BREAKING: Liberal heads are exploding after Supreme Court ruled Trump admin could enforce “public charge” immigration rule

The Supreme Court has just overruled an injunction by a federal appeals court to allow the Trump administration to enforce their new “public charge” rule, which allows for the denial of green cards and/or entrance into the country if an immigration will be dependent on government programs:

WSJ – A divided Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to begin implementing rules that make it easier for the government to deny limited-income immigrants residency or admission to the U.S. because they use public-assistance programs or might use them in the future.

The court, in a written order Monday, granted the administration’s emergency request to start enforcing the rules for now, a move that nullifies an order by a federal appeals court that blocked the immigration restrictions while litigation was ongoing.

The court’s action came on a 5-to-4 vote, splitting the justices along ideological lines, with conservatives in the majority.

Announced last August by the Department of Homeland Security, the rules effectively expand the pool of people considered likely to become a “public charge” under U.S. immigration law. The government can use the designation to deny an immigrant a green card for permanent U.S. residency, and to determine which noncitizens can be removed or barred from the U.S.

Using benefits like Medicaid, housing assistance or food stamps could render a person inadmissible.

Foreigners seeking immigration status in the U.S. generally have to show they have enough financial resources to keep them from relying on government programs that assist poor Americans. The denial of immigration visas on “public charge” grounds has increased during the Trump administration, even before the new rules.

This is a huge issue for the Trump administration to win on. By effectively turning off the spigot of government benefits, it should make the US a less attractive place for immigrants who just want to cross the border and hope for the best or overstay their visas.

I haven’t read the statement, but I suspect that the high court (at least 5 justices) understands that the US government has constitutional authority to decide who can immigrate here and who can’t and that they can legally set the parameters for immigration.

Already, liberals heads are exploding over this decision:

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