BREAKING REPORT: Trump is about to get a new primary challenger!

It’s being reported in the NY Times that Trump is about to get a new primary challenger, who could announce as soon as this weekend:

Joe Walsh, a conservative radio show host and former Republican congressman from Illinois, is expected to announce he is running for president as early as this weekend, presenting President Trump with a challenger from the right his critics hope will weaken the president in the 2020 election.

Mr. Walsh stands virtually no chance of wresting the Republican presidential nomination from Mr. Trump, whose approval rating with Republican voters is consistently in the high 80s, and whose political aides have been aggressively moving to tighten their control over state parties to thwart primary challenges.

But those encouraging Mr. Walsh, a Tea Party conservative who served one term in the House and went from staunch Trump supporter to acerbic critic, hope he can appeal to reluctant Trump voters who are open to an alternative.

It’s not definitive yet but it seems very likely:

Before his likely announcement, according to two people who have spoken with him, Mr. Walsh has hired a senior political adviser, organized meetings with high-profile Trump antagonists in New York City, and published an Op-Ed in The New York Times with the goal of previewing his campaign message.

Mr. Walsh has yet to definitively say whether he is running. “If I do it, it’s going to be before Labor Day,” he said in an interview.

And guess who is behind him:

Mr. Walsh is being encouraged by William Kristol, the conservative writer and former editor of the now defunct magazine The Weekly Standard. Mr. Kristol has been a “Never Trump” Republican since Mr. Trump was elected in 2016 and has been working hard over the past year to recruit someone to run against him.

Mr. Kristol said Mr. Walsh’s comfort with the in-your-face format of conservative talk radio makes him a potentially more effective combatant against Mr. Trump than someone like William Weld, the genteel former governor of Massachusetts, whose own primary challenge to the president has gained little traction.

“He has a different appeal than Bill Weld,” Mr. Kristol said. “The fact that he was a Tea Party congressman who voted for Trump in 2016 gives him an ability to speak to Republican primary voters that ‘Never Trumpers’ like me don’t have.”

There’s no way that he’s going to beat Trump. Not a chance. Even the NY Times acknowledges that.

I hate to be so cynical, but this is probably nothing more than a ploy to try and hurt Trump in the general. Meaning, that if Walsh can get enough momentum in the primary, he can then run as an independent and split the vote on the right, making it easier for a Democrat to defeat him.

Why else would someone like Walsh run, who doesn’t stand a chance of getting any serious appeal?

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147 thoughts on “BREAKING REPORT: Trump is about to get a new primary challenger!

  1. So a tea party conservative who couldn’t even get reelected wants to help the dem like Biden or Warren take over. What a fraud he is and it’s laughable as he is the exact type Kristol always mocked and criticized before now. Lots of strange bedfellows.

  2. I really doubt Walsh can get on enough ballots to be the next Ross Perot, let alone Pat Buchanan.

  3. “appealing to reluctant Trump voters looking for an alternative…”. Good luck with that Mr. Walsh. There was a time when that might have appealed but after seeing that Trump turned out a lot better than I thought he would, how he has energized the conservative base and after seeing how far into the madnessverse the Left has gone an alternative has VERY little appeal at this point. Also, I’ve lost ALL respect for Bill Kristol. There comes a time that when disagreeing starts drifting into blinding hate it is time to stop before a long dissent into insanity occurs.

    1. He’s a spoiler and knows he can’t win. The mailman’s son tried. There’s always one and likely more all to take votes away from him cause they are Progressives. They want to be part of the Elites…

  4. Oh wow, he must of polled his radio bubble audience and they said go for it Joe and just think how far he can go with his dumber than a box of rocks billy kristol backer

    1. Bush the elder stunk in many ways. H Ross Perot is what Trump is based upon with his tariffs, remember the giant sucking sound bit of Perot?

      When it come to fiscal conservatism Republicans tend to be worse than Dems.
      From Lew Rockwell today:
      “Yet the growth rate of constant dollar spending on the Donald’s watch has averaged 4.22% per year, and there has been nothing like that since the Kennedy-Johnson “guns and butter” years. To wit, annual constant dollar outlays growth per annum has averaged:

      Donald Trump………..4.22%;
      Barrack Obama………..1.90%;
      Bush the Younger……..3.97%;
      Bill Clinton……………….1.50%;
      Bush The Elder…………1.69%;
      Ronald Reagan…………2.48%;
      Jimmy Carter……………3.97%;
      D. Eisenhower………(0.51%).”

