BREAKING: NAACP admits that Romney has BLACK supporters!

NAACP leaders can’t stand the fact that Romney got applause during his speech yesterday, so much so that they have to make outlandish claims that he brought his own black supporters with him to clap for him:

HUFFINGTON POST – Did Mitt Romney bring in supporters to cheer him on during his Wednesday speech to the NAACP?

That’s the charge made by Hilary Shelton, who heads up the Washington, D.C., chapter of the NAACP. Shelton told Ed Schultz on MSNBC Wednesday night that Romney flew in supporters to Houston to applaud him at the civil rights group’s annual convention.

“The campaign actually gave me a list of African-American VIPs that they brought in to the NAACP meeting,” Shelton told Schultz. “So, I’m sure those are the ones they sat down with because, quite frankly, none of the rank-and-file NAACPers met with him.”

After the speech, Romney said that he had African-American supporters at the convention who spoke with him privately and expressed their support.

Romney was booed during the speech for his saying he would repeal President Obama’s signature health care law and was met with snickering and jeers when he told the audience, “If you want a president who will make things better in the African American community, you’re looking at him.”‬ ‪

But he received scattered applause at other junctures in his address, including when he said he would uphold traditional marriage.‬

“They are bringing people in that they know will support his agenda from other places that aren’t active with the NAACP,” Shelton said on MSNBC. “These are people that were actually brought in to provide the cheering for him so there will be some support for him along those lines.”

It gets even worse. Apparently LarryO has a theory that Romney got booed on purpose to help him win the white racist vote or something. Yes, I’m not kidding:

DAILY MAIL – Discussing the speech on his ‘Last Word’ show with Goldie Taylor, a liberal writer and commentator, O’Donnell highlighted ‘the Southern strategy that Republicans have used since [President Richard] Nixon and started a little bit before that, where there`s actually an almost overt sometimes appeal to racial and racist voting.’

He then asked: ‘And tell me, Goldie, if I`m being too cynical, to think that the Romney campaign actually went in that room today with the hope of getting booed, at least three times, because they want the video of their candidate being booed by the NAACP to play in certain racist precincts where that will actually help them?’

Taylor responded that ‘I don`t think you`re being too cynical at all’, adding that Romney ‘used a word like “Obamacare,” which is a derisive term for the Affordable Care Act’.

I think Rush is right. These people are scared to death that Romney might win more of the black vote than Republicans got in 2008.

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78 thoughts on “BREAKING: NAACP admits that Romney has BLACK supporters!

  1. This from the people who held a press conference a few years back over a talking Hallmark card with a solar system theme that referred to the black hole … their racist ears insisted the cartoon character was saying “black ho” even though it made no sense in the context of the rest of the sentence. THIS is the group we’re talking about. Seriously, I don’t even know why we’re talking about the NAACP. They are an embarrassment to this country.

  2. I call ’em the NAACCCP for the same reason Rush calls ’em the NAALCP. Buncha commies. But Mitt did the right thing speaking to them and not pandering. He got some points in my book for that.

  3. I watched Hilary Shelton on O’Reilly tonight. The man simply would not shut up and debate O”Reilly but kept talking over him with diatribe that did not make sense and could not be understood.
    Shelton is more than a weasel, he is a PINHEADED WEASEL.
    The NAACP leadership is deathly afraid that more and more African Americans are going to start believing that they can think for themselves.

  4. I do not know about that. I see mostly blind black support for Obama. They blame Bush still. Ignorant but they really are ignorant. They have been taught well to never listen to an opposing view. My daughters boyfriend is in news and quite smart. But he simply tunes it out when she or myself talk about any of this. He ignores reality and instead clings to falsehoods taught to him and perpetuated in the black community.

    1. That is so frustrating! I know how you feel. My husband has seen the error of his last vote. I only wish his family would let go of their lib guilt!

  5. These people see nothing but skin color. think about nothing but skin color, believe in nothing but skin color.

    Skin color is the very air that they breathe, the very sustenance with which they nourish themselves.

    It is their obsession, their reason for being, their very religion.

    Without it they are empty, they are lost, they have nothing.

  6. I heard a guy on the radio this afternoon say that Romney was applauded 27 times in his 25 minute speech. This man (Wayne Perryman) was very objective and is intimately familiar with the black community as he is black himself. He seemed pretty upbeat about Romney’s ability to win over a few percentage points of the black vote.

    Perlman has written a book about the Dims oppression of blacks called “Unfounded Loyalty-The love affair between Blacks and Democrats”

    His comments were encouraging.

