BREAKING: Labor Secretary Acosta is OUT

It’s just being reported now that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is resigning as the pressure over the Epstein case mounts:

I’m honestly surprised he resigned after his presser the other day.

But with all the pressure around Epstein, he must feel it’s a huge distraction for the administration.

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132 thoughts on “BREAKING: Labor Secretary Acosta is OUT

  1. Epstein was a two time college drop out. A.G., Bill Barr’s father, Donald was Head Master at the prestigious Dalton school in NYC in the early seventies. Donald Barr hired then twenty year old college dropout, Jeffrey Epstein to teach physics and calculus to Dalton students. Apparently, Epstein was a brilliant mathematician, but that still doesn’t explain why Donald Barr would hire a college drop out since I believe it was a prerequisite to have at least an undergrad degree to teach at a high school in the early seventies. Apparently, Epstein’s exceptional mathematical skills caught the eye of Bear Stearns’ chairman, Alan “Ace” Greenberg. Greenberg’s son attended the Dalton School. Greenberg hired Epstein as an options trader and Epstein was able to amass a fortune. There are rumors indicating Epstein was able to amass his fortune via insider trading due to his direct connections with the Bronfman family, Greenberg, and other wealthy and powerful financiers. Epstein’s close connection to the Bronfman family is a very big deal since the Bronfman’s are connected to the NXVUM sex trafficking cult.

    NYS, Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand’s parents were deeply involved with NXVUM. Disgraced former NY Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman was also involved with NXVUM. He provided judicial cover for the cult before he was busted for physically abusing four women.

    The more I dig into Epstein’s background the more I realize that the intrigue surrounding him and his associations with the rich and powerful goes very deep and wide. I don’t think the general public realizes how monumentally huge Epstein’s arrest is and what it could lead to.

    1. Ehh. That I’m not so sure about given that the guy was as close to a supervillain as one could get in real life.

      No one is actually sure how he got his money: Check
      Owned an island in the Caribbean where he conducted evil: Check
      Able to essentially laugh at legal consequences: Check (until now?)

      Seriously, he was just one step removed from people wondering when the Avengers were going to go after him. The lurid details and near comic book levels of villainy would probably get press attention. The fact it involved a Cabinet member increased their appetite for it I will grant you though.

      1. The fact that Trump said something nice about him and had a cabinet member involved is the only reason this has any traction with the NYSD. They would never go after the first man if Hillary was elected.

  2. I’m sorry, but because of this man a worthless piece of trash like Epstein was given a slap on the wrist. This deal was so bad, Acosta had to hide that he was making it from Epstiens victims. He does not deserve to be a lawyer, he does not deserve to be in a place of public trust. Good riddance I hope he is disbarred.

      1. Yes, but as a supposed conservative administration they and we should demand more than these others did it first.

    1. As much as I agree Epstein got off easy, you have to understand you are criticizing THE ONLY PERSON that did something. where was the local prosecutors, state prosecutors? They could have filed other charges, but there’s reports from detectives that handled the case, the local DAs were trying to get the charges downgraded to misdemeanor.

      The “worthless piece of trash” are the prosecutors that DID NOTHING not Acosta!

        1. Honestly the tendency among some (not Abe as he’s already said it was wise to shove Acosta out down thread) to defend Acosta rather than cheer Trump for removing a needless liability in the face of a reelection campaign is rather odd.

        2. Again, you are focusing on the ONLY GUY that did something. Where’s the criticism of the local Democrat prosecutors who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

          But ofcourse Acosta bears SOME responsibility, but realize, they were going after a billionaire Democrat donor who was friends with Bill Clinton, so I can understand the strings getting pulled for this guy, but if it was up to the local prosecutors, this guy would have escaped prison sentence altogether!

          1. All responsible for this miscarriage of justice, of whom Acosta is a critical player, should be held to account. However, the story concerns Acosta. Therefore, I have focused on him.