      I am getting more and more convinced it really does not matter which party is in power we are still going to become a socialist country. Bankruptcy is the quickest way there.

  5. He’s no “Conservative “. He’s a spoiler just like the mailman’s son. Anyone who hangs with the likes of Bill Kristal and the rest of the phony Progressives who call themselves Conservatives, is no Conservative. I think we are down to one and a two mostly and that would be…Cruz and Lee…

  6. the ultimate grifter and he’s dumber than a box of rocks …anyone remember his tweet about grabbing his musket and starting a revolution if Hillary won? ….if he could muster 30 people for a town hall it would be a biblical level miracle

  7. “I hate to be so cynical, but this is probably nothing more than a ploy
    to try and hurt Trump in the general.
    Meaning, that if Walsh can get
    enough momentum in the primary, he can then run as an independent and
    split the vote on the right, making it easier for a Democrat to defeat

    Yeah… Amash has a better shot at taking votes away from Trump than this NT.

  8. “Why else would someone like Walsh run, who doesn’t stand a chance of getting any serious appeal?”
    Here’s my guess: He will be the “Feel Good” vote for the NTers, but it won’t make a bit of difference one way or another.

  9. ……so this is how Scaramucci and Kristol get even withTrump,through Mr.[ never heard of him] Walsh. Come on Bill you and Anthony can do better than this.

  10. “Mr. Walsh, a Tea Party conservative who served one term in the House and went from staunch Trump supporter to acerbic critic,”

    Can someone explain how a “Conservative” can go from being a “staunch Trump supporter” to a harsh critic!? It’s not like Trump was selling himself as a “Conservative” in 2016 and now he’s a leftist. If anything, it’s the other way around.

  11. I’ve seen him on Twitter and think he’s off the wall. Even if I wasn’t going to vote for Trump I wouldn’t vote for him.

    1. But mom, you can’t go by your judgment. He’s appealing to an entirely different mindset.

  12. Yeah! Him or Weld will totally take Iowa from Trump in the primary, not to mention all of the other states!

  13. This is what I can’t wrap my brain around with Kristol. He seems to want the Democrats to win just to spite Donald. (And the fact that he still considers himself NeverTrump, when that’s impossible, only further illustrates how around the bend he is.)

    I was NeverTrump, but I didn’t want the Democrats to win. I didn’t want the Republicans to win either. A pox on both their houses, and I wish the American electorate would wise up about them and take of their BC slave chains. At the end of the day in 2016, when I went to the ballot box, I didn’t recognize a difference between Republican or Democrat, so I rejected them both. It wasn’t out of spite for Donald (though, admittedly, ridiculing him and his knuckledragging supporters is an endless source of entertainment) – I just didn’t care. Two sides, same coin, f that. I wasn’t afraid of the Democrats winning, because either way I was getting a progressive President. So, whatever.

    But Kristol… he’s got a full-on hateboner for the guy. I don’t get that. Donald’s done some stuff that deserves a pat on the head, or at the very least a brief reprieve from the ridicule. But the Kristolites refuse to acknowledge that. And supporting Democrats as a result? That’s just mental.

    You can reject Donald without embracing the Democrats. I do it every day.

    1. Exactly. NT is frequently shorthand (even among some people who were proudly NT prior to the 2016 election when NT existed) for anybody they disagree with. Anybody they disagree with is instantly the equivalent of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Castro.

      Several months back there was a thread about Senator Mike Lee taking a position at odds with the MAGA minions. IIRC, he wasn’t even disagreeing with the president. While I disagreed with Lee myself, I knew Lee was still a conscientious, authentic conservative. However, on this very forum, scores of posts were excoriating Lee as a leftist, a traitor, and worse.

      We’re talking about Mike Lee here.

      For all the talk about Democrats protect their own, while Republicans attack their own (e.g. Liz Cheney attacking Steve King), many of the Republicans are the worst about viciously attacking a politician because they disagree on one issue, or just the strategy for advancing the conservative position.