  7. I “”DO NOT”” Discriminate Against Any Race, Color, Nor Creed….””EXCEPT MUSLIMS””…..
    And I Have Many Black Friends And Have Dated Many Beautiful & Gorgeous Black Women Too…..But When Will The Blacks Understand That My Man Martin Luther King Was A Republican….And The DemocRATS “”WERE NOT”” For Abolishing Slavery & THE RACIST K.K.K. Was Started By The DemocRATS…..I Could Go On And On And On…….

    I’m Still Legally A Registered DemocRAT But Most Always Vote Republican And Consider Myself A Christian Constitutional Reagan Conservative Tea Party Patriot…..But The Blacks Will Always Remain On “”THE PLANTATION”” As Long As They’re So Foolish As To Support The Likes Of RACE BAITERS Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Etc. Etc. Etc.

    And MUSLIM POTUS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II (Barry Soetoro) Has Set Race Relations Back Several Decades If Not MORE……And To Vote For Someone Because Of The Color Of Their Skin…..STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!!!!!!!!

    L-I-B-E-R-A-L-S Aren’t Necessarily Stupid And Ignorant People…..BUT…….
    Most Stupid And Ignorant People Are L-I-B-E-R-A-L-S!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Good points, but one point I might add is that the Democrats want all of us on Uncle Sam’s plantation and they are doing everything they can to tear down the institutions and means we have of being self sufficient.

      Once upon a time they may have been for the working man, but it has been decades since they were anything less than socialists. (In 1948 Norman M. Thomas said he didn’t need to run for president as a socialist because the Democrats had taken over the socialist platform) Anyone who votes for a Democrat in today’s climate is voting for enslavement in one form or another, be it financially or by never ending regulation. You don’t have to be black to be a slave.

  8. I pray that black people have learned not to vote “Race Over Reason” and will vote for Romney this time around..

  9. Was there ever a time when support for the Republican Party and Democrat Party was more evenly divided among African American voters, instead of being 95 percent for the Democrat Party? That seems racist in and of itself in my opinion.

  10. What next? Haha He spoke right to the crowd and the commies are afraid their ‘people’ were listening. By what they said …you can now know the booing people were plants.

  11. Romney may not win a lot of the black vote, but I think A LOT of the black vote will just stay at home and NOT vote for Obama. This may be even worse for Obama because it not only means less donations from the black community, but fewer people volunteering for the campaign. In short, people will just not give Obama the help he needs. Too bad, so sad. I hope Obama loses in a landslide, and losing at least part of the black vote will make that happen.

  12. Hussein’s biggest problem is not necessarily with Romney winning some of the black vote, it’s that black enthusiasm to vote for him is waning. Romney may get some but Obama’s going to lose way more because of disappointment.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    1. He’s going to lose a lot of their votes because of disappointment and apathy. Hope and Change isn’t cutting it anymore. Black turnout will be low. He’s a one eyed jack and we’ve seen the other side of his face now.

  13. It seems that Romney took Allen West advice when he said “Fortune favors the bold” and that is indeed what Romney did when he gave the NAACP speech! Right on, Romney!

  14. I heard that Romney is going to shave his head and get a Jolly Roger tattoo


    Also Grow a beard to appeal to – Motorcycle Gangs and Felons

    1. Yep! What I say all the time about liberals…they project unto conservatives what THEY think about themselves. When they call us racists, they mean themselves…when you say we don’t care for old people, it’s them that feel that way, etc, etc…

      1. You got it! Dems and liberals would pull that trick of salting the audience so they think Romney would do it also. In a way they are transparent, we can see right through their devious thinking.

  15. I doubt Romney is going to win much of the black vote and to tell you the truth, he likely went to the NAACP meeting knowing that. It was a show of good faith and courageous that he went and tried to reach out. A few were gracious but it sounds like he mostly got booed and laughed at. Blacks apparently don’t want to be free from slavery. They’ve chained themselves with bitterness and hate for white people.

    “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” Anon

  16. Romney gave a good speech and though the applause he got was tepid and polite, it’s hard to say if it was sincere or manufactured.

    The interesting thing is that this is the same rap on Romney during the GOP debates… that he and the GOP loaded the televised debate sites with Romney supporters.

    I sincerely hope the damned Democrats and NAACP are indeed scared… maybe the corrupt media will start reporting more honestly to save their necks if they feel Mitt can win.

    1. Well, they’re making excuses. That means they are on the defensive. No one is surprised that Romney got booed on ObamaCare. Everyone expected it. The liberals get a kick out of it. But after playing a few hundred times, some of them saw the rest of the speech. And they’re baffled. They can’t figure out this Romney character. How could he go into the Lion’s den and come out with extra support instead of being torn apart.

      I think I’m liking Romney. No matter what, he doesn’t seem like someone who will just give up like McCain did.

