BREAKING: O’Keefe releases first recording of CNN reporter discussing how they should NOT cover Trump’s election challenges

James O’Keefe has published his first recording from CNN’s morning conference calls that shows Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel explaining why the network shouldn’t cover Trump’s election challenges very much and should instead focus on arguments about Biden’s transition:

Notice that instead of framing this as Trump challenging the election results, as we did here, Gangel frames it as ‘Trump not conceding’. Of course that’s how they see it. So much bias built into the premise!

Also, note the date of the recording is November 9th, as counting was finally starting to wrap up in states and Trump was moving his team to begin challenging election results in different states.

Once again Trump doesn’t get a fair shake from the media. But you better believe if it was Biden challenging election results, they’d be making arguments for why they should cover that, with the main one being their collective hope that he’d prevail against Trump.

A few minutes before O’Keefe released his first audio recording, CNN claimed that O’Keefe recording these were possibly illegal and they essentially called the police. But O’Keefe suggests they don’t have any legal ground to stand on:

Lastly, O’Keefe says he’s got many more audio recordings to come:


UPDATE: Here’s number two which features Jeff Zucker explaining why they don’t want to ‘normalize’ Trump’s behavior or something:

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