  14. Is this a joke? This nutbag is a miscreant traitor, if I were Trump I wouldnt give him the time of day, flick him off his shoulder like a piece of dandruff!

    1. They’d be better picking Amash, at least he has principles that I don’t agree with but principles
      none the less. Oh….. and he’s not batsh*t crazy.

    2. LOL. There you go again, speaking about what you don’t know. Remember. I know I have to keep telling the people here this — they seem oddly resistant to facts — that NT never was organized. The people that came along later (Kristol) had nothing to do with its genesis.

      Do you want to know why I don’t trust most of the people here? You’re either ignorant or you lie about stuff that is EASILY disproven and is recent.

      That gives me very little hope in the conservative movement.

  15. When Walsh loses in the primary, he should stop by at Hotel California…. such a lovely place.

  16. Perhaps a ploy to distract Trump from attacking Dems.

    As a former never-trumper I was never the kind that could vote for the Dems, praise Pelosi, trash Cruz, etc. just because I loathed Trump. The ones who do were never really conservatives to start with.

    1. See, this is what Kristol & co don’t get. There were a TON of us who never voted for Trump in 2016 because we didn’t like his personality and we didn’t trust that he would perform well in office. But he surprised us, he under promised and over delivered. So that “personality” stuff didn’t mean so much anymore.

      I think Trump will have more support from “former never-trumpers” than anyone can imagine.

      His big problem, however, is the non stop assault from the Media and what effect that will have on the majority of voters who don’t pay much attention and are easily influenced. This is a big question mark.

  17. Ryan Saavedra
    Joe Walsh’s campaign is going to be over quicker than Eric Swalwell’s campaign

  18. Dang! You had me all excited for a second when I saw the name Joe Walsh. Would be fun to have the real “Average Joe” running again.

  19. Joe who? Why even bother? If you are doing it because you genuinely have a chance and offer something that will make you viable, by all means go for it. If you are just trying to be an antagonist, then take a hike. I am not interested.

  20. I use to listen to this guy’s radio show. During the republican convention when Cruz gave his infamous “vote your conscience” speech, Joe Walsh was irate against Cruz.

    Now this same guy wants to primary him. His show has really been going downhill for several months. He’s convinced that Trump is guilty of something (collusion, obstruction etc.). He has more Never Trumper and liberal guests on his show than actual conservative ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if he loses his sindication soon because guy’s like me switch the channel when his show comes on.

    His current main problem with Trump is all personality based. He basically doesn’t like the “way” Trump does things even though Walsh supposedly agrees with the goal. So he has become a typical NEver Trumper where he supposedly agrees on principle but not on approach. LOSER

    1. Thanks for that information. I could tell by looking at him that he just wants to do it for his own ego. Nobody outside of his world even knows him, so right there it disqualifies him. In order to become President you can’t be an unknown quantity to 9/10 of the nation. Getting any voter base is impossible if people have no idea who you are. It is even harder if you come off as someone that just wants to pee in the punch bowl.

    2. I read some of Walsh’s tweets. In a very recent tweet, he said that all problems in America right now are Trump’s fault because Trump is cruel, vile, blah, blah, blah.

      And he’s got NeverTrumper neophyte “political writer” Susan Wright and other NeverTrumpers falling all over him.


  21. Kristol lives in a world of media elites that really believ the BS they are selling. They believe the whole country hates Trump just because everyone in their bubble has TDS. They seem woefully unaware that Trump got almost 63 million people to vote for him. They have no idea who those 63,000,000 people are.

    1. Yes. The same people who thought McMuffin was gonna take it to the Donald think this radio host guy has a snowball’s chance in hell.

      BTW, I can’t even remember the guy’s name from 2016. I only remember him as McMuffin. That is not a joke and I’m pretty sure McMuffin wasn’t his real name.

  22. I didn’t have to read the story to know that that azzwipe Kristol was behind this idiotic scheme. Kristol never was a conservative, he’s always been a diehard Bolshevik. He’d like nothing better than to see this country go right down the communist toilet. Worthless POS!!

    1. Kristol’s father Irving was one of the original neocons. They switched from Dem Party to GOP because Dems weren’t strong enough against the Soviet Union during the cold war. But the neocons still kept some liberal tendencies. So they’re like pro-war moderate liberals. Like Bill Kristol is.