  17. When 95% of the White vote goes to Romney (much like 95% of the Black vote went to Obama in ’08), then I will say the anti-Obama vote is racist. Romney stood on his policies at the NAACP meeting, unlike Obama, who has for years pandered to individual crowds to get their support (and usually got caught on tape).

    The left would have smeared Romney if he had not addressed the NAACP (as racist), they would have smeared him if he had pandered to the NAACP (as a racist, pandering to the plantation), while they did smear him for attending and speaking the truth (claiming he had to bring in his own cheering squad). I’m sure Romney knew ahead of time that they would smear him no matter what he did, so you go with the truth and let it play out.

    The left is afraid that the everyday, ordinary Black citizen is going to find out that it’s the Democrat Party that has held them down for so long now, and not the Republicans. If they lose the Black vote, they lose it all. Julia will be the only one voting for Obama in November.

    I hope that doesn’t mean I’ll have to call everyone else a racist.

    1. That first paragraph is in the X-ring, Nuke. I can hear the belly aching now. “It’s different for us blacks but you whites are RACIST!”

    2. Romney’s speech to the NAACP makes Obama look like a monkey, hopping around on a leash begging for peanuts form delighted Latinos. Dance obama, dance…

      Did I say monkey? I meant foul, lying, miscreant racist, broke-back mountain climbing, incompetent, liberal pimp in a commie-blue suit.

      Regarding the un-restricted and ambiguous use of the term “racist,” maybe we should adopt it as a title of rebellion against the very issue. The Brit’s referred to the Continentals as “Yankee Doodle” until we adopted it. Common in the black community is the greeting, “brother,” or as in the old Soviet Union “comrade.”

          1. Ohhhhhhh, Joe needs votes and O’ needs votes, but fiddle while we’re burning, a Caeser would fiddle too this is true-ooh! A Caeser would fiddle too this is true.

            When we vote them out, the people all will shout. There goes fumble and Fibby…sing Joe needs votes and O’ needs votes but fiddle while we burn….Ohhhhhh, Joe needs…

            For those who haven’t yet sung this lovely ditty, sing it to the tune of “Mares Eat Oats”. It’s good clean fun. I need to come up with one to the tune of, “ya’ Got Trouble, Right Here In River City”

            1. Trouble
              Right here in River City
              Trouble with a capital T
              And that rhymes with B
              And that stands for…………..Barack?

              This needs some work but you get the idea, help us out here Rs.

              1. Can’t just now Gino, but it’ll be fun. Burning the candle at both ends, and there ain’t much middle left. Our kids all have jobs now outside of our biz, so this year my wife and I have to do all the work. So, I figured I needed to get out for some recreation and kayaked for an hour, nonstop. Good thinkin’ huh? Worked out some frustration, caught some nature, but got even more tired. My brain’s not working right either. Maybe I should do some pushups and crunches now. You know, fight fire with fire?

                Naaa, I think I’ll pop a cork and vegetate. Maybe break out an acoustic git-fiddle. Me lovely bride went to a big Tea Party meeting. Rs wasn’t up for it. Should be back in the groove tomorrow or the next day I hope.

                Maybe a good theme for Barack, which wouldn’t need much rewriting, would be the theme from “The Poseidon Adventure”. Cheers.

                1. “…sharper than a serpent’s tooth…”

                  I’l bet you and the honorable Mrs. Rshill are proud as heck.

                  Ya’ll’re in the communication business I’l bet. Just being nosy…

                2. No, we sell actual stuff that folks use in their homes, and automobiles. That’s as much as I can say due to the black helicopters and drones. I usually box and ship about 50 or so packages per day all by my lonesome, with occasional gusts up to 90. There’s $40-$150 worth of stuff in each one. Can routinely do that in an hour (or five) depending on how diverse the orders are.

                  Rs be like a tape-gun version of Clint Eastwood. We do have an 800# though, and it rings all day long. If the main line is busy it bounces to the other. Wife and I are frequently talking to folks at the same time. Sometimes we unplug the durn thing. That’s rare though. Gotta say the same things to folks over and over ad nauseum, so it’s hard to keep it fresh.

                  I like coming in here and saying new things! Sometimes it takes a while to complete a post if I have to answer the phone a couple of time before I complete it 🙂

                  Have a great day Mr. Words. God is good, and we’re quite thankful for His provision.


      1. It’s interesting that you mention ‘hopping around on a leash’, as Obama has never been in control. Valerie Jarrett and the bosses in Chicago have been pulling the chain of the smile-for-the-camera, teleprompter-addicted, golfer-in-chief flunky since the beginning, when they pushed him to the limelight.

        He acquired his first election in Illinois by having his handlers eliminate three other candidates off the ballot before the public even got to vote (and then he ran unopposed).

