BREAKING: McConnell to hold Senate vote on Ocasio’s Green New Deal!

McConnell says he’s going to put Democrats on the record as to their support for the Green New Deal, proposed by radical socialist Ocasio-Cortez, by holding a vote in the Senate on the deal:

McConnell has his ups and downs. He was great on Kavanaugh by has been milktoast on this latest border deal.

But I do like this move by McConnell to allow a vote on this crazy proposal. He knows it will fail – the question is just by how much? Will most Democratas reject it out of hand? We know several Democrats running for president have vocally supported it – Harris and Booker – but will they support it with their votes?

If I were a Democrat in the Senate who didn’t want to go on the record on this radical socialist proposal, I’d simply not vote at all. I wonder how many will try to hide their support for it by not voting? My guess is the numbers will be YUGE!

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