BREAKING: Multiple shot, 1 dead at Geneva Presbyterian in California. Suspect in custody.

One person is dead and several others have been wounded in a shooting at a church in California. There is almost no information available about the circumstances of the shooting, but police say the one fatality was deceased at the scene, and at least four others have been critically wounded. A fifth person suffered less severe injuries.

Reuters reports that “The incident occurred in an area with a cluster of houses of worship, including Catholic, Lutheran and Methodist churches and a Jewish synagogue.”

Police have kept a tight lid on all information regarding the incident.

Fox’s Bill Melugin posted photos that his mother was able to capture from the road that goes past the church.

Video on Twitter shows a helicopter at the scene, but not sure if it’s medical or police.

There is no motive mentioned, and based on several facts about the area and the congregation, it’s definitely impossible to guess.


While yesterday’s horrific events in Buffalo were still underway the left and the media were quick to blame Tucker Carlson’s “rhetoric.” Some other rhetoric you may have heard recently is leftists, celebrities, Democrats, and media and press saying that Republicans are at “war” with women and that women are going to die because of the leaked draft that might overturn Roe v. Wade. The decision was even compared to 9/11.

That’s rhetoric too. As a result, marchers have stormed Supreme Court justice’s neighborhoods and unleashed domestic terror and death threats in Wisconsin.

A particular target of the pro-abortion rage has been churches.

There’s no reason to think the two things are related, but no reason to think they aren’t. It’s worth mentioning that this is a progressive congregation. The pastors list their pronouns on the church’s website. It definitely worth noting that after two weeks of rage directed at churches and Christians the media wouldn’t dare speculate about the motive being related. Nor will they talk about irresponsible rhetoric from the left or Democrats.

But they sure like to do it when they think the right is to blame. And you can bet they’ll be blaming guns in minutes, probably already are.

This is a developing story so it might be updated.

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