BREAKING REPORT: Joe Biden suddenly deciding to do something about the border

It’s just being reported by NBC News that Joe Biden is finally considering executive action to try and deter illegal crossings at the southern border. This news comes after the so-called border bill failed in the Senate earlier today.

According to the report progressives won’t like the actions Biden will take in coming months. But sanctuary city Democrats, who have been begging for help with the illegal immigration problem, will be happy about it.

Here’s more:

The Biden administration is considering taking executive action to deter illegal migration across the southern border, according to two U.S. officials.

As passing legislation on border security in Congress appears unlikely, the plans under consideration signal that the White House wants to take action before numbers at the border, which have dropped in the past month, rise again as expected.

The plans have been under consideration for months, the officials said. In December, as Congress prepared to leave town for the holidays with no border solution, illegal crossings of the southwest border hit records at more than 10,000 per day.

The unilateral measures under consideration might upset some progressives in Congress, the officials said, but they noted that Democratic mayors who have asked for more help from the federal government to handle the influx of migrants in their cities would be pleased. The measures are still being drafted and are not expected to take place any time soon.

Of course these two US officials claim that the border bill would have been better, but we all know that’s a huge pile of huey. Biden has plenty of power and options to shut the border down. Heck, he could do what Abbott is doing and even work with him to make it happen.

We’ll see what becomes of this. Apparently the pressure being exerted on Biden from these sanctuary city mayors and governors is starting to make a difference. All thanks to Abbott.

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