WATCH: Netanyahu vows to ‘TOPPLE this dangerous government’ as Bennett becomes Israel PM. Warns Iran ‘We’ll Be Back!’

Naftali Bennett is the new Prime Minister of Israel after the anti-Netanyahu coalition survived a confidence vote this morning. Thus ends, for now, 12 years under Benjamin Netanyahu, the nation’s longest serving prime minister.

The Likud party is now in the opposition, a fact that caused celebration among the common cause sharing Code Pink, The Squad, lib dems, MSM, global terrorism, and of course obviously and most loudly, Hamas and the Iranian “wipe Israel off the map” hardliners.

Bet the AP is looking through real estate listings right now humming happily.

“This is a holiday for the press but a difficult day for millions of citizens of Israel,” said Netanyahu speaking to the Jerusalem Post last week about this so-called coalition (see more below, via Mark Levin). It was just this month when these disparate anti-Netanyahu forces the agreement among Netanyahu opponents” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>reached their agreement to force him out.

But this isn’t over yet.

“If it is destined for us to be in the opposition, we will do it with our backs straight until we topple this dangerous government and return to lead the country in our way,” he said more forcefully in a speech on Sunday, in reference to a coalition that was formed just to oust him and includes the United Arab List, the first Arab party to join a ruling government in Israel.

More speech highlights. (Update: Video of full speech added below.)

Lincoln Pedo Project idiot George Conway tried to dunk on this but got owned himself for his parliamentary ignorance.

Despite the ignorance and triumphalism of the predictable left wing goons in America, the coalition is a mishmash that faces genuine problems and could in fact collapse in just a matter of weeks.

But why did they come together? How did this happen?

As you may expect on most issues, Mark Levin has the answer.

Well in this case, Netanyahu (his party, the Likud party) indisputably received nearly SIX TIMES THE OFFICIAL VOTE of would-be prime minister, Naftali Bennett. What do I mean? Naftali Bennett is the man that is set to replace Bibi as prime minister. How did this come to pass? Among other things, he ran TO THE RIGHT of Netanyahu in the election. Even still, he and his party received less than FIVE PERCENT of the popular vote. How does a politician who barely registers among the voters become a prime minister in a democracy? To my knowledge, it has never happened, certainly not in Israel. Indeed, how could it? Israel prides itself on being a DEMOCRACY despite its dysfunctional electoral system.

Well, Bennett has desperately wanted to be PM despite the fact he literally does not have the popular support of the Israeli people, and never has. Not even close. He was once a flunky in the Likud Party and Netanyahu’s chief of staff. But he turned on the PM and has been agitating to replace him ever since. But, again, without the backing of the voters, he had no chance. Or, at least, that’s what EVERYONE had thought. Israel’s parliament — the Knesset — consists of 120 members. Bennett decided to run in his own party. His party garnered a grand total of SIX seats out of 120. In sum, it was CRUSHED at the polls. The people overwhelmingly rejected it and him. But Bennett had another idea, no doubt hatched before the election should he perform as disastrously as the polls had suggested he would.

Since Israel’s governments are built on likeminded coalitions of multiple parties, and if the conditions allowed, he’d join the Netanyahu opposition, but only if he could position himself to become the next PM. This would mean abandoning everything he ever said he stood for, and even the relatively few people who’d voted for his party. But so be it. If that’s what it takes, that’s what will be done.

He left the so-called right-wing parties and threw in with the left-wing parties — most of which are small and tiny parties (including the Arabs), in order to defeat the PM, negotiate to become PM himself, and sell out his voters and his country for a short stint as prime minister. And he and his new comrades claim this as a new UNITY GOVERNMENT, having managed to cobble together a ONE MEMBER majority.

Thus, the question is “unity” around what? The tyranny of ridding Israel and the world of one of its greatest leaders and critically wounding his own country, which faces grave threats from Iran, Palestinian terrorists, and a hostile Biden administration/Democrat Party? This is not a UNITY government. It is a government of has-beens, wanna-bes, reprobates, and malcontents.

“This is a historic betrayal of the state of Israel and the Jewish people, including by its ideologically radical and self-aggrandizing media,” writes Levin.


UPDATE: Former* Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech:

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