          2. All responsible for this miscarriage of justice, of whom Acosta is a critical player, should be held to account. However, the story concerns Acosta. Therefore, I have focused on him.

      1. I have not completly used up all of my ire and indignation, I have some to spare for the others responsible.

        1. “I have not completly used up all of my ire and indignation”

          I don’t know, with words like “worthless piece of trash”. Ok, I guess it can be worse 🙂
          But ya, I would love an investigation into this and who pulled strings for this guy and why local prosecutors didn’t go after him? I hate when these “too big to jail” guys get this special treatment.

          1. Epstein is the worthless piece of trash….. at most Acosta is a worthless excuse for a man, and a betrayal of what a lawyer should be.

  3. His reasoning is sound — the media will make Epstein the constant subject. He did the right thing. This isn’t bad news.

  4. If this is the day to wave bye bye to Acosta’s, let’s say farewell to CNN’s Jim Acosta too.

  5. Cringeworthy: Trump leads of his praise of Acosta with the fact that he’s Hispanic.

    “he’s a Hispanic man, he went to Harvard, a great student, and in so many ways I just hate what he’s saying now”

  6. I actually knew it was coming–it was a matter of time and only because this isn’t good for Trump’s 2020 campaign and I wouldn’t be surprised if the pressure for him to resign came more from there than anywhere else.

    1. I agree – the media-mob was never going to let up and thus it was a distraction not needed among all the other distractions.

  7. The writers at Powerline have been unhappy with Acosta for some time, because of his performance as Labor Secretary. Based on their reporting, I’m glad we’re rid of him.

  8. Good riddance. This ethically-compromised individual should have no place in public service.

      1. When did either break rules while making possible extraordinarily generous terms for an abuser of minors? Political differences do not rise to the level of Acosta’s mismanagement of the Esptein case.

        1. What rules did Acosta break? While I agree the terms of offer seemed lenient, yet he actually took on a big Billionaire Democrat donor and imprisoned him while Bill Clinton is still loose and while Clapper and Comey lied to the American public about spying on the American people and allowed people like Strozk, page and other deep staters to get away with unethical actions while federal employees.

            1. Then you need to add George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzalez and Ken Strarr to your list of “rule breakers.” Ken Starr helped negotiate the plea deal.

              1. In what way am I supposed to care about that? The plea deal broke the law. Whoever gets burned by that is no concern of mine if they hold responsibility for it.

                1. You (shorter) BURN THE WITCH CLOSEST TO TRUMP!!!!!!

                  So you really don’t care who dropped the ball on this. You just want to blame Acosta because he is Trump’s Labor Secretary. If you really “cared” you would be slamming all those involved including George W. Bush himself. But, you prove YOU REALLY DON’T CARE. IT’S JUST ABOUT TRYING TO GET TRUMP.

                  Good on you, champ.

                2. Other than blaming the White House and Congress for an obvious lack of vetting, where have I mentioned Trump at all? Heck, I’ve praised him for shoving the man overboard to get a needless distraction out of the way as he ramps up a reelection campaign. You seem to think that equates to me calling for Trump to be hanged or some such nonsense.

                3. Your nonsense is not blaming all involved here. You are not fair or consistent in your “outrage”. You are only blaming the Trump Cabinet member. Again, if you cared, you would call all involved out and be consistent in your outrage. And remember, this was the Bush Administration that allowed this plea deal.

                4. Do you want to know why Acosta bore the brunt of criticism for the deal assuming your claims about Starr at al being involved are true? He’s the only one of the names you listed that was in charge of the Office that made the deal and is the only one that until today held public office.

                  Do I want everyone involved to account for their actions? Yes. Do I feel the make an apologies for thinking the person in charge of the office that made the deal and was until now a public official? No. Put down the orange kool aid and realize Trump did a good thing here shoving Acosta off the Trump Train. He wasn’t a hill worth dying on.

        2. So you want to be consistent there champ and call out everyone involved here. Your tds colored cataracts blinds you to who really should have the blamed heaped on them.

