[UPDATE: TRUMP TAKES CREDIT] – Kamala Harris has finally decided to visit the border, but why now?

It’s just been announced that Cackling Kamala is finally planning a visit to the border to see the mess that she and Biden have created:

POLITICO – Vice President Kamala Harris is heading to the U.S.-Mexico border this week, amid an unrelenting chorus of criticism from Republicans over her failure to visit there.

Harris, who was tasked by President Joe Biden to lead diplomatic efforts to stem the flow of migrants arriving on the southern border, will make a stop in El Paso, Texas on Friday, according to sources familiar with the trip. She is expected to be accompanied by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

A spokesperson for Harris declined to comment. A DHS spokesperson had no comment.

Notice how Politico frames Kamala’s visit. As Greg Price noted on Twitter, “Love how Politico frames it as “amid an unrelenting chorus of criticism from Republicans” and not “amid an ongoing humanitarian crisis that Kamala Harris has spent the last 91 days pretending doesn’t exist.”” Nice catch by Greg.

Also, as you can see, Kamala isn’t talking about why she finally chose now to visit the border. But maybe this is why:

Harris’ trip comes just days before former President Donald Trump is set to visit the border. Trump will be joined on that trip by Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and a group of House Republicans.

Can’t let Trump one up her on visiting the border! Of course that’s just my speculation, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that’s what finally motivated her to visit the humanitarian crisis that she and Biden have created at the border.

Politico provides a few stats on just how bad the border has gotten under Biden and Kamala:

The number of migrants arriving at the U.S. southern border has soared in the months since the Biden administration took office. In May, more than 180,000 migrants were apprehended at the border, according to monthly figures from Customs and Border Protection.

Of those, the majority — more than 112,000 — were almost immediately expelled. That’s because the Biden administration has continued to use Title 42, a public health order former Trump invoked in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic to kick out migrants without letting them seek asylum.

The U.S. has also seen a record number of unaccompanied children taken into custody under the Biden administration. More than 18,800 unaccompanied children crossed the border in March, according to CBP figures; the highest monthly number previously recorded was more than 11,000 children who crossed the border in May 2019. The number of child arrivals has steadily decreased in April and May but remains well above that 2019 record.

Lastly, since we’re talking about the border, here’s a short video from Ted Cruz on how bad the border has gotten, which he recorded a few days ago:

UPDATE: Trump just released a statement taking credit for getting Kamala to finally visit the border:

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