        1. Wasn’t it Al Capone who said:

          “Unopposed? Is there any other kind”

          Nuke: I like that ” pulling the chain of the smile-for-the-camera, teleprompter-addicted, golfer-in-chief flunky…” It has a kind of rthym.

      2. The black community also uses the ‘N’ word for the same reason. As for your thoughts about adapting the word ‘racist’ as a rebellion of the very issue, I’ve been doing that for a long time. You are right. It takes away it’s power. You can’t hurt me by calling me a racist.

        1. How ’bout if you stick a w in front, and stretch out the a’s…Waaacist!

          Ok, we’ll see you in about three weeks after you convalesce.

          I’m going to coalesce instead, with tens of millions of right-wing brudders and sisters and kick O’ and crew to the curb. We’ll pick you up in August, for an early start.

  18. They are grabbing at straws with desparate, uncontrolled accusations. This is getting to be a freaking…uh….freak show. We are cracking down on voter fraud in order to suppress the minority vote. Now Romney is bringing people in to “boo” him? Lol, does it get any more looney than this? At least say somthing that makes sense.

    They just don’t want blacks to get the impression that there are actually black people that clap for Romney.

  19. Chris Rock could not have written a better monologue! This kind of propaganda only works on people who are already on board. It’s a black pastor preaching to a black choir.

    That the racist, blow hard, decrepit, bloodless and anachronistic NAACP cannot keep it’s fat collective mouth shut is the really humorous item here. And the humor will undoubtedly continue as white liberals come up with new spin’s and bullet points to feed the moronic, hungry hungry hippos over at the Double-A.

    Hey, hey hey, HEY! Chuckle snicker…

    1. I spy the word ‘advancement’ in their long drawn out moniker there friend. Advancement? From what to what? From slaves to sycophants? From the objects of racism to the source of it? From paid workers to paid moochers? Advancement?

      Wouldn’t it be nice if words retained their original meaning, or at least had any meaning at all? How about the NAAP. Leave out the colored portion and just use the word people. Huh? Too wacky? Indubitably. That’d be a right-wing organization fo’ sho’!

      1. Funny, but the NAACP actually was right wing. It was started by R’s to counter Jim Crow but has been coopted by the D’s.

  20. I would think that the average African American who is capable of true critical thought would be severely anti-Maobama since the unemployment rate for African Americans is 14.4 % vs the overall unemployment rate of 8.2 %. Unless, of course, they are only looking for a check from a bankrupt federal government and those pinheads will always vote democRat.

    1. I really hope that this isn’t a math problem created by the degenerate education now available in every black community in the United States.

      It scares me that 14.4 is MORE THAN 8.2, so…well….you get my point… .

    2. And as long as we have one party that is hell bent on keeping the blacks on the plantation, that party will do everything it can to maintain the victim mentality and to keep racism alive. When people get that welfare check they view it as “help” when in reality it robs people of their self dignity, their survival skills, and their desire to contribute. How we get people on the “take” to understand that (or even care) is beyond me. We have to force people off of it so they learn how to survive on their own.

    3. The same 95 percent of blacks who have been voting black are not going to switch to vote for the whitest white bread there is.

      1. I don’t really expect them to but it will be good enough if they are disillusioned enough to stay home.

      2. I wonder which candidate will get the green vote? You know, Martians. Or the yellow vote…cowards. How about the Red vote…commies. Orange vote…tanning bed devotees. Dark brown vote,,,sh*t heads. Pink vote…gays. Blue vote…depressed folk.

        O’ might not get the black vote however…coal miners. But he will most definitly get the dumb vote. Those come in every color under the sun.

    4. Obama money.

      I agree with you 100%… it’s hard to fathom that blacks and Hispanics would vote for that devil after they’ve been suffering so much from his policies. They can’t seriously be that biased and stupid can they?

      1. Probably. Sad, but true. They probably booed Romney’s statement about repealing Obamacare because they think that their health care will be free. Right after it passed the lines to clinics were long and getting longer until someone finally told them that the bill hadn’t taken effect yet. I am sure that no one bothered to inform them that it won’t be free once it does take effect. Now that it is a tax, they are in for a rude awakening. Will they ever learn?

        1. Interesting post. Lemmings.

          Agreed… they actually will be paying for it one way or another.

  21. They are scared, like their white counterparts are, that we the people, find the truth.

    That fear is universal in DC and Manhattan.

  22. Switch this around and imagine how it would play out…

    Obama brought white people to cheer for him!

    I think Obama wanted to get booed so he could gain support from the “victim” demographic.

    1. That is a great point.

      I’m wondering about the standing ovation he got at the end.

      Did he really bring that many supporters with him? DUH.

      Oh yea, the MSM conveniently overlooked that little fact.

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