    1. Mr. Kristol said Mr. Walsh’s comfort with the in-your-face format of conservative talk radio makes him a potentially more effective combatant against Mr. Trump

      Dark psychic energies alert

  23. From the NYT: “Joe Walsh, a conservative radio show host…” hahahahaahahahaha

    I want to see this idiot challenge President Trump… hahahahahahahaha

    1. “Challenge” LOL

      Plus the only desire Kristol really has is to splinter the Republicans so Trump loses, except he keeps finding nobodies with no charisma. They will fizzle out unnoticed. Kristol is a failure in every sense of the word.

  24. NeverTrumper Neo-cons like Krystol are dead sticks floating in the uncomfortable Sea of Political Nowhere, having never stood for anything but American debt and massive American blood loss. They will never, ever have power again.

    As for Walsh, if Trump is weakened in the general, we will know who the culprits are: Bushes and their Navarro groupie-types, the NTs and their hypocrite cons, GOPe. All whom will have aided the enemies of Liberty. They will forever be scorned.

  25. “I go to parties, sometimes until 4
    It’s hard to leave when you can’t find the door”

    — Joe Walsh

    .. what, not THAT Joe Walsh? You’re no fun any more.

    1. Thanks. Now I’ll never get to sleep tonight. That song will be playing over and over in my head.

  26. LMAO, you’re kidding, right? Now watch the conservative crazies come out of the woodwork and run. @@

    1. I wouldn’t mind actual conservatives running in the primary. Candidates have to moderate, and more right-leaning candidates pull Trump to the right, where we need him.

      But Walsh, if he’s a Kristol pick, he’s left of Trump.

  27. Did this nobody see what happened to Evan McMuffin? Nobody will care about you either.

    1. Accrue dumb donor money and market exposure on CNN. Win/win. That lone CNN viewer is a yuge market.

      Dumb donor money is flowing like a raging lava stream from a volcano internally comprised of stupid trust fund babies.

    2. Last I heard, McMuffin is still about $650,000 in debt because of his Presidential run and still owes some staffers their pay. A law firm loaned him $500,000 for his run. Oh, well.

  28. Funny story. I know Joe. When I ran for school board In Illinois, I was a guest on his radio show. He is a fiscal hawk and serious immigration guy but his conspiracy peddling antics in the past may come back to haunt him.
    I have to say he was a very pleasant and knowledgeable man on real local issues that matter to regular people.

  29. I liked Joe Walsh better when he just played guitar. When the Eagles let him sing, it must have gone to his head.

  30. Why else would someone like Walsh run, who doesn’t stand a chance of getting any serious appeal?

    Assuming he’s actually conservative, to make a play at finding out if any of them are left in the GOP? Heck if Ronbo is to be believed about Walsh’s fiscal conservatism, maybe he wants to force a conversation on Trump’s profligate spending within the GOP.

    1. Or he could be a 2nd Amendment diehard seeing Trump as a Quisling due to his actions against the 2nd Amendment.

  31. He has a radio show? I listen in markets all over the midwest, south and a little east coast and I never heard about it. It must be so good that it’s kept secret for the special people.

  32. “Mr. Walsh promised that, if elected, he would appoint Don Henley as Secretary of Defense.”

  33. Well, this makes no sense. If Walsh runs against Trump in the primary, Trump will still be the nominee. So what’s the point?

    Now, if Walsh decides to run as an Independent and oppose Trump in the general, he could take some votes from Trump. Of course, he would probably end up in $650,000 debt like Evan McMullen did.

    As to Bill Kristol – will he never give this up? He’s chasing windmills.

  34. “Conservative” Joe Walsh, backed by “conservative” Bill Kristol?

    And yet, the only people who are going to vote for Walsh are hardcore liberals. There is nothing “conservative” about either Walsh or Kristol, or their little scheme.

    1. Who knows. posted a story 2 hours ago (10:00am) with headline: Joe Walsh Is Obviously Not the Answer

  35. No Bill Kristol candidate can challenge Trump from the Right.

    Trump is a leftist, but Kristol is a Trotsky-loving, morally-conservative communist. Bill’s far, far to the left of Trump.

