BREAKING: McCarthy taps Republicans Pelosi rejected to conduct investigation into Jan 6th

Minority Leader McCarthy has told the same Republicans Pelosi rejected for the January 6th committee to conduct their own investigation:

DC EXAMINER – As the select committee formed to investigate the Jan. 6 riot continues to interview witnesses and issue subpoenas, House Republicans who were originally submitted to sit on the panel are quietly working on their own counterinvestigation and plan to release a report on their findings.

“Republicans, at the direction of Leader McCarthy, are conducting our own investigation,” Indiana Rep. Jim Banks said on Wednesday.
“I can’t go into many of the specifics of what we’ve done or what we are doing,” Banks said. “But I will tell you that we will be releasing our findings publicly in the future.”

The resolution to create the select committee allowed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to “recommend” five members to sit on the committee but allowed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the final say on the picks. Pelosi, in a never-before-seen move, blocked Banks (who was set to be ranking member) and Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio from sitting on the committee. That prompted McCarthy to pull his other three appointments in protest unless all five were seated.

This effort, led by Banks, is fulfilling that pledge. He said that the Jan. 6 committee is based on a “conspiracy theory” that “Jan. 6 was an inside job … secretly orchestrated by President Trump and his closest advisers.”

The Republicans are focusing on Capitol security failures, which were also the focus of a joint Senate committee report on Jan. 6. But they are also focusing in on any role that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had in failing to secure the Capitol.

“They don’t want to get to the main question, which is why wasn’t the Capitol properly secured that day? And the only one who can answer that question is Speaker Pelosi,” Jordan said on Wednesday. “In fact, I still believe the reason Mr. Banks and I were not permitted to be on the committee is because Speaker Pelosi knew we were going to focus on that fundamental question.”

I am glad that McCarthy has created his own committee to investigate January 6th. It was outrageous for Pelosi to reject his Republicans for the committee, but she’s never payed a political price for it because the garbage media went along with it like it was normal.

The problem for McCarthy is that the Republican committee won’t have access to the data Pelosi’s hack committee is getting via their subpoenas. And Biden’s agencies as well as the FBI are refusing to cooperate with the GOP.

Because of that you can be sure that even when they do release their findings, it will be seen as incomplete by the media. They’ll claim it’s partisan and just ignore it, even though that’s exactly what’s going on with Pelosi’s hyperpartisan committee.

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