video released, O’Keefe released another video of Hopkins by himself calling on the Washington Post to recant a story they wrote trying to discredit him by saying he recanted his testimony. O’Keefe has since deleted that video, so I can’t show it to you. But here’s what Hopkins was talking about in that video:

I think this is all of the audio we’re going to get tonight. Stay tuned for more tomorrow…

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