*** UPDATED *** Breaking News *** 3 shot dead at Quantico Marine Base

Code Green (Normal Activity) at Quantico at this time.

Foxnews – Three people are dead, including a gunman who opened fire at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia after shooting one person dead Thursday night.

A base spokesman said the suspected shooter was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound along with a second victim.

Lt. Agustin Solivan said authorities entered the barracks early Friday where the suspect had barricaded himself after a fatal shooting and found him dead along with another victim.

The standoff began after a shooting on the base around 11 p.m. Thursday. No names have been released, but Solivan said authorities believe the suspect was a staff member at the officer candidate school at the base. Solivan says the two others killed were also Marines. The base had been put on lockdown but the lockdown has been lifted. A post on the base’s Facebook page urged residents to stay inside with their doors locked and follow any instructions from the base intercom system.WUSA reports that the gunman may be a male Marine.

Quantico Base webpage – Marine Corps Base Quantico is Code Green at this time. All normal activities are cleared to resume. Further information will be released as it becomes available.

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*** Updated *** Video from FOX News.

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32 thoughts on “*** UPDATED *** Breaking News *** 3 shot dead at Quantico Marine Base

      1. 911infidel You’ll have to help me out a bit here, as I never got to know the names of any of the buildings. I was an enlisted instructor and stayed in the barracks that had a back road that led straight to a town (can’t remember what town). It’s entirely possible that the EIs stay in a totally different place now though, as that was ’97-’98.

        1. slydogstudios 911infidel OCS is over by the airfield. The other barracks are around near the Base Theatre. Names of buildings I don’t know. Firing ranges I know. Commissary, 7-day store…etc.

  1. My first question is: “Is the shooter a Muslim?”
    Since Maj. Hassan is and as a result hasn’t even been tried yet, I’m sure Muslims feel quite comfortable shooting our brave military – since under Obama, they seem to be getting away with it. Heck, Obama did with Benghazi.

    1. The Sentinel Great question!  The judge in Hassan’s case just denied a request to change plea , leaving the death penalty on the table. Is this revenge?  And coincidence that it happens with Obama, Biden, Kerry and Pelosi are all out of the country?  Where in the world is Hagel?

    2. The Sentinel Actually, since the killer had a self-inflicted wound, I suspect there was a love triangle that ended badly. A Muslim attack would have likely gone out killing as many as possible.

      1. SheerPolitics The Sentinel  You may be right.
        But I will ask, “Aren’t we all tired of reading about Muslims killing our military?”

      2. SheerPolitics The Sentinel  You may be right.
        But I will ask, “Aren’t we all tired of reading about Muslims killing our military?”

  2. They need to ban assault weapons and hand guns in the military.  Whenever a Marine is on duty within the United States, he should only be allowed to carry a Nerf bat, while on duty.
    There is too much vilenz in the Marines, Mike the M excepted.w

  3. Prayers for the families of all the fallen heroes in the past week.May the Lord welcome them with open arms and bring peace to their family members.Such a somber week this has been. 🙁

      1. OneThinDime 57thunderbird You are welcome my friend.I know that at times I am not the best ambassador for Christ,particularly when my ire is raised,but I love the Lord nonetheless.

  4. Terrible news this Friday morning. My prayers for their families and their Marine family. May God’s peace and comfort be with all at this time.

  5. One female and male were killed by the perpetrator before he committed suicide.   Could be a jealousy killing instead of another Major Hasan type incident.

    1. Isaiah 54 If that is the case, which was my initial thought, you know what would be a great idea?  Let’s put women in the infantry.  Nothing will happen like this

  6. As if the men and women who defend this country don’t face enough hazards. My sympathies to the families of the dead.

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