BREAKING REPORT: Biden fumes that Netanyahu has been “giving him hell”

A new report is out that suggests Biden is once again disparaging Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu because he’s angry that Netanyahu won’t bend to his will and change his military tactics in Gaza.

Biden is reported to have said that Netanyahu is “giving him hell” over this.

Here’s more from i24 News:

U.S. President Joe Biden is losing his patience with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, repeatedly calling him an “obstacle.”

According to the latest report from NBC News, five people directly familiar with his comments confirmed that the American leader had privately disparaged the Israeli premier, despite maintaining a public policy of unwavering solidarity with Jerusalem.

According to the report, Biden has been seeking to persuade the Israeli security establishment to change its military tactics in Gaza, and Netanyahu is seen as “an obstacle” in this process. In Biden’s words, he’s been “giving him hell.”

“He just feels like this is enough, it has to stop” one of the sources said of the views expressed by Biden.

This is not the first report of such comments made by the U.S. President regarding his Israeli counterpart. Earlier this month, a report by Politico claimed Biden called Netanyahu a “bad f**king guy.” NBC News also says, according to three of their sources, that at least once Biden called Netanyahu an “a**hole.”

Biden is campaigning to win the presidency and he’s upset that Netanyahu won’t put the safety of his country on the back burner and help him win the Oval Office. Biden probably thinks that he supported Netanyahu early on with the war and now Bibi owes him this favor. Because Biden needs to win back the votes of his pro-Hamas voters and he needs Netanyahu to help him get it done.

But Bibi won’t budge because his 9/11 was just a few months ago, and he’s not going to stop until Hamas is completely wiped out. Nor should he. The problem for Biden is that because he supported Netanyahu and Israel so publically upfront, even if he turns on Bibi now it’s likely not going to be enough to win back those voters who are angry at him for not supporting the Hamas terrorists and the Palestinians.

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