BREAKING: Mike Lindell ambushed by FBI and his phone seized

Mike Lindell announced on his show tonight that he was ambushed by the FBI at a Hardees restaurant, where they showed a search warrant and took his cellphone:

Here’s more from the Post Millennial:

On Tuesday, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell revealed that his phone had allegedly been seized by the FBI.

He made the announcement live on his show, the Lindell Report.

Lindell began by explaining that he and his buddy had been out on a fishing trip, and decided to stop at a Hardee’s drive-thru on the way home in his hometown of Mankato, Minnesota.

“We pulled through the drive-thru, they take the order, we pull up, and she says pull ahead,” Lindell said, noting that when they did, another car came and parked perpendicular to them, essentially blocking them in the drive-thru.

Lindell said he told his buddy, “That’s either a bad guy, or it’s FBI,” making sure to add that some FBI guys can be bad guys.

According to Lindell, another car came up shortly after and pinned them in on the right side, with another customer blocking their rear end.

At Lindell’s request, the people in the cars in front and to his right showed him their badges, and explained why they were there.

Lindell said that they began asking him questions about Colorado and Dominion voting machines, and eventually told him that they had “some bad news.”

The officers told him that they had a warrant for his cell phone, and would be confiscating it, to which Lindell replied that he needed it to “run five companies” as he doesn’t have a computer.

Lindell then spoke with a lawyer, who advised him to hand over the phone, at which point he said he did.

After showing a copy of the warrant, Lindell explained that he was not even given a chance to do a backup of his phone, that it was simply taken away.

He called the actions of the FBI “disgusting” and “garbage.”

It’s really unfortunate how hard the FBI is working to try and prosecute Trump for something related to January 6th, targeting tons of people in his circle with search warrants in their more-than-obvious fishing expedition.

You can watch Lindell’s full comments below:

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