BREAKING: Paul Manafort gets almost FOUR more years!

Paul Manafort just got sentenced by a judge for an additional 43 months in prison.

He was actually sentenced for more time, however 30 months was allowed by the judge to be concurrent.

Here’s what we know:

I’m at lunch so I may post more on this later.

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31 thoughts on “BREAKING: Paul Manafort gets almost FOUR more years!

  1. Funny how all of these righteous Federal and State prosecutors, who are literally criminally tar and feathering Manafort with Federal and State crime charges to the maximum egregiousness, are doing so for only 1 reason, because he was on the Trump campaign.

    Thus as legally outstanding as they are, the question begs to be asked – would these State and Federal prosecutors would have even known about and prosecuted Paul Manafort to begin with if he was not involved in Trump’s presidential campaign, thus the point of this great criminal crusade against Manafort as if he were some declared US National criminal threat and danger, “is the prosecutorial persecution of Manafort a result of a political mob hitjob” – Answer: Absolutely

    His personal crimes outstanding as they are, are still wrapped up in the Democrat DOJ / FBI McCabe, Rosenstein, Mueller political witch hunt, regardless of his legal guilt or innocence.

  2. And the state of New York immediately announced more charges against Manafort, all to make sure he can’t get out of prison on a federal pardon.

    Would it have happened if he hadn’t briefly been part of the Trump campaign?

    We all know the answer.

    It still amazes me just how vicious and vindictive the left can be. You’d think I’d be used to it by now.

  3. The worst mistake Manafort ever made was becoming Trump’s campaign manager for about six months in 2016. All these old charges were never brought forth before and probably only came about now in an attempt to squeeze him to turn on Trump. I have no doubt if he had never taken the job as Trump’s campaign manager he would not be in prison today.

  4. Nothing to do with Russian Collusion. As for Manafort, I do feel bad for the guy. He is a political prisoner.

    1. Yep, no collusion. The whole excuse for this investigation in search of a crime.

      They want to drop that as charges unrelated pile up. But we remember the fake news narrative that started this hysteria.

  5. When J-Mao gets upset, just remind her that the math of the sentence calculation doesn’t matter.

  6. Off topic…anybody besides me wish we had an open topic thread to start the day so we could gripe about whatever is on our minds during the day? I am a curmudgeon and need to complain daily.

    Hey!!! You kids!!! Get off my lawn!!!!

    OK… I feel a little better now.

    1. @zombiewoof
      I have asked, and asked..ha
      I call it a coffee thread.
      Gripe, a few jokes, whatever.

  7. I had heard she was thinking about 10 yrs so if true Manafort got off easier than expected. So when will Tony Podesta go to trial?

    1. Tony who? The guy hasn’t been talked about since he closed his lobbying firm…

      1. @ciceroni-excogitatoris I haven’t forgotten about him and am waiting……..still waiting for him to receive justice.

  8. How long is Mueller going to get in the slammer? If you want to talk about witness tampering, witness intimidation, etc., he’s the one who needs to be in an orange jumpsuit along with the other Shysters.

    1. @ciceroni-excogitatoris Maybe Mueller can share a cell with Weissmann his partner in crime in this Russia debacle.

  9. All designed to ensure that Trump cannot pardon Manafort, by design. It also gives the left another narrative to build with this “Russian Collusion” nonsense for the 2020 campaign.

  10. Manafort, 2+ years in jail.

    Al Sharpton, free.
    Hillary, free.
    Holder, free.

    The list goes on and on. But this one guy, since he was a Trump staffer for 19 seconds, he’s going to jail.

  11. No Russian collusion, but more indictments.

    Yashar Ali
    Breaking: Cyrus Vance, the NY county District Attorney, has just indicted Paul Manafort for mortgage fraud.

    These are state charges so the president could not pardon Manafort or commute a sentence.
    11:48 AM · Mar 13, 2019

    1. Wait…what?

      ThunderB Says Fine, War
      Cyrus Vance?

      The guy who gave Schneiderman a “get out of jail free” card for beating the crap out of his girlfriends?

      The guy who buried all of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults and rapes for a timely campaign donation?

      That Cyrus Vance?

  12. Yeah…I mean I dont feel sorry for the guy but gleefully relishing his sentence or wanting it to be more is pretty gross.

    Michael Tracey
    The idea that 7.5 years in prison for non-violent offenses is a “light sentence” just once again highlights the strain of vindictive punitiveness that runs through American politics, namely among liberals who otherwise like to posture as being above it all

      1. If Hillary goes to prison I am sure it will be true of me.

        But that wont happen so guess we will never know.

      2. I’m sure that’s true … if you get all your news from the mainstream media.

        So, not really true at all.

  13. Lunch Scoop??
    There are literally millions of people relying on TRS for news and you think you can take time off to eat?

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