          From Meaning in History Blogspot

          Investigative reporter Conchita Sarnoff, author of the 2017 Daily Beast article Jeffrey Epstein: How the Hedge Fund Mogul Pedophile Got Off Easy, was interviewed on Fox last night. Below is a transcript of the most important parts of the interview. Here’s my takeaway.

          “This Epstein case will come back to bite not only prominent Dems–they were probably the great majority of those who were complicit in the actual sexual abuse of the underage girls–but it will also implicate George “Dubya” Bush, his AG Alberto Gonzalez, and Ken Starr in abuse of the legal system to cover up the crimes of the Clintons. The reason given was and will be the concern not to prejudice a presidential election–the lives of the girls were considered expendable for that “noble” cause. Equal justice was ignored.

          One other interesting aspect is the role of Acosta. He appears to have done a real investigation, as also the FBI in Miami. But then pressure came from what Sarnoff calls “the very top of the food chain.”

          “The Palm Beach police asked for the FBI to get involved, in 2006–“that’s when Acosta comes in. A 53 page indictment was drawn up against Epstein, but what happens? Well, we’re getting close to the 2008 presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton was the Democratic shoo-in at the time, President Obama was still not in the forefront. And so I believe, given the information that I have, and what I’ve read, that at the very top of the food chain they did not want to make–as the Attorney General said to me when I interviewed him, Alberto Gonzalez–they did not want to make a political mess. So they basically tapped Acosta again, which is also why they hired Ken Starr and Jay Lefkowitz, … they were the two attorneys who negotiated the plea deal, meaning the non-prosecution agreement that was handed to Epstein, which by the way was not an order as Acosta told me, because I’ve been speaking to Acosta for many years since the original investigation and since the original arrest in 2005.”

      1. You need to re-read the story. This story had nothing to do with the 2016 election. It dealt with Acosta’s resignation. There is no relationship between the aforementioned election and Acosta’s resignation.

  9. I thought Acosta would at least make it through the weekend. Now that he’s gone let’s move on to all of the Dems who have had relationships with Epstein……… Bill Clinton hmmmmmmm.

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        1. Since the change-back has totally screwed up my account I do care. I lost my avatar and my user name and my whole name is out in public where I do not want it to be.

          And yes, I have tried to change my profile – about 25 times. This is one time when persistence isn’t paying off.

          Oh by the way – I am, or was Kenoshamarge. And on my profile now from discus they don’t even have my email address right.

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            1. I think some of the problems are due to certain browsers and operating systems. Scope/Pinecone seems to be having many difficulties.

              1. Yeah, I’m having issues all over on the new tablet, but the phone is doing pretty well.

            2. I don’t mind the other format but I have been relatively fortunate with disqus compared to others. Whatever works best for Scoop is okay with me.

              1. WP has its good points, but it’s clumsy on mobile devices, especially long threads. I am definitely lovin’ the block feature. Funny thing, I see a number of people whom I blocked earlier never signed up for WP and now they are back.

                1. Do you have to block them again? Seems like your disqus account would have stayed the same as it was when you went to WP.

                2. No, they’re still blocked from before. I’ve been using Disqus on other sites like Daily Wire.

        1. I enjoy my deja vu! WordPress is beginning to shut down conservative sites, so disqusmay be the better venue.

          1. He’ll be back Monday. I’ll be in Texas. Figures. Dana Loesch has a show that I catch in Indianapolis and everytime I go through it seems like she’s on vacation.

                1. Find you some good TexMex food if you can, and if you like! IMO, you can’t beat good TexMex food!! We’re having spaghetti tonight with tomato pie, but we had my Cheater’s Chili last night.

                2. I have a coffeepot, fridge and microwave in the truck and buy groceries. My thing now is beef sandwiches on onion rolls with coleslaw.

                3. If you come across an HEB they have some great in-store made meals to nuke or bake in a toaster oven.

            1. I love Dana”s show. Especially when she does the voices when reading Mail Bag of Hate.

  10. For the Media this will be construed as an admission of guilt by Trump.

    And if Acosta had stayed it would be spun as Trump harboring a criminal.

