BREAKING: Jim Biden used brother’s name and WH connections to back rural health care provider and Joe Biden benefited from it

Today we are learning more about the Biden Crime Family’s business dealings with this one focusing on Joe’s brother Jim Biden. The news details how Jim backed a rural healthcare provider named Americore, which wanted to expand and create a rural health care empire. He made funding promises from the Middle East that never happened and the company soon went bankrupt, leaving both a financial and human toll.

Before the company went bankrupt, Jim secured jobs at the company for both his wife Sara and his son Jamie.

The Daily Mail has a good write-up on this that boils it down for us:

Jim Biden used his brother’s name and White House connections to help back a rural healthcare provider that landed jobs for three Biden family members, insiders revealed.

An email obtained by Politico from a person close to Americore, a healthcare company that has been accused in $100million Medicare fraud case, revealed that Jim used his brother’s clout as vice president to advance the company.

Jim worked as a consultant for Americore in 2017 after his brother served eight years as vice president.

Former executives from Americore also told Politico that Jim had also planned for Joe to serve on the board and suggested his brother could promote the company during a future presidential run, according to the report.

Sources also said that Jim used his relationship with his older brother to pursue deals and make pitches that rewarded the company with funds for drug rehab, cancer treatments and lab testing.

The shocking report is the latest alleging inappropriate behaviors by the Biden family. It comes as the president faces an impeachment investigation about the family’s business dealings.

Politico went on to report that Jim offered to secure funds from investors in the Middle East to fund Americore’s expansion.

The expected funds did not arrive and led to the downfall of the healthcare company, which left bills unpaid and patients untreated. The company also remains under investigation, accused of $100million in Medicare fraud.

At least three of the president’s relatives were also employed by Americore, including Jim’s wife Sara and his son Jamie, Politico reported.

Hunter Biden was also found to have met with the company’s CEO and his personal physician, Kevin O’Connor. The two joined in on a meeting with Jim and the president of the hospital, according to documents reviewed by Politico.

It is unclear what roles the family members played in the company, as none of them answered questions related to the topic. The White House also didn’t respond for comment, Politico said.

Remember that $200,000 check that Joe Biden got from his brother Jim? Here’s what Politico had to say about that:

POLITICO’s investigation did not find that Joe Biden involved himself in the firm or took actions on its behalf. However, Joe Biden did benefit indirectly from his brother’s work with the firm. On the same day Jim Biden received a $200,000 payment from Americore, he made out a check for his brother Joe. The White House has said the check was for repayment of a loan, but did not respond to questions about the circumstances of the loan, including whether Joe Biden was aware of his brother’s income from Americore.

Looks to me like crime boss Joe got paid for his brother using his name. This wasn’t a loan repayment, it’s a royalty check.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the coming days and weeks. If you want to read the entire Politico article, you can do so here.

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