  36. Notice how many delusional people are in politics, especially those running for POTUS..

    And to think these people decide our fate as a nation

  37. Trump should just ignore him and not even give him a debate. Just keep holding rallies.
    But no matter what, the MSM is going to give Joe millions of dollars of free air time.

  38. US Steel just announced layoffs. I thought that the tariffs revitalized the steel industry?

    1. I think it’s union problem or US steel trying to sink Trump. Nucor is hiring. I know a lot of people gotten hired recently at Nucor! Trump will win 2020 no matter what. He’s the only POTUS can save this country from socialism.

  39. The fact is Trump or one of the democratic candidates are going to get elected in 2020. What ever Trump does, right or wrong, will in no way equal the damage that any one of these democrats will do. I didn’t vote for Trump to teach Sunday school, I voted for him to drain the swamp. He’s not done as well as I had hoped, but he’s done far more than any of the Rinos did or would do, and any democrat would be an absolute disaster.

    1. Agreed. A 2 year investigation of a hoax didn’t help. But even if that wasn’t the case, the swamp is too big for one man. And I don’t think Trump has the desire to cut the government down to size. We needed someone willing to get rid of some of the departments. The department of education, IRS, TSA, and many many more.

    2. The fact is some conservative commenters never fail to use a crystal ball whenever it suits them. The truth is, they don’t know, but never try to tell them that. People hate being exposed to their own limits.

    3. The fact is Trump or one of the democratic candidates are going to get elected in 2020.


      Why can the American people not be better than that.

  40. Anybody know what’s grinding Joe’s gears? Is it:
    1. Trump’s attitude. (Understandable, but not enough to throw an election to a communist.)
    2. Trump not building the wall. (Too many RINOs, commies, and black robes in the way.)
    3. Trump trying to cut illegals and hurt the Chamber of Commerce republicans. (F-’em)
    4. Trump’s Twitter rants. (Somewhat painful, mostly amusing)
    5. Trump’s insults of other republicans. (Most deserve it, some don’t)

    1. Low ratings on his radio program?
      Wants the money from campaign contributions?
      Hopes to get his own show on Fox News?

    2. You are missing a few things.
      6. Hasn’t done anything on the deficit.
      7. Nothing on Obamacare
      8. Signed 2 huge spending bills.
      9. Tax reform was bait and switch, could have push for a better deal.
      10. Kavanaugh pick was bad.
      11. Nothing has been done on CommonCore
      12. Tariffs a bad idea and currently hurting the economy.
      13. DACA is still in affect.

    1. I am not either… a Ted Cruz or a Mike Lee………it might make me consider voting…

    1. He was always a loudmouth saying outrageous things and had some angry moments caught on tape when he was in office and during his reelection which he lost. He was a big Trump supporter, so I am wondering what happened to make him become one of the biggest twitter TDS people out there.

  41. First, this is the New York Slimes. Anything they publish is immediately suspect as to the “facts” presented.

    Second, this is the New York Slimes. Even if there is any truth to what they’re writing, they are spinning it to advance their own agenda (i.e. “orange man bad”), not to report news accurately.

    I’ve never liked Joe Walsh. Ironically, much of what bothers me most about the president personally is exactly what bothers me about a fire-breathing bomb-thrower like Walsh. He was a conservative and actually subscribed to the conservative philosophy.

    Walsh is not presidential. I seriously doubt I could bring myself to vote for him, and unlike many on this forum, I’m probably much closer to his target market.

    Why would a conservative run when there is no chance?

    In the posts below, everyone is ascribing the worst in personal motives. All of that is possible, but historically quixotic candidates do themselves far more damage than they ever do to the windmills they are tilting against. From Anderson, to Buchanan, to Johnson, to McMullin, they destroy any future they might have had in politics and rarely can they transfer their following into a successful career later. If he’s doing this to boost ratings, he’ll end up killing off his show.

    So why run? Maybe the same reason Colonel Von Stauffenburg and a small cabal of German officers attempted to seize control of the Third Reich with a plan almost certain fail from the beginning: to show there was some resistance.