    Truth is irrelevant. Trump must go now or not be re-elected is all that matters.

    The Media is the enemy.

    1. exactly. There is no “right” decision for now, but for 2020, I would hate for that to be a debate question especially after Epstein is thrown the book at him by NY prosecutors.

                1. He’s not the greatest leader that we’ve ever had, but everything is NOT his fault.

                2. Is it just me or do we truly converse and communicate much better among us on the DISCUS format?

                3. I think it’s much easier and more personal with the replies and dialog. It just “feels friendlier ” to me.

                4. This isn’t his fault. It’s Acosta’s and Trump cut him loose to remove a needless distraction. I’m unsure why that’s such a controversial statement.

    1. It was always bad, but it didn’t get much publicity. I’ve been following the story for years. It’s terrible. Not a single person that facilitated the trafficking of young girls for Epstein received even a minute of jail time. And Acosta was key. He was also key in working out the non-prosecution agreement for Epstein himself. He also agreed to seal the records without consultation of the victims. Who knows what those records might contain. Other guests of Epstein that participated??? Let’s not stop at Clinton. Any billionaire/politician/actor pedophile that helped make this disgusting business model possible needs to be hung.

      1. Epstein and everyone else complicit in this should have been locked up. The point I’ve been making is that now that he’s associated with Tromp it’s become the crime of the century. Epstein is the criminal here, but it’s being made Tromp’s fault.

    2. I am not outraged because this man works for Trump. I am outraged because this man put his finger on the scales of justice and helped Epstein and his friends escape justice. He perverted justice and the legal system, he broke the law by not consulting the victims or their families to inform them of his intended plea deal. There is a lot of very shoddy and shady goings on that this man was responsible. My ire and indignation have nothing to do with who he works for other than he should not be in a place of public trust.

      1. I don’t know much about the case, but it appears that he was the one person who actually did something, no matter how lacking. The point that I’ve been making is that it has suddenly become the crime of the century because of his relationship with Tromp.

  11. Another reason to thank God Trump is president.

    No way Epstein would be getting arrested and victims coming forward with Hillary in the White House.

  12. Acosta stepping down won’t matter to the media. They will be going full steam ahead to link Trump to Epstein.

  13. I’m honestly surprised he resigned after his presser the other day.

    Were we watching the same presser? I’m only shocked it took this long before he “resigned to spend more time with his family” after that.

          1. What part of that presser led you to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to be fired? Especially given the lukewarm reception it got on FNC.

          2. What part of that presser led you to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to be fired? Especially given the lukewarm reception it got on FNC.

  14. The damn Media Idiots got a scalp today.

    Acosta was the man who help prevent Epstein walking away from the charges in Florida against him, a free man. Acosta’s effort got Epstein some jail time and registering as a sex offender at least. Now Media scum have forced a good man out.

    Very disgusting.


    1. Maybe. I just don’t know how much I trust a guy who basically got Epstein a sweetheart jail deal. Getting him as a registered sex offender was a good move, though.

      1. There was more involved in this food chain than Acosta. You also have George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzalez and Ken Starr who didn’t want a political mess close to the 2008 election. Want to touch on that???

      1. So says your Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, and Sutherland. (See a daily pattern) Rinse and repeat on all issues President Trump related. With all due respect.

  15. This MSM feeding frenzy over Acosta/Epstein will quickly die down once the Muller hearings get underway. It’s all about destroying Trump to the MSM.

  16. It’s the pressure of the mounting discontent over him still being there and the way the case was handled, or POTUS just told him he doesn’t need this going into reelection. Which would be perfectly understandable IMO. At any rate this is no surprise.

    1. What? But Trump said he had nothing to do with the decision and he wanted Acosta to stay. (sarc)

  17. Good riddance. This ethically-compromised individual should have no place in public service.

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