BREAKING: Officer-involved shooting in San Antonio leaves two dead, two injured

An officer-involved shooting has just taken place in San Antonio, which left the officer wounded and two of three people in a vehicle dead. The other person in the vehicle was transported to a local hospital.

The Chief of Police described the incident, saying that it began as a routine traffic stop of a truck with three people inside. There was no audio from on the video he viewed (I’m guessing the police car camera), but said that based on the officer’s casual demeanor, it appeared that he was having a casual conversation with the driver for between one and two minutes.

Then suddenly, the driver pulled a gun and opened fire on the officer, shooting him in the hand. The officer returned fire, and the result was that the driver and the passenger were killed and the third person in the back seat, a female, was wounded.

The police chief was asked about the officer shooting with a wounded hand, and the chief conceded it was difficult, but said he managed to defend himself and was able to even reload a magazine after a gun malfunction occurred.

Below is the full video of what the police chief said about the shooting. It’s cued up to 37:46:

Unrelated to this incident and not to be confused with it, there was also a shooting in San Antonio last night at the airport, where a brave officer prevented a mass shooting by taking out a shooter:

An attempted mass shooting outside the San Antonio International Airport on Thursday was prevented by a parks officer working overtime, police in San Antonio, Texas, said.

The shooter was driving in the wrong direction on an airport roadway when the officer — who is not being named — stopped him outside Terminal B, police said.

“The officer who stopped this saved a lot of lives,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said during a news conference Thursday afternoon.

The shooter — who has not been identified — had “a full box of ammunition,” according to McManus. “He had a .45 caliber handgun that he was shooting in the direction of the terminal, at the police officer and behind him, indiscriminately.”

The shooter was pronounced dead at a local hospital, McManus said.


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