    Now before everyone has a cow, my intent is not to compare the president to anybody; that’s irrelevant in this analogy. The president was duly elected in a fair election according to the Constitution. He’s the president of a republic, not a a tyrant. The only comparison I’m making is to Von Stauffenburg’s mindset in embarking on a plan doomed to fail. Why does anybody do something almost guaranteed to fail?

    1) there’s an extremely remote chance, at least on par with a lottery
    2) running to the president’s right forces the president to the right

    Today, the radical leftists in the Democrat party are pulling the entire GOP to the left. Although Walsh is not serious competition, just running a campaign will make the president address some issues important to the GOP base.

    Nobody makes big decisions for a single reason. There are many factors. I think another (3rd) factor is possibly for concern after the president leaves the stage.

    Assume the president wins re-election. Four years later, he’ll be gone. At that point, what does the GOP do? If after 8 years, everything is great, no problem. However, if he turns to left, signs off on a new assault weapons ban, approves a new amnesty, continues to sign off on these budgets, the GOP then has a huge albatross around their neck for the next 30+ years.

    I’m not predicting it or saying it’s likely, only that it could be a factor in Walsh’s thinking. There is precedent for it: Herbert Hoover.

    There needs to be somebody who remained within the GOP who opposed the president. I think this was a big factor in Von Stauffenburg’s decision: somebody in the German aristocracy had to show they resisted. I’m not comfortable with that somebody being Walsh, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was thinking along those lines.

    As for Kristol, he’s a NYT boogeyman like the NRA is to the left. There’s a wide gulf between Kristol recruiting Walsh and Walsh deciding to do this with Kristol glomming on trying to take credit like he did with NT. I’m just not taking the word of the NYT that Kristol is the man behind the curtain for somebody as independent as Walsh.

  42. Just a Bill Kristol attempt to stay relevant. He’s no longer a Washington insider, not even a nearby outsider. If Bill Weld is lucky he may get a hundred dollar donation from Kristol 🙂

  43. Joe Walsh may “self-identify” as a Tea Party Conservative, but seems like he shared the political ideology of Bill Kristol. If you’re TRULY a Conservative Joe, then why is it that ALL you do is attack the President? You NEVER, EVER articulate Conservatism given the chance.

    YES, Trump drives me crazy on nearly a DAILY basis, but an attempt to Primary him A) will NEVER gain ground, and B) can only HARM the Party and weaken Trump’s campaign.

    1. If you’re TRULY a Conservative Joe, then why is it that ALL you do is attack the President?

      We did that between 2008 and 2016. It wasn’t a problem then.

      Why is it now?

  44. I don’t know who Walsh is, but if he was only a one-termer, I don’t think much of him even if he claims to be a tea party member.

    I DO know Bill Kristol and he’s a Neo-con RINO. He’s not conservative and has TDS. I think this is a publicity stunt and attempt to weaken Trump before the election.

  45. Kristol’s desperation has passed sad and gone straight to pathetic.

    As for the imbecility of Walsh – I got nuthin.

    1. That’s how they brought down Bush Senior. I wish people would look at the consequences of that–Clinton/Obama… and not do it.

  46. Walsh said he turned against Trump after Helsinki… I guess he turned against America too, because turning the country over to the loons on the left would be worse than any positives that could happen by getting rid of Trump.

    Trump winning while battling this media and a slowing economy is going to be rough… better the slow down now that a few months from now… I hope it comes back quick…

  47. Let me play devil’s advocate. I didn’t vote for Trump, I still don’t like him personally. Any other conservative would have enacted the policies I agree with, and any decent person would not behave the way Donald Trump does. I absolutely understand Joe Walsh’s disgust with our president.

    That said, 2020 is an election between tyranny and freedom. Between capitalism and socialism. Walsh is running a vanity campaign. If you want Trump to lose to a progressive Democrat, just come out and say it.

  48. anybody who is thinking of voting for the faker Walsh might as well vote for Bernie or AOC. Why waste your vote? Walsh was defending Mueller for 2 years. Called Trump a traitor, Putin’s puppet. Now what? What is he running on? Is he going to apologize for lying? Nope.

  49. I read last night that Joe Walsh believes that if Trump is the GOP candidate that the Dem candidate will win. Sounds like Walsh is livin’ a sheltered life surrounded by his anti-Trump radio show guests. He needs to